Kevin Williamson on Teen Dramas

31 10 2009

“I love the teen experience. There is something very potent about teen drama in the sense that everyone is dealing with their first love.”

What’s YOUR Story?

21 08 2009

At various points I’ve explained my teen drama background/origins.

Here are the cliffnotes: started watching Beverly Hills 90210 at the way-too-young age of 9, which led me to the teen dramas that followed suit, and I haven’t been able to kick the habit since.

But what about you?

What’s your story?

When did you start watching teen dramas?

Site of the Week

16 02 2009

The site of the week is Wikipedia…sort of.

Let me explain.

Wikipedia has the most thorough listing of every “teen drama” ever made.

The list not only includes programs that I don’t even consider to be traditional teen dramas (which, in my opinion, are the ones covered by this site) but also shows that are from other countries.

Wikipedia isn’t always accurate but this list, my site of the week, is a great way to familiarize yourself with what else is out there.

Also of interest: Wikipedia’s Teen Drama Page

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