Tuesday Night Reaction

14 04 2009

90210 (Okaeri, Donna)

  • How long has it been since the last episode?  Real-time?  A week?
  • Younger viewers won’t get Keith Richards reference.
  • Not surprised that Kelly is being a bit anal in taking care of Silver.  She feels guilty.
  • Silver just seems sad now.  Subdued.  Numb.
  • Are Silver and Dixon back together now?  There was that hand kiss…
  • Cute that Dixon misses spending time with Annie.
  • Arizona?  Random.
  • Waterparks? Fun!
  • Here’s the Habitat for Humanity storyline
  • Good for Ethan signing up for the trip!
  • Naomi is so desperate with Liam.  And he is so wishy-washy.  I don’t like it.
  • Silver’s bathrobe is very cute.
  • Can see why she’s getting “irritated” but Kel just cares. This is coming from her heart.
  • Where’s Sammy?
  • There’s the doorbell–Tori time!
  • Jessica Lowndes promoting the Road to 90210 contest.  (You have to be 18 or older to enter, folks!)
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Aw, Ruby is still very young.  Cute.  Wonder why Donna named her that.
  • Like that Donna acknowledged Silver is her “half-sister-in-law.”
  • Was that a Skype plug?
  • Ah, Sammy’s with Dylan.  Interesting.
  • Wasn’t sure this would be the “same” Donna, but she seems just like her old self!  So far, anyway.
  • Poor Silver has to go to bed and miss the catching up.  I feel bad for her.
  • How often do Donna and Kelly talk?  And Donna was in Los Angeles in the fall because Brenda saw them, no?  Or was Brenda in Japan for some reason?
  • Ah, Dixon and Annie pretending they went to Palm Springs.  Got it now.
  • LOL No Sleep til Brooklyn versus Seasons of Love.  How many young viewers have heard of either?
  • That Dr. Pepper in the cooler shot…just ugh!
  • I love RENT!
  • Really don’t want to hear Harry and Debbie talking about their sex life.  They’re no Sandy and Kirsten.
  • LOL  Alone together…that IS an oxymoron!
  • Naomi’s trying so hard is very annoying.
  • Really going to Ethan about this?
  • Ha, Ethan agrees with me!
  • Here’s the Kelly-Donna car scene that was leaked by the paparazzi
  • Now Wear This mention!!!!
  • It went bankrupt, really?  I can’t believe that…
  • David mention.  Is he a music agent or something?
  • Too many Dr. Pepper plugs!
  • Dana Bowen?  Was that what Dixon’s mom’s name is?  Hard to hear.
  • Are they really going to Kansas and Annie doesn’t know it?
  • Dustin Milligan doing the road trip promo.  Ironic since he was just kind of fired.
  • Wow, Naomi just gets more and more annoying.
  • And Liam is very nasty.  I don’t like this.
  • Funny that they went to a sushi restaurant.  And that’s a cool conveyor belt.
  • Wait a second–why aren’t they eating at The Peach Pit?!  They definitely would’ve/should’ve gone there.  The show probably just didn’t want to pay Joe. E. Tata!
  • Here’s the Diablo Cody storyline.
  • Surprised Kelly knew who she was.  Guess it was just for plot convenience.
  • LOL Teenage Mommy Girl.  Was it really called that in Japan?
  • LOL The hamburger phone!
  • So they did go to Arizona!
  • Oh, the birth mom lives there!
  • Silver WAS hospitalized and just got out.  Yeah, this is probably a week later.
  • Wow, Liam makes no sense!  Does he just like Naomi for her body and sex appeal?
  • GG promo
  • WOW!  She SLEPT with him, just like that?!
  • And now she’s telling Ethan?!
  • Really have no respect for Naomi now.
  • Don’t like Ryan with his hair greased back.
  • LOL the model session with the conveniently placed desk.  Even though we all know he’s not really naked.
  • Annie right that the lying is different now.  But they’d be in trouble either way, probably.
  • At what age was Dixon adopted?
  • Aw, makes sense that Dixon has these feelings.  Silver probably brought it out.
  • Yup, Silver!
  • What the hell is this drug crap?  I don’t even know how to spell it!
  • Wonder if they’ll keep up the tattoo continuity.
