Live-Blog: 90210 Season Premiere!

8 09 2009

Before You Watch, Read This: Season One Recap, Trevor Donovan Interview

For last season, I would do reaction posts for each episode.  This year I figured I’d step it up a notch with live-blogs.

Keep refreshing this page throughout the show for plot developments, quotes and commentary.


  • Previously on–as if this isn’t a season premiere?!  Weird.
  • Includes: Naomi/Liam, Adrianna/Navid, Naomi/Annie, Liam taken away Annie’s cliff-hanger
  • Naomi splashing around in water with some random OLDER dude.  Sketch.
  • She’s only fantasizing.
  • Back in school?  Nope, summer school.  And it’s over.  Silver’s pumped.
  • Q1: Suck it summer school–Naomi
  • Silver and Dixon = awkward!
  • Liking Silver’s shorter hair.
  • Q2: You just interuppted an ordinary moment by making it extremely awkward.–Silver to Naomi
  • Not feeling Adrianna’s super long hair.  Natural or extensions?
  • Hate the timing: in reality, school is just STARTING for everyone!
  • Filler shots of Los Angeles, just like the original used to do.
  • Beverly Hills Beach Club back, as reported.
  • Older guy = Jason (Brenda also dated an older guy named Jason in the BH 90210 series premiere)
  • Adrianna clearly lost the baby weight
  • Q3: Monica Lewinsky, a movie-musical?–Naomi
  • Adrianna back in the acting track but she wants to stop
  • Q4: I’m done with drama, onscreen and off.–Adrianna
  • Q5: You wanna be no drama Adrianna.–Silver
  • Q6: To being teenagers–Naomi
  • Naomi sparring with “older” beach club women
  • Really cute moment with the girls jumping in together
  • Weird to see Silver and Naomi so close again
  • Adrianna clearly still upset about giving up her baby.  I wonder if this will play out, or just be dropped.
  • In the pool camera work = nauseating!
  • Adriana still with Navid
  • Q7: I’m so getting laid–Navid
  • Are those boogey boards?  Really?
  • Read recently that Michael Steger is 29 IRL.  He definitely looked young when I interviewed him.  Hmmm.
  • Love that Dixon is giving Navid advice on having sex.
  • Q8: “Like a sex jams cd?”–Navid
  • Q9: “Remember sex is more romantic for girls than it is for guys.”–Dixon
  • Wow, Navid just screamed “I’m so getting laid.”  That’s attrative.
  • Silver still freaking out about Dixon and Ethan.
  • At least Ethan is being mentioned.
  • Q10: Silver, I don’t know why you’re so stuck up on high school boys.–Naomi
  • Naomi likes man-hands.  TMI.  Silver agrees.
  • First Liam reference.
  • Moved out to Long Island?  New York Long Island?  My Long Island?!
  • Silver points out the obvious: no actual proof that Annie slept with Liam
  • Q11: I know she’s a rat.  But a skank? –Silver
  • What house is this?  Where is Casa Wilson?
  • Annie looks like she’s been crying.
  • So she knows she hit a guy.  And the guilt is getting to her?
  • Naomi sees her older man, Jason.
  • Whoops.  He has kids.  And he’s married to the older woman from before.
  • New 90210 opener: HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT.  Butchered the original 90210 theme song even more and doesn’t even show the cast.  As if we want to see just non-descript pictures of LA.  No thanks.
  • Promo: T-Mobile and the Girls of 90210.  More like a recap of last year.  They should’ve shown this first.
  • Naomi still concerned about Jason? Let it go.
  • Naomi wants to get back at him with the tennis instructor = Teddy (Trevor Donovan–see interview link above)
  • Trevor is actually like 30.  And he looks it.  I don’t know how we’re supposed to believe he’s in high school.
  • Q12: I’m very possessive when it comes to balls.–Naomi
  • Q13: I don’t do anything by the numbers.–Naomi
  • Teddy will be starting West Bev.
  • Q14: Flirt with her.  This whole Vicky Cristina Barcelona thing isn’t my thing.–Silver
  • Whoops.  Teddy and Adrianna know each other.   “Old boyfriend from summer camp.”
  • Tabitha doing a show in Las Vegas
  • Vague mention that this is a new house.  But why?
  • Harry and Debbie know Annie called the cops on the post-prom party.
  • Annie finds out the hit-and-run “John Doe” died.
  • Local promo for Gossip Girl and contest to win GG-inspired wardrobe.
  • No One Tree Hill promos so far.  Weird.
  • Too much Melrose Place.  But I guess it’s fair, since it’s debuting right after this.
  • Naomi “mind-boggled” by who Teddy is.
  • Adrianna says Teddy is all hers.
  • Nice that Naomi is concerned about her.
  • Valerie on BH90210 did the whole married-man-with-kids thing.
  • Text message for Silver from Ethan!  Curious to see how they handle this.
  • Annie confessing to Dixon?
  • Dixon guesses it’s about Liam, and them “sleeping together.”
  • Q15: I think you have a problem with apologizing.–Dixon
  • Dixon says he was in summer school because of Annie.  Um, what?  Was it punishment for the party?
