Spoiler: Mega Buzz

8 04 2009

Please tell me the banana from last week’s racy episode of 90210 is replacing Annie as the show’s main character. At least it had appeal. Get it? Lee
MICKEY: Hey Lee, smell my flower. I’m sorry to say that Shenae Grimes will be sticking around. (Dustin Milligan, who plays Ethan, on the other hand, will not be.) If it helps, I’m hearing that Naomi’s special brand of emotional terrorism will again set its laser sights on Annie toward the end of the season. So, there’s that for you to anticipate. In the meantime, keep the banana out of it.

Will there be a continuation of Gossip Girl‘s storyline about Lily and Rufus’ child? Yankee
MICKEY: I had a college roommate who called me Yankee. I called him A–hole. For the Supremes fan in the house, the love child/never-meant-to-be will show up May 4 to wreak havoc on Lily and Rufus’ blissful, excitement-free union. I’m hearing it’s kind of cliff-hang-y, as the season’s final two episodes will tee up the Brittany Snow spin-off and reveal exactly what Bart Bass had in that envelope.



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