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16 03 2009

Since I completed the Most Quote-Worthy Characters series, I’ve been feeling pretty guilty for not including Lucas (One Tree Hill).  One of the best things about One Tree Hill over the years has been the voiceovers he does at the beginning and end of most episodes.

I started feeling nostalgic, and worried that I left out a great series of Lucas quotes, so I did Google search which ended up leading me to…

Karen’s Cafe

Named for the restaurant owned by Lucas’ mom in seasons 1-4, Karen’s Cafe is a sister site to the  Unlike other more general OTH sites, Karen’s Cafe has 3 specific focuses: quotations, literary references and info on Karen and Deb.

The site provides a  pretty detailed account of Karen and Deb’s storylines through the middle of season 5.

In the section called Lucas Scott’s Book Club, there is a listing of all the books Lucas talks about in seasons 1-3.

Familiar Quotations is where you’ll find Lucas’ voiceovers, as well as collections of other special quotes.

The site is by no means complete and when you get to the end of each section, you’re left wanting more and wishing they kept it up-to-date.

Still, the site is a great idea and worth checking out.  Maybe the owners will read this and start working on it again!

Spoiler: Watch with Kristin

10 03 2009


Antonia in Miami: Please, I need some Gossip Girl scoop on Blair and Chuck! And good news, too. I’m tired of the bad news.
I can offer you a little good news about Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl, but unfortunately it’s just a setup for the bad news. Nate notices that Chuck and Blair have a major bond (yay!), but that leads him to respond/retaliate by asking Blair to move in with him (boo!). However, there will be some upcoming Chair scenes for you kiddos, because Mr. and Mrs. Marvelous join forces to investigate Serena’s new man, whom they both don’t much like. At least it’s something.

Belinda in Memphis, Tenn.: What’s up with season three of Gossip Girl? Do we know anything yet?
I know that Blair gets into NYU and Nate gets into Columbia.

Cynthia in Seattle: Anything coming up with the Elle/Chuck storyline on Gossip Girl?
According to Kate French (Elle), “Elle kind of steals Chuck Bass’ heart, and it gets really complicated, and he gets entangled in all of these webs of lies and different storylines that are going on. It’s very mysterious.” Hopefully Chuck won’t be smitten for too long, but then again how can we blame him when Blair’s about to go off and hook up with his BFF, Nate?

Alexandra in Lynchburg, Va.: Thanks for including all three Scotts in the Alpha Male Madness tournament. I’m personally working hard to take down Dan Scott. Now give me One Tree Hill scoop, woman!
OK, but only because you’re gunning for TV’s “man most in need of a beatdown!” Anyhoo, look for Nick Lachey and Julian to come to blows, and Skills is getting a new girl! He moves on from Nanny Deb to Jamie’s teacher (Allison Munn, whom you might remember as Amanda Bynes‘ character’s BFF on What I Like About You).

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