Spoiler: Ask Matt

12 05 2009


Question: 90210 has gotten really good lately. How can the show get people to tune back in? Also, I have a feeling the CW might pair 90210 and the new Melrose Place together next season. If they do, would it be a smart move?—Derek

Matt Roush: By now, I’m thinking most people have already decided whether they’re into the new 90210 or not, at least for this season. But the CW would be smart to keep the show in repeat rotation during the summer in hopes of attracting new or lapsed viewers, and even smarter if it presented some new episodes during the off-season to increase its exposure. It worked for the original 90210, which didn’t really take off until Fox jump-started the second season with new episodes in July and August. I would bet that the CW will do some sort of stunt to launch Melrose Place using 90210 as a springboard (again, echoing Fox), but the network may also want to use this remake to anchor another night (maybe Wednesday) instead of putting all of its retro eggs in one basket. But looking at what the CW has to work with, airing 90210 and Melrose as a two-hour guilty-pleasure block makes sense to me.



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