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15 07 2010


Question: There’s a hot debate in the Gossip Girl fan community about Dan and Serena. Are they getting back together next season? —Kelly
I’ll say this: They will be spending a LOT of time with each other in the first few episodes back, but I think it would be wrong to suggest they’ll be together. Catch my drift?

Question: Any juicy spoilers on which hottie is coming out of the closet on 90210? I need more hints then just Liam, Navid, or Teddy! —Jacob
How about this: This person’s last name is Court, Shirazi, or Montgomery.

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21 10 2009


Why is everyone on 90210 breaking up? It wasn’t all bad last season! — Kerry
MICKEY: Well, Kerry, everyone knows that happy couples equal deadly-boring TV. They had to break them up. The good news is that the spring episodes are promising a major lovefest when three (yes, three!) couples reconcile within the space of a few weeks. On the other hand, Teddy Montgomery and Kelly Taylor will be left out in the cold.

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15 09 2009


Suzi from NYC: What do you think it’s like to hang out on the 90210 set?
Michael Steger
told us what keeps him busy between takes, and we’re jealous! “I have a Lamborghini this season,” Michael said at the show’s premiere. “I don’t even go to my trailer anymore. Now Dixon (Tristan Wilds) and I go out to the car, and we play with the convertible top and drive around the parking lot. Our set now is around the beach, so we have beachfront. My next wish? Well, they gave us a yacht for episode three and that was pretty impressive.” Tough life, huh?

Stephanie in Atlanta: I take it from the season premiere that the man Annie killed is someone we don’t already know on 90210?
Yes, it seems that Annie’s victim is unknown to us, but we learn in tomorrow night’s episode that incoming hottie Teddy Montgomery (Trevor Donovan) found the body after Annie ran the guy over. (BTW, does it seem plausible to anyone else that dead guy was already dead when Annie ran him over, therefore technically absolving her from responsibility?) In other news, Naomi’s sister Jen is evil, and she’s entangling poor Ryan in her scheme to snag a billionaire.

Exclusive: Trevor Donovan Discusses Joining 90210 as Teddy Montgomery

8 09 2009

Fact: Trevor Donovan is a hottie.  But will viewers think he fits right in with the 90210 cast?  You can decide for yourself tonight at 8pm eastern (and I’ll be live-blogging the premiere!) but first get to know him through my exclusive interview.

Trevor Donovan A

See, I told you he was hot!

TeenDramaWhore: How did you find out about the role of Teddy on 90210?

Trevor Donovan: My manager Michael Yanni set up an audition with David Rappaport for a totally different role and David thought I would be better for the role of Teddy and boom there you have it.

TDW: Were you familiar with the show before you auditioned?

Donovan: Very familiar.  I grew up watching the old 90210 and now I watch CW shows to familiarize myself with what’s out there.

TDW: How would you describe Teddy?

Donovan: Teddy is very likable and a fun guy to be friends with….he’s not fake, he’s pretty straight forward and likes to share his toys… and he has some pretty cool toys.

TDW: What can we expect from the character?

Donovan: Expect wave shredding… I’ll be doing some surfing this season, which I do myself…I’ve been surfing for over 15 years.  Also some hook ups and of course drama drama drama….oh and lots of fit beach bods.

TDW: How does it feel to play a character in high school when you are actually out of that age range?

Donovan: It’s a lot of fun……it’s like a do over….I was quiet and shy in high school… and not rich like Teddy Montgomery is.

TDW: Is it an ego boost or more strange than anything?

Donovan: A little of both…but at the end of the day …it’s acting… and the rest of the cast is great…all pro’s.

TDW: Does the working experience change knowing your castmates are a bit younger than you?

Donovan: Well I’m a pretty immature guy and most are not that much younger, so it works out well.. Ha ha ha..JK…  but seriously, when I get into playing a role….. I don’t let things like age difference get in the way… Instead I direct my focus on making the character I’m playing –Teddy Montgomery”–come to life and be interesting to watch…a pleasure to have in your living room 1x a week…..and more if you TiVo it.

TDW: According to reports, your character is a tennis star.  Are you skilled at the sport or did you have to learn?

Donovan: I’m skilled at a lot of sports, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, volleyball, baseball, football… you name it… but tennis….eh…they brought in a real pro to school me…..and wow….what a work out….but I’m getting there… I’m not whacking the ball over fences hundreds of feet away anymore.  Tune in to see my improved backhand, haha.

TDW: You appeared on more than 40 episodes of Days of Our Lives.  How is working on a daytime soap different from a primetime one?

Donovan: Soap operas are one take and 90 pages a day… It’s like a very very very intensive acting class….I left there feeling so confident and appreciative of the opportunity. It was a great experience.

TDW: What other projects are you working on?

Donovan: 90210 is full time……. But prior I had a role in Surrogates.  I play Tommy, the surrogate Bruce Willis owns –and the scene is a pivotal part in the movie for Bruce’s character.

TDW: Are you on Twitter?  There’s a lot of fake accounts for the 90210 cast; trying to clear up for my readers what’s real and what’s not.

Donovan: @TrevDon is mine.

Come back tonight for a live-blog of 90210’s season 2 premiere and come back again Sunday for another exclusive interview!

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