Spoiler: Watch with Kristin

15 09 2009


Suzi from NYC: What do you think it’s like to hang out on the 90210 set?
Michael Steger
told us what keeps him busy between takes, and we’re jealous! “I have a Lamborghini this season,” Michael said at the show’s premiere. “I don’t even go to my trailer anymore. Now Dixon (Tristan Wilds) and I go out to the car, and we play with the convertible top and drive around the parking lot. Our set now is around the beach, so we have beachfront. My next wish? Well, they gave us a yacht for episode three and that was pretty impressive.” Tough life, huh?

Stephanie in Atlanta: I take it from the season premiere that the man Annie killed is someone we don’t already know on 90210?
Yes, it seems that Annie’s victim is unknown to us, but we learn in tomorrow night’s episode that incoming hottie Teddy Montgomery (Trevor Donovan) found the body after Annie ran the guy over. (BTW, does it seem plausible to anyone else that dead guy was already dead when Annie ran him over, therefore technically absolving her from responsibility?) In other news, Naomi’s sister Jen is evil, and she’s entangling poor Ryan in her scheme to snag a billionaire.

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