Tuesday Night Reaction

8 04 2009

90210 (Off the Rails)

  • Didn’t air here in Chicago until 12:05 am!
  • Like the way the previous scenes faded right into this week’s opener and it picks up exactly where we left off.
  • Silver really thought Dixon would like a film of them having sex shown to the public?  Come on!
  • No, don’t leave her alone!  She’ll run!  Classic mistake, Matthews!
  • Or she’ll hide.  Same thing.
  • So he doesn’t live in Melrose Place after all.  The sign on the building says Sea Breeze.
  • So awkward for Annie and Ethan to have to get in the car together now!
  • Really nice job splicing all those scenes together of everyone finding out and having similar conversations.
  • Q1: “Liam’s a total psychopath and an awesome kisser.”–Naomi
  • So awkward telling parents you had sex.
  • Q2: “Why else do you film yourself having sex?  To improve your moods moves.”–Naomi
  • Awesome, intense opener.  Credit goes to Jason Priestley and Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair, I think.
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Double awkward now that Annie & Ethan and Kelly & Ryan have to pair up.
  • Adrianna should be happy to babysit.  She needs the practice!
  • Harry right about kids not telling their parents they’ve had sex.
  • Candyland!
  • Sammy isn’t a baby.  He’s like four, isn’t he?
  • Yes, Navid pointed that out!
  • Odd to make out with a big belly there like that.
  • Figured Adrianna would go with adoption.  Or plan to, anyway.
  • Understand why she feels it’s not Navid’s problem.
  • Is that book Lord Byron?!  That’s what Dylan (Beverly Hills, 90210) used to read!
  • Silver said she’s going back to the source.  What is the source??
  • Q3: “Without you life isn’t worth living.”–Silver to Dixon
  • Why did he hang up on her?  He should’ve gotten more details first!
  • Promo with Shenae Grimes for the countdown to prom contest.
  • One Tree Hill promo
  • Dixon is in denial or something.  Why else is he being so cold?
  • Weird that Silver’s movie is playing.  Did she do that?
  • Oh, Naomi did.  Nice that she’s looking, too, I guess.
  • Q4: “If you dress a little more like me, the janitor opening the door is only the beginning.  Though with your face…”–Naomi to Annie
  • Q5: “Couldn’t be any creepier than hanging out with my ex and his little girlfriend.”–Naomi
  • Why is Ethan so ready to volunteer that they broke up?  It JUST happened!
  • Oh, Jackie!  Don’t think she’s the “source” though.
  • Q6: “She’ssas?
  • probably out partying somewhere or slutting it up with some boy.  That’s all Kelly ever did.”–Jackie
  • Looks like Jackie has some, um, work done.
  • I miss the old Jackie.  Post season one Jackie, that is.
  • How’d the officer find Silver’s car?  Were they looking for it?  That means someone called them already, I guess.
  • Understand why Kelly is freaking out.  I’d be, too.
  • Ryan giving so many intellectual references.  Wrong audience for that!
  • Q7: “If this is you trying to comfort me, just don’t.”–Kelly to Ryan
  • Dixon is really being ridiculous.
  • Why does she want to go to Kansas?
  • Look at her eyes!  Pretty gross.  Guess that’s the point, though.
  • What’s with this guy?
  • Q8: “You need to go backward in order to go forward.”–Silver
  • Kansas is the source, I guess.
  • Who is this dude?!  Kind of creepy, no?
  • Aw, Sammy is very cute.
  • He’s probably scared.  He probably never met Adrianna and Navid before.  Why would he?
  • Q9: “Look, big smiling face!” “Put it away.”–Adrianna and Sammy
  • Aw, now they’re like a little family!  Cute!
  • Creepy to be at school at night in the dark.
  • Don’t care to see Annie and Naomi bond or share a moment or whatever.
  • Old pic of Silver and Naomi.  Where’s the blonde hair Silver used to have?  And Naomi’s?
  • Annie has the weirdest facial expressions.
  • The dude is a pick-pocketer!
  • GG promo
  • LOL Debbie guessing that Dixon’s password is Chiefs or Ludacris.
  • Interesting that she said she doesn’t know Dixon at all.  Silver said the same thing.
  • Q10: “It’s this place.  It’s LA.  It’s Beverly Hills…We made a mistake coming here.”–Debbie to Harry
  • Woah!  Is this guy legit after all?!
  • Annie focused on herself and Ethan.  Guess I would be, too, if I was just dumped.
  • Q11: “I believed that you were the one.”–Annie to Ethan (Could she be any more naive?  Or pathetic?)
  • Annie’s finally admitting how much her character changed.
  • And Ethan is completely un-phased.
  • Is Naomi impressed or pleased?
  • Silver is running!  Why isn’t the guy stopping her?!
  • Dixon still so uninterested.  Surprised he even went with his parents.
  • Did Silver just say Ryan drained her gas tank?
  • Q12: “I was gonna go to Kansas.  Because Kansas equals Dixon.”–Silver
  • Of course the train just missed her.  Or she just missed it.
  • OTH promo
  • 90210 promo with Kelly and Donna for next week
  • Surprised Dixon’s reaching out now.  What’s changed?
  • Oh!  Similar to his birth mom!  Good twist.
  • David, Erin’s brother, has manic depression.  So did David’ mom.  But that’s not Silver’s side of the family.
  • Silver apologizing to Kelly reminds me of Sam and Brooke on One tree Hill
  • Smart that Dixon figured this all out.  Took a while, though,
  • Nice of Naomi to offer to bring Annie home.
  • Q13: “There are a lot of other fish in the sea.  Equally cute fish.”–Naomi to Annie
  • Weird that they can completely bury the hatchet so quickly.  We know it won’t last, though.
  • Is Silver being admitted to the hospital?
  • Ryan is so cute sleeping on the couch.
  • Q14: “I slept with Brenda.  Which I knew would hurt you.  Which is why I did it…I’m really sorry.”–Ryan to Kelly
  • Doubt they’ll have a romantic future now that Ryan will be on Melrose Place, too.
  • Why would Kelly sit in the back of the car now when she hadn’t thus far?
  • Guess Dixon’s delayed reaction made sense.  He didn’t want to deal with his mom all over again, so to speak.
  • Talk of moving back to Kansas is such BS.  Original 90210 did it, too.  Even had a whole episode on it.
  • Q15: “I think the kids have sex in Kansas, too.”–Harry to Debbie
  • Funny exchanged about gluten-free bread.
  • Like Dixon’s explanation for how he figured it all out.
  • Will we see Silver getting treatment?  Or is this the end of the storyline?
  • Jessica Stroup giving info on where to get help if you’re depressed.  (www.bpkids.org/90210)  Original 90210 did this, too.
  • Promo mostly consists of Kelly and Donna, and Dixon talking about his mom.



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8 04 2009

Q2: “Why else do you film yourself having sex? To improve your moods.”–Naomi

I’m pretty sure she said to improve your moves, like teams watch their practices and old games. It’s not a bad idea really, mmmh.

8 04 2009

You are right, SaneN85! I made a typo as I was typing it all up last night. Fixed now!

9 04 2009
Shira - CABF

Thanks for posting the http://www.bpkids.org/90210 web address! We’re glad the PSA’s gotten people talking, we’ve had a very good response, folks coming to the site for more info or to get help. . 🙂

Webmaster – Child & Adolescent Bipolar Fdn. (www.bpkids.org)

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