  • Kelly doesn’t have it easy, either.  She’s a single mom!
  • Annie telling Dixon to go reminds me of when Kelly and Dylan went to find his dad. Think that was Arizona, too, actually.
  • Michael Steger doing road trip promo.  LOL Says he would go on a road trip with all the guys and Jessica Lowndes.  What about the other girls?!
  • Dixon’s still sitting in the car but where did Annie go?
  • There’s Annie!  She’s going to talk to his mom!  Bold, brave move.  Kelly did the same in the original, but behind Dylan’s back.  Are they just biting off the original again?!
  • Heard Dana Bowen again.  That must be it.
  • So Dixon was 8…
  • …and SHE chose to give HIM up.  Suppose that makes more sense.
  • Wait, how did Dixon find out her info, where she works and stuff?
  • Aw, Dixon has a doll/sister named Mango!  Very cute story.
  • Expected Dixon to get out of the car and join them.  Guess not.
  • Liam is probably just tricking Ethan about the drugs.
  • And Ethan’s falling for it and freaking out a little.
  • That’s a lot of self-reflection Ethan is doing.  Would agree with his assessment.
  • Mention of the autistic brother. That storyline never actually happened.
  • Really don’t like the Diablo dress.
  • If Donna’s such a hotshot designer, she definitely would’ve been on a red carpet before.
  • Glad Silver and Kelly are having a heart to heart.
  • Cute that Donna told them the same story.  Glad we didn’t have to hear it twice, though!
  • Ha, Liam fell!
  • I knew he didn’t really give Ethan the drug!
  • LOL Love that Ethan punched him!
  • Shenae Grimes promoting the 90210 prom contest.
  • LOL Donna brought Diablo home.
  • Not surprised Silver’s a big Diablo fan.  Think it fits with her character.
  • LOL the Hamburger phone takes photos!
  • That’s an intense scar Liam has!
  • Who was “his girl”?  Wonder if we’ll find out more about her.
  • But LA was ready for Donna!  She wasn’t A-list but she was pretty successful in the original.  Why are they changing that?  Hate when they rewrite history!
  • Ugh, here’s the David bombshell.
  • WTF!  I thought it was going to be a rough patch or confused feelings.  Not a freakin’ SEPARATION!  I will not stand for that.
  • Stupid Dr. Pepper shot.  Making me thirsty!  Guess it’s working…
  • Annie and Dixon’s driving scenes are so fake, it’s kind of funny.
  • Liam’s a little violent.  I don’t like that.
  • What, he and Ethan are friends now??
  • That’s a bad ending.  Should’ve left it with Donna and the stupid separation.
  • No Navid or Adrianna this episode.
  • Promo is a mismash of all the characters.  One Tori scene.

Tori Spelling Return verdict: The writing for Donna was very good and in-line with the character I remember.  Tori played her well, too.  The only snares, really, are the incongruities with her former fashion career in Beverly Hills and that Ruby disappeared after her first scene.  Really, where was she every time Donna was out cavorting around?  Consistency, people! And then there’s the biggest problem, of course: the suggestion that she and David are divorced.  I’ve been saying this ever since the remake was announced: you can’t break up Donna and David.  You can’t take one of the most respected parts of the original series and trash it.  It’s just not fair.  The original series ended with them married, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s how it should be–and still is.  (Yes, in terms of the original 90210, this history-bashing version doesn’t even exist.  So Kelly and Dylan are still together, too, by the way.)

Lastly, E!Online posted some extra 90210 content “in honor of Donna’s triumphant return: there’s spoilish video interviews with the cast, as well as a trivia game between Diablo and one of the E! critics, hosted by Tori.  Proud to say I got every question right…and they didn’t!  Amateurs!



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15 04 2009
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