Six Degrees of Teen Dramas

21 08 2010

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Last Week: Sylvester Stallone

This Week:

Maggie Gyllenhaal

There are some easy ones if you think about past connections we’ve done…



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22 08 2010

Maggie Gyllenhaal was in 40 Days and 40 Nights with Josh Hartnett, who starred in Here on Earth with Chris Klein, the former fiance of Katie Holmes (Joey, Dawson’s Creek). Also in 40 Days and 40 Nights was Shannyn Sossamon. Sossamon appeared in Rules of Attraction with James Van der Beek (Dawson, Dawson’s Creek), and Ian Somerhalder, who stars in the Vampire Diaries with Paul Wesley (Donnie, The OC). Sossamon also appeared in Devour with Jensen Ackles, which brings us all the Supernatural connections, and in Moonlight with Jason Dohring, which brings us all the Veronica Mars connections. Finally, in 40 Days and 40 Nights was Emmanuelle Vaugier (Nicki, One Tree Hill), who also appears in Covert Affairs with Peter Gallagher (Sandy, The OC).

Gyllenhaal was also in Happy Endings with Jesse Bradford. Bradford was in Table for Three with Sophia Bush (Brooke, One Tree Hill), and Swimfan with Shiri Appleby, who is in Life Unexpected with Kerr Smith (Jack, Dawson’s Creek). Also in Happy Endings was Jason Ritter, who starred in Our Very Own with Hilarie Burton (Peyton, One Tree Hill), and Autumn Reeser (Taylor, The OC), Tom Arnold, who was in Palo Alto, CA with Reeser (Taylor, The OC), and Ryan Hansen, who appeared in Gossip Girl and connects us with Veronica Mars. Finally, in Happy Endings was David Sutcliffe who brings us all the Gilmore Girls connections, and Sarah Clarke, who brings us all the Twilight connections.

22 08 2010

Maggie Gyllenhaal is also Katie Holmes’ (Joey, DC) replacement as the second Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight starring Christian Bale and the Heath Ledger, the late ex-husband of Michelle Williams (Jen, Dawson’s Creek)

28 08 2010
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