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4 07 2010

There’s been some sort of car accident in every One Tree Hill season thus far except for season 7.

In Episode 1.13, Hanging By A Moment, Keith, who had been drinking earlier on, makes a left turn while he’s at a red light, crashing into an oncoming car, while Lucas is in his passenger seat.

Nathan was trying his hand at race car driving in Episode 2.19, I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning, when he spun out and was seemingly unable to stop the car until it crashed into a wall and stopped itself.

In the season 3 finale, Episode 3.22, The Show Must Go On, Nathan and Haley are headed to the airport for their honeymoon when a swerving limousine, with Cooper at the steering wheel but Rachel interfering, comes from the opposite direction.  Nathan and Haley manage to safely swerve out of the way and screech to a halt just in time, but Cooper and Rachel crash through a wooden railing and into the water below.

After celebrating the Ravens’ win at the state championship basketball game in Episode 4.09, Some You Give Away, Haley and Nathan head out into the street. As they talk, a car driven by Dante comes speeding towards then. Haley pushes Nathan out of the way, and the car strikes her.

In the season 5 finale, Episode 5.18, What Comes After The Blues, Dan helps an elderly couple cross the street, warning them (something to the effect of) if they’re not careful, they might–Before he can finish, he is hit by a car later revealed to have been driven by Carrie.

The last car accident thus far occurs in Episode 6.20, I Would For You, while a pregnant Peyton drives The Comet. As she starts into an intersection after her light turns green, a driver on her right runs the red light and plows into her.

As I said above, season 7 did not feature any car accidents. Any theories as to why?



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4 07 2010

Weird. I’m very surprised though, because I thought Haley would end up in an accident (the whole depression thing and her driving away from her music video… it seemed to foreshadow an accident and yet it never happened.) Or at the very least Brooke since she’s the only one of the core 5 (Leyton, Naley, Brooke) who hasn’t been in an accident… actually, she’s never been a patient in a hospital. Maybe they didn’t have a car accident because of the 100 secondary characters they had to pay throughout the course of the season. I honestly think I’d rather have one of the core characters in a coma or serious condition from a car accident then see all these secondary characters who shouldn’t be on the screen.

4 07 2010

That’s weird, maybe because Season 7 was like a new beginning for OTH so they wanted to break tradition and not have a car accident, as that signified old One Tree Hill. Also a lot of the talk about cars and red lights was Peyton-centric, with her moms death and all, so perhaps with her absence, the writers decided not to include car accidents in the storylines.

5 07 2010

Maybe they just run out of good people to have be in a car accident. They probably didn’t want Brooke getting run down.

Anyway, OTH does love their car accidents. I remember on the CW and WB boards everyone used to joke that the Scotts must be incredibly well known at the Tree Hill hospital.

5 07 2010

Margaux- i remember that too! so funny. also i think nathan had a line one season about the “scott family discount”.

5 07 2010

I love OTH and their car accident, i think we didn’t get ont in s7 because we got enough hospital drama with Alex and Lydia.

It’s not fair that Alex (and pretty soon Clay/Quinn) went to the hospital and Brooke never got to lol.

5 07 2010

Maybe Mark realised we were all sick of the annual Tree Hill car crash? We still have another Season though… I won’t hold my breath.

5 07 2010

I think there was going to be one. I remember reading spoilers about an accident they were going to film, with Haley. I think it was suppose to be the traffic jam scene in 7×21. Obviously they changed their mind 🙂 We still have S8

5 07 2010

^It was always supposed to be a trafic Jam, the girls reporting that it was an accident mistaken it.

5 07 2010

^I guess that’s the closest that S7 can do to show a “car accident”

5 07 2010

Other than car accidents, didn’t every season has its “crazy-psycho” moments as well and soapy out-of-the-blue accidents? 😀

6 07 2010

Of course, it is a teen soap after all.

8 07 2010
ed fury

So they forgot about the car crash for season 7 but they didn’t forget about guns and shooting. Hasn’t there been gun play in every season since the 3rd?

8 07 2010

The OC has had its share of car accidents also. There was the accident in the pilot where Trey crashes the stolen car, the one where Luke crashes after finding out about Julie and Calebs engagement, the accident when Sandy is driving in the rain with Rebecca and they crash into the ditch, also where Kirsten crashes after drink driving and of course the season three finale where Marissa dies.

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