Favorite Valentine’s Day Episodes, Pt. 3

12 02 2010

WEDNESDAY: Beverly Hills 90210

THURSDAY: Dawson’s Creek


1. Episode 1.19, The Heartbreak

I remember watching this episode when it originally aired (which actually was few days after V-Day) and being so POed and disappointed that Ryan wasn’t just ready and willing to get back with Marissa after the Oliver debacle. I remember my mom explaining to my 16-and-a-half-year-old self that Ryan’s trust and faith had been betrayed and that’s not an easy thing to get over. But lucky for me I’m a sucker for episodes where someone is broken-hearted. And lucky for us we get some comic relief when Seth and Summer’s romance finally comes to climax (no pun intended, I swear!). At the end, he sweeps her off her feet and it feels like we’re swept off ours, too.

Unlike the Chrismukkah episodes, where all four eps are must-mentions, I can’t say the same for the show’s take on Valentine’s Day. The V-Day episodes in seasons 2 and 3 are mediocre and the holiday doesn’t even get a mention in season 4. (See correction in comments.)

And thus we move on tomorrow to One Tree Hill, where it gets even more disappointing…

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