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2 10 2009

Of the 3 teen dramas no longer airing new episodes, Dawson’s Creek is the only one not on television at all anymore.

And it frustrates the hell out of me!

The show ended on The WB in spring of 2003 but continued to live on in syndication through TBS and The N.  Each aired them daily for quite some time in either the morning or evening.  Then they slowly disappeared from the airwaves, with TBS first banishing it to 4:30am where it could die a quiet and slow death.

I don’t understand what happened, as no public comment was ever given.  Logic tells me the syndication deals probably expired and the ratings weren’t worth negotiating a new contract.

But why does TBS still have it on their Web site? It doesn’t appear when you just go to the TBS homepage, but doing a search will find a lot of DC content.  You can even access its original page on the site (I have it bookmarked on my Links page), which stills says it airs at 4:30am.  But, of course, clicking upcoming episodes doesn’t yield any results.  (It’s hardly still on the Web site for The N–now called Teen Nick–save for two quizzes.)

Why does Sony still have the official Dawson’s Creek site still up?  Beverly Hills 90210’s home on the web is long gone, as well as The O.C.’s.  If you’re going to keep the site, at least use it.  Most of its features are still functional but the homepage, which features all the DVD releases, hasn’t been updated to advertise the Complete Series set which comes out next month.

Yes, if I long for the show that badly, I can just watch my DVDs.  But there’s a certain satisfaction and pleasure that comes from knowing it’s still on television somewhere and there if I want it. Plus, it not only keeps the show present in pop culture but also deepens its legacy.

I can’t imagine a day when Beverly Hills 90210 isn’t on TV at all.  Hopefully that’s a long way off and keep your fingers crossed that, by some miracle, some channel brings Dawson’s Creek back on again.

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