  • Q16: Screw you, Dixon!–Annie
  • Q17: Screw you, too, Annie.–Dixon
  • Navid renting a cabana (for his sex night with Adrianna).  On the original show, they OWNED them.
  • Q18: The world doesn’t revolve around you, Annie.–Dixon
  • Jason kind of looks familiar.  Will have to look up the actor’s name later.
  • Do I detect an accent?
  • Jason wants Naomi to be his mistress but “be bigger than labels.”  And he uses the L-word!  Ridiculous.
  • Naomi confronting Annie.  Apparently this is the first time they’re talking since prom night.  Lackluster.
  • Q19: I may be a lot of things, but I am not a cheating skank.–Naomi
  • Dixon pulling the fake cough routine so Navid can steal cabana keys.
  • Navid has flowers.  Kinda sweet.
  • Adrianna introduces him to Teddy.  Bad timing!
  • Adrianna and Teddy have known each other since they were 8.
  • Dixon about to ask Silver to get back together and she just kisses him.  Very sweet!
  • Okay, that was the best scene yet!
  • Q20: I missed you.–Silver
  • Annie stuck there because Dixon has keys.  Didn’t realize that.
  • Meet Mark.  He’s drunk.  And he seems to know Annie from West Bev.
  • Annie starts drinking, too.  Pretty sure that caused part of her problems in the first place.
  • Everyone dirty dancing.  And line dancing.  Wowow.  How much time was wasted to coordinate that?
  • Woah!  Teddy took Silver’s phone and is reading her text from Ethan!  That is NOT COOL.
  • Text says Ethan is staying in Montana.  And that explains it.  Sigh.
  • Navid and Adrianna making out on beach.  In plain sight.
  • Navid wants to keep going, Adrianna wants to stop.
  • Navid babbles something about their “multi-faceted” love.
  • Q21: After sex, comes drama.–Adrianna
  • Adrianna seeking normalcy.  Someone should tell her normalcy doesn’t exist.
  • Navid obviously peeved, whether he admits it or not.
  • Cabana all directed for the sex night that won’t be.  It looks beautiful.  Sad.
  • Navid gave the keys to Mark!  And he’s with a very drunk Annie.
  • Will she lose her virginity to him?!
  • LOL Dixon said Silver has a “Rihanna-bob.”  That’s too funny.
  • Teddy tells Dixon about Ethan oops.
  • How would Teddy know that Silver’s “prickly”?
  • Teddy and Adrianna share a sultry dance…in front of a semi-drunk Navid.
  • Naomi going for the booze, too.
  • Whoops. Naomi spills to Navid that Adrianna has a past with Teddy.
  • And Teddy was apparently Navid’s first.
  • Q22: You never forget your first.–Navid
  • Q23: You and me, we’re done.–Dixon to Silver
  • Well, that lasted long.
  • Toasting marshmallows.  Mmmmm.
  • Wow, older woman says cabana weird.
  • Apparently it was the one Navid took the key for.  And apparently Mark and Annie trashed it.
  • Navid about to take the blame but Teddy steps up.
  • Spence Montgomery = Teddy’s father, who is famous
  • The older woman looks like a cross between Jen (where is she?!) and Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair (90210’s executive producer)
  • Q24: What the hell is a sex jams CD?–Teddy
  • Q25: Teddy, thanks a lot.  You just ruined my whole life.–Silver
  • I know it may feel like that but this is Silver being over-dramatic.  Then again, she does have a mental illness.  Hmmm.
  • Silver admits to choosing Dixon because she knew Ethan was staying in Montana.
  • Q26: It suddenly became clear.  Because Iwasn’t disappointed.  I was relieved.  And then I imagined what if Dixon moved across the country, and then I thought, if I lost Dixon, I wouldn’t be able to breathe.  And I can’t breathe.  I can’t breathe.–Silver
  • Quote of the episode for me!
  • Wait–did Annie sleep with Mark?  I guess it’s wait and see.
  • OK, so now it’s school-time.  How much time just passed? I missed it.
  • Silver vows to get Dixon back.  Dixon vows that he’s done and officially single.
  • Naomi still looking for a guy.  Some things never change.
  • Q27: I have something against you going from guy to guy to guy like this.–Silver
  • Q28: If I don’t have another guy to focus on, all I can think of is Liam.–Naomi
  • Woah! Liam’s back.  And staring at Naomi from afar.  Hot.
  • He tries to talk to her.  She walks away, panicked.
  • Cool breakdancers in the school courtyard.
  • Annie probably shouldn’t be behind a car…
  • Teddy’s car was the one that came up after Annie’s accident!  The sign: same back bumper and bumper sticker.
  • Mark took some sort of sexual picture of Annie.  It’s proof of something.  Sex?
  • Naomi sees it.
  • Q29: Is that naked girl Annie?
  • She sent it from Mark’s phone to his.
  • Q30: I have a feeling this is gonna be our year.–Naomi
  • Really sick of the “girl power walk” shot.
  • Preview: Naomi vows to make Annie’s life hellish and the picture of Annie makes it way around school.

