Exclusive: Trevor Donovan Discusses Joining 90210 as Teddy Montgomery

8 09 2009

Fact: Trevor Donovan is a hottie.  But will viewers think he fits right in with the 90210 cast?  You can decide for yourself tonight at 8pm eastern (and I’ll be live-blogging the premiere!) but first get to know him through my exclusive interview.

Trevor Donovan A

See, I told you he was hot!

TeenDramaWhore: How did you find out about the role of Teddy on 90210?

Trevor Donovan: My manager Michael Yanni set up an audition with David Rappaport for a totally different role and David thought I would be better for the role of Teddy and boom there you have it.

TDW: Were you familiar with the show before you auditioned?

Donovan: Very familiar.  I grew up watching the old 90210 and now I watch CW shows to familiarize myself with what’s out there.

TDW: How would you describe Teddy?

Donovan: Teddy is very likable and a fun guy to be friends with….he’s not fake, he’s pretty straight forward and likes to share his toys… and he has some pretty cool toys.

TDW: What can we expect from the character?

Donovan: Expect wave shredding… I’ll be doing some surfing this season, which I do myself…I’ve been surfing for over 15 years.  Also some hook ups and of course drama drama drama….oh and lots of fit beach bods.

TDW: How does it feel to play a character in high school when you are actually out of that age range?

Donovan: It’s a lot of fun……it’s like a do over….I was quiet and shy in high school… and not rich like Teddy Montgomery is.

TDW: Is it an ego boost or more strange than anything?

Donovan: A little of both…but at the end of the day …it’s acting… and the rest of the cast is great…all pro’s.

TDW: Does the working experience change knowing your castmates are a bit younger than you?

Donovan: Well I’m a pretty immature guy and most are not that much younger, so it works out well.. Ha ha ha..JK…  but seriously, when I get into playing a role….. I don’t let things like age difference get in the way… Instead I direct my focus on making the character I’m playing –Teddy Montgomery”–come to life and be interesting to watch…a pleasure to have in your living room 1x a week…..and more if you TiVo it.

TDW: According to reports, your character is a tennis star.  Are you skilled at the sport or did you have to learn?

Donovan: I’m skilled at a lot of sports, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, volleyball, baseball, football… you name it… but tennis….eh…they brought in a real pro to school me…..and wow….what a work out….but I’m getting there… I’m not whacking the ball over fences hundreds of feet away anymore.  Tune in to see my improved backhand, haha.

TDW: You appeared on more than 40 episodes of Days of Our Lives.  How is working on a daytime soap different from a primetime one?

Donovan: Soap operas are one take and 90 pages a day… It’s like a very very very intensive acting class….I left there feeling so confident and appreciative of the opportunity. It was a great experience.

TDW: What other projects are you working on?

Donovan: 90210 is full time……. But prior I had a role in Surrogates.  I play Tommy, the surrogate Bruce Willis owns –and the scene is a pivotal part in the movie for Bruce’s character.

TDW: Are you on Twitter?  There’s a lot of fake accounts for the 90210 cast; trying to clear up for my readers what’s real and what’s not.

Donovan: @TrevDon is mine.

Come back tonight for a live-blog of 90210’s season 2 premiere and come back again Sunday for another exclusive interview!

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6 responses

8 09 2009

I love him he is so hot

8 09 2009

So looking forward to seeing him, especially with his shirt off Yummy!

11 09 2009

Watch 1st espisode for the 1st time and i’m hooked seeing this blond norsman I could not take my eyes off of him all I could think about is what he looked like naked

13 09 2009

I would so sleep with him and he doesn’t even have to buy me dinner.

22 09 2009

Dang he’s F’in HOT and that ass woof woof

18 10 2009

what a body!

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