News Roundup: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210 and The O.C.

20 08 2009
  • This is reportedly the new Gossip Girl promo photo (or one of them).
  • Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill are both nominated for Most Heartbreaking Moment in the CW Sourcies.
  • The CW Source posted another round in the Gossip Girl  bracket tournament and another One Tree Hill podcast.
  • Wondering if the One Tree Hill promo pic that leaked yesterday is a fake.  Thoughts?
  • has a GREAT but spoiler-filled interview with Mark Schwahn (creator, One Tree Hill) about the new season.
  • The One Tree Hill Blog posted a picture of Brulian from a recent issue of TV Guide (date isn’t given).
  • Stars News released the results of their Essential One Tree Hill Episodes survey.
  • A Canadian publication slammed One Tree Hill in a recent review, but the article has a few errors and misconceptions.
  • Christy-Anne wrote a blog post on why many actors aren’t on Twitter.
  • AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi, 90210) is on the cover of Signature Magazine.  You can read the story here.
  • Showbizzle has an interview with Ian Ziering (Steve, Beverly Hills 90210) on finding an agent in Hollywood.
  • Charles Rosin (executive producer, Beverly Hills 90210) wrote a blog post for, where he discusses both 90210 and Mischa Barton (Marissa, The O.C.)
  • Now the Melrose Place folk say they won’t “rule out” a 90210 crossover.
  • Olivia Wilde (Alex, The O.C.) appears in the new video ad for Escada.
  • has an article on Ashley Hartman (Holly, The O.C.)



3 responses

20 08 2009

about the oth photo. I kinda agree it looked odd…they all looked photo shopped in…the only convincing part was that they all matched.and ist it weird to have nathan and haley on oposite sides of the picture….also i read someones post that they were goign to shoot the promo pic liek 2 or 3 days ago….so i agree kinda shaky

20 08 2009

Here’s what I noticed: t

-The background is clearly photoshopped. If it real, that means they were standing in front of a green screen which isn’t unusual but they’ve never done a so-obviously fake background before.

-As you mentioned, the positioning is weird. It’s also weird Mouth and a few others were left out, considering they were in last year’s photo and are still on the show. It could be that they want to focus the promos more on the new characters.

-But, it is clear each individual actor is photoshopped into the image. I can’t see why they would do that when they definitely would’ve taken a group shot. Now, these could be the legit individual pics that, somehow, leaked and someone put together *or* they could be photos taken from somewhere and we just don’t realize it.

-I know the shoot was very recent, but it is possible the photos are ready already since they would just need to print them, touch them up, and get approval from some of the execs. Plus, they are way late on doing this so it’s possible they even rushed to get them out.

Bottom line: they don’t look real to me and none of the mainstream sites have posted it, which makes it more suspicious. Time will tell for sure!

21 08 2009

My vote is fake but it came from a reliable site. Maybe they’ll claim it was a fake just b/c it is so bad.

The thing is it hasn’t come out in the official twitter acct or the CW site hasn’t been updated so more reasons to think it’s fake.

Also, the timing as mentioned above is very fast. Either that would explain how bad it is or that it truly is fake.

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