You’ve read my thoughts. Now what did YOU think?



6 responses

8 09 2009

For the next live-blog, I recommend you to use something like

It makes things easier for us and you.


8 09 2009

Thanks for the suggestion, Livin! I will look into it.

This is pretty much the same format as my reaction posts, just posting it during the show rather than after.

9 09 2009
team brenda

TDW-GREAT live blogging session. I pretty much felt the same way about everything and everybody. Although, I like Adriana’s new haircut and the red lipstick. HATING the new Beverly Hills Beach Club. I miss Brandon and Henry. I remember the Jason guy that Brenda dated. He was on Grease 2.

9 09 2009

Thanks, team brenda! Yep, Jason on BH90210 was played by Maxwell Caulfield:

10 09 2009

I agreed with pretty much everything you said. Another thing that bugged me, being a fan of the original show was the usage of the private college used for Harbor High in “The OC” as the exterior for West Bev this season. It’s not a big deal, and the architecture matches Torrance High School more than some of the exteriors they were shooting at last year… but I’ll miss the iconic entrance.

10 09 2009

That’s a great point, Brandon, and one I should’ve mentioned. For whatever reason, they aren’t using Torrance anymore. I know when I was at Torrance in January, there was some construction going on and a lot of it was in poor condition (see: Not sure about El Segundo. But, you’re right, changing the exteriors does take away from of the iconic old-school 90210 feel. Curious to see, (minor spoiler alert!) when they bring back CU later in the season, if they use Occidental College again (see:

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