All-Time Favorite Couples Pt. 4

19 02 2009

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

2. Kelly and Brandon (Beverly Hills, 90210)

Brandon and Kelly had chemistry right from the get-go in season one.  For one reason or another, this wasn’t fully explored until the latter-half of season 4.  Despite the various challenges they faced during their relationship, it was probably the most healthy, stable, normal and rational one either ever had.  Part of the reason I think this relationship failed in the end is because Kelly and Brandon were ultimately the same person.  Of course it didn’t start out that way when the show began, but their characters grew to be exactly the same, just in different genders.  They were too similar for their own good.  Now this doesn’t mean it wasn’t great when they were together.  As I said before, in their times apart (Kelly wanting him, Brandon wanting her, etc.) I wanted nothing more than for them to get back together. But while their strong friendship is what helped their relationship succeed, that same best friendship almost limited the passion (even if it did sometimes increase the fun and the romance).  Still, if I said I didn’t love every second of it, I’d be lying!

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22 02 2009

I liked Kelly with Brandon more then Dylan. 🙂

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