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17 07 2010

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Nicholas Cage

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18 07 2010

Nicholas Cage was in Kick-Ass, which also starred Clark Duke, who stars in Greek, which guest starred Annalynne McCord (Naomi, 90210) and Jessica Lowndes (Adrianna, 90210)

Cage starred in Next, which also starred Michael Trucco (Cooper, One Tree Hill)

Next is City of Angels, which starred Meg Ryan, who was in The Land of Women with Adam Brody (Seth, The OC), and Kristen Stewart, which brings us all of the Twilight connections.

Cage was also in National Treasure with Justin Bartha, who was in New York, I Love You with Blake Lively (Serena, Gossip Girl) and Rachel Bilson (Summer, The OC). Also in National Treasure was Sean Bean, who was in The Hitcher with Sophia Bush (Brooke, One Tree Hill).

Next is Ghostrider, which also starred Brett Cullen, who made an appearance in the Runaways with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, which also brings us to the Twilight connections.

Cage was also in World Trade Center which also starred Connor Paolo (Eric, Gossip Girl).

Finally Nicholas Cage is in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice which stars Jay Baruchel, who was in The Rules of Attraction with James Van der Beek (Dawson, Dawson’s Creek), and was also in I’m Reed Fish with Alexis Bledel who was in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with Blake Lively (Serena, Gossip Girl), and Gilmore Girls with Adam Brody (Seth, The OC).

18 07 2010

Nicolas Cage was a voice in Astro Boy with Kristen Bell (Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl).

He was also in Kick Ass with Evan Peters (Jack Daniels, One Tree Hill). Evan Peters was in Never Back Down with Cam Gigandet (Volchuck, The OC). Also in Never Back down was Sean Faris who appeared in an episode of One Tree Hill and is also in Vampire Diaries with Paul Wesley (Donnie, The OC) and Melinda Clarke (Julie, The OC).

Cage was also in National Treasure with Justin Bartha who was in New York, I Love You with Rachel Bilson (Summer, The OC) and Blake Lively (Serena, Gossip Girl).

Nicholas Cage was also in World Trade Center with Connor Paolo (Eric, Gossip Girl). Also in World Trade Centre was Maria Bello who was in Thank You For Smoking with Adam Brody (Seth, The OC).

He was also in The Ant Bully with Regina King who was in A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff (Olivia, Gossip Girl) and Chad Michael Murray (Lucas, One Tree Hill). Regina King is also in Southland with Ben McKenzie (Ryan, The OC).

18 07 2010

Whoops there’s a few double ups. I should of refreshed before submitting.

18 07 2010

Michael Trucco was also Noah’s brother on Beverly Hills 90210.

Regina King was also in the Legally Blonde sequal which stars Reese Witherspoon who was in Walk the Line with Tyler Hilton (!!) (Chris Keller, One Tree Hill.)

Justin Bartha was in The Hangover with Ed Helms who is on The Office with Steve Carell who was in Date Night with Leighton Meester (Blair, Gossip Girl). And Steve Carell was in The 40 Year Old Virgin with Kat Dennings who was in Raise Your Voice with Hilary Duff (Olivia, Gossip Girl). Kat was also in Charlie Bartlett with Tyler Hilton (Chris Keller, OTH.)

Leslie Mann is also in 40 Yr Old Virgin and she was in 17 Again with Matthew Perry (That tennis player in that one episode, Beverly Hills 90210), and Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina, Gossip Girl.)

Steve Carrell also was in the movie Sleepover with Sara Paxton who was on The Beautiful Life with Mischa Barton (Marissa, The OC.) And Sara was in Sydney White with Amanda Bynes which gives you a million and one connections! And Sean Faris is also in Sleepover, who appeared in a season one episode of One Tree Hill as “Highschool Guy”. The one Brooke is flirting with at the college party where Peyton is almost raped.

24 07 2010
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