Spoiler: The Big Tease

3 03 2010


What’s the buzz on ‘90210’s return? – SDion
I’ve seen the next few episodes kicking off March 9, and it’s BAU for the West Bev crowd. Dixon and Silver are stymied by miscommunication, Naomi pulls a Claire Dunphy (think trenchcoat) but with slightly less disastrous results, Rumer Willis’ character is on the receiving end of an unexpected kiss, and poor Annie is mired in a sorrowful dilemma. Meanwhile, I can see why Jennie Garth is on her way out – a Lonely Heart Kelly Taylor is frankly hard to swallow.

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YouTube Video of the Week

1 11 2009

This video just had me at a loss for words as it is just so random.

Rather than trying to describe it, I’ll just take the description that’s given:

“A unique Michael Jackson Tribute, Beverly Hills 90210 style. Michael Jackson’s life had it’s share of drama, not unlike the lives of Brandon Walsh, Brenda Walsh, Kelly Taylor, Dylan McCay, Steve Sanders, Donna Martin, David Silver, and Andrea Zuckerman. Michael Jackson will live on in our hearts as the greatest entertainer of all time, and he will truly be missed, especially by the cast and crew of Beverly Hills 90210. Rest in Peace 1958-2009.”

Spoiler: Mega Buzz

21 10 2009


Why is everyone on 90210 breaking up? It wasn’t all bad last season! — Kerry
MICKEY: Well, Kerry, everyone knows that happy couples equal deadly-boring TV. They had to break them up. The good news is that the spring episodes are promising a major lovefest when three (yes, three!) couples reconcile within the space of a few weeks. On the other hand, Teddy Montgomery and Kelly Taylor will be left out in the cold.

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Spoiler: You Ask, I Answer

21 08 2009


90210“! What can you tell me about my Kelly Taylor? She’s not getting back with Ryan, is she? -Elisabeth
Not anytime soon, no. Ryan’s preoccupied with that witch, Jen Clark, right now. Kelly, however, has a new crush too. Seems her rumored feelings for Harry Wilson are the real thing. I’m told K.T. will big time struggle with her attraction to West Bev’s married principal this fall.

Thanks for the scoop on Jackie Taylor returning to “90210.” I am definitely one of the old school fans who thinks the more veteran characters, the better! -Renay
I feel you on that. Unfortunately, I’m hearing everyone’s favorite former TV cokehead may not be long for this world. Word is, Jackie Taylor is sick. Very, very sick. And I guess she just really wants to reconcile with her daughters before it’s too late.

Good work on the “One Tree Hill” interview with Mark Schwahn and Sophia Bush. I was so sure that Rachel and Dan were going to be together and have a baby, but I’m really relieved to hear that’s not happening. -Sal
Yeah, Mark definitely said the Rachel-Dan baby scenario is untrue. But that doesn’t mean Rachel and Dan won’t be together. Actually, I’m pretty sure they’ll be sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G this season…


Need to vent: I *hate* how they’ve ruined the Jackie Taylor character. On the original show, her drug addiction was for part of the very first season. For the next nine seasons, she was completely clean and a supportive mom to Kelly and Erin. I hate how the new show changed that, essentially rewriting history. They’ve done this was many characters/stories now.  Every time, it’s such an insult to longtime fans and the show’s now-almost 20-year-history.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: they should’ve left the original stories the way they had ended.

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