Six Degrees of Teen Dramas

31 07 2010

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Last Week: Julianne Moore

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Steve Carell

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31 07 2010

Steve Carell was in Evan Almighty co-starring Lauren Graham which gives us the Gilmore Girl Connections. He was also in Get Smart with Anne Hathaway who was in Princess Diaries which starred Erik Von Detten of Complete Savages which also starred Eric Shipos who was recently seen in Melrose Place 2.0 with Katie Cassidy who’s set to guest star on Gossip Girl’s fourth season; Sandra Oh(who is currently a series regular of Grey’s Anatomy which starred Katherine Geigl who was in Roswell with Shiri Appleby which brings us to the LUX connections; and Mandy Moore who was in A Walk to Remember with Shane West which bring us to the ER connections with Shiri Appleby and Alexis Bedel and Nikita connections with Melina Clark (Julie, The OC)

31 07 2010

Steve Carell was in Date Night which starred Leighton Meester (Blair, Gossip Girl). Also in Date Night was James Franco who was in Annapolis with Jordana Brewster who was in Chuck which is created by Josh Schwartz who also produced/created The OC and Gossip Girl.

Carell was also in Get Smart with Anne Hathaway which brings all the Valentines Day connections. Anne Hathaway was also in Brokeback Mountain with Michelle Williams (Jen, Dawsons Creek).

He voiced in Over the Hedge which also voiced Bruce Willis whos daughter is Rumer Willis (Gia, 90210). Also in Over the Hedge was Allison Janney who starred in Hairspray with Amanda Bynes which brings us all the What I like about you connections, Brittany Snow (Young Lily, Gossip Girl).

Carell was also in Little Miss Sunshine which stars Abigail Breslin who is in Zombieland with Amber heard who is in Never Back Down with Cam Gigandet (Volchuck, The OC) and Evan Peters (Jack, One Tree Hill). Also in Little Miss Sunshine is Justin Shilton who was in Melrose Place which stars Daphne Zuniga (Victoria, One Tree Hill), Nicholas Gonzales (DJ, The OC) etc.

He is also in 40 year old Virgin with Chelsea Smith who played young Summer Roberts in The OC. Also in 40 year old virgin is Jane Lynch who played Mrs Witter in Dawsons Creek.

2 08 2010

Steve Carrell was in Sleepover with Sara Paxton who was on The Beautiful Life with Mischa Barton. (Marissa, OC)

Steve Carrell was in 40 Yr old Virgin with Kat Dennings, who was in Raise Your Voice with Hilary Duff (Olivia, GG.)

8 08 2010

I hadn’t realized that Jane Lynch was on Dawson’s.

Also, with James Franco comes the General Hospital connections thanks to his recent foray into daytime.

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