Spoiler: Watch with Kristin

2 06 2009


Karen in Chicago: Me and my fellow Chicagoan Obama are huge Entourage fans. What can we expect when it comes back?
Could Johnny Drama be starring in the new 90210? Entourage is now casting for a TV producer who had a major hit teen series in the ’90s and is trying to get Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) to appear in the remake.

Rachel in Denver, Colo.: Any scoop on the aftermath of Annie killing someone in the 90210 finale?
We asked Annie’s (Shenae Grimes) 90210 co-star Jessica Stroup that very question: “Of course it’s going to change Annie inevitably. She’s going to be a totally different character. I think next year is going to be amazing for her because she’s going to go through a lot of changes with this character and down some really, really dark roads. I hope, at least, that it affects every one of us. I know that it’s going to affect all the characters, but I hope it brings us back together at some point as a whole group.”

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