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22 08 2009

It’s technically old news already: One Tree Hill stars Hilarie Burton (Peyton) and Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) will not be back for season 7. But even though we’ve had a few months to digest it, many of us are still far from accepting it.

I think part of the uneasiness stems from the way it all went down.  For months there were rumors that Burton and CMM were leaving, that they were being forced out, not paid enough, or there were creative differences, a desire to move on.

Then Burton posted this mysterious video, where–with tears in her eyes–she more or less said she was leaving the show but that it wasn’t really her choice (at least that’s how I interpreted it).

We didn’t get the official confirmation until months later and even that was vague.  Yes, they are leaving and yes, there will be a season 7.

Here’s my question: Did Burton want to leave?

There’s been a lot of speculation that CMM wanted out, and because of Leyton’s storyline, that meant Burton had to go, too.

But with Burton’s growing company, Southern Gothic Productions, it seems that it would’ve been difficult for her to continue with One Tree Hill and run a business.  Maybe she was ready to move on, as well.

I don’t think we’ll ever know the truth–at least not anytime soon–but I was wondering what you all thought.

Also: had Chad and Hilarie returned for seventh season, what do you think was left for their characters to do? What storylines would you have liked to see?



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22 08 2009

As for the “real” reason CMM isn’t coming back … well, a lot has been speculated and more than one scenario is possibly valid … so I’ll just leave that one alone.

But as for Hilary Burton’s non-return. I do not think it was her choice. My perception (both back when I saw her vid and still today) is that Burton’s character had become TOO intertwined with CMM’s character. And, unless they were to kill Lucas off, if he wasn’t coming back (regardless the reason), then she wasn’t going to be invited back. She basically just became a “victim” in whatever happened re CMM.

As for future storylines .. I’ll be honest, I’ve never really put a lot of thought into their long-term storylines .. mostly just an ep-by-ep watching of the show, only MAYBE thinking about teaser for next episode to air (I even missed an entire season).

23 08 2009

I think it’s pretty obvious that it was not her choice. She was literally in tears over leaving in that interview. I don’t know if you listen to the OTH connection podcasts, but there was an interview with Moira Kelly wherein she commented on Hilarie and how she had a few deep conversations about Hilarie’s departure. So, from everything, I gather that she understood and accepted the creative decision to not come back. At the same time I think it was a smart and also invigorating choice for her and fans of her character. In my opinion anymore seasons with her would mean more drama for Peyton. I was ready for a happy ending both for Peyton and for her relationship with Lucas. I am not sad that they left. My only real issue with them leaving is that in all honesty it is no longer One Tree Hill. The show is about two brothers and the girls that change their lifes. I’m excited for season 7, but it will never be the same or as good.

23 08 2009

they will be traveling with lucas mother and lucas will be writing a new book.

its just sad, the key couple of the show is not in the show anymore…

mark said that the door will be always open for them.

23 08 2009

Peyton leaves, it is OK. But Lucas? Come on! He is the very main character in OTH. Almost all story goes around him. This is gonna be like Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith Grey! Can you believe that?!

23 08 2009

i think that if the show had peyton and no lucas, or lucas and no peyton, wouldn’t be very good, because together they are everything, separated they are nothing.

24 08 2009

Man, i’ve been trying to avoid this whole thing because thinking about it makes me sad, but i guess its for the best, you can’t have lucas without peyton, or peyton without lucas, especially with a baby in the equation. If they got rid of lucas, in the end, they would probably create a new love interest for peyton, which would not only anger the fans, but wouldn’t follow basically the whole story of the show. As much as it pains me to see them go, i would rather no leyton at all than having only peyton or only lucas. If you ask me though, they should have just ended the show at season 6, i don’t think you can have one tree hill when there isn’t lucas; if you read the original synopsis of the show, its about two brothers.

24 08 2009

Izzie and Jamie: I felt/feel the same way for the most part. (See: https://teendramawhore.com/2009/05/21/random-thought-3/) But as I’ve commented elsewhere, I keep reminding myself how 90210 evolved from its original premise, lost main characters and still succeed in ratings and with fans. Basically, the execs are redefining the shows and asking us to go along with them for the ride.

Candy and Alyssa: Agree with your take on what happened with Hilarie. Lots of possibilities with CMM. Not sure we’ll ever know. As they say, theirs 3 sides to every story: his, theirs and the truth.

I do agree with everyone’s point that we need Leyton, not just Lucas or Peyton.

28 08 2009

i agree with everything you said. what other stories would i have liked to see with them? nothing. i like that couple but the brood and angst was gone, and another baby on the show is too much (unless its naleys 😛 ) … yeh it did seem that hilarie would have stayed, but shes so powerful, she makes a good situation with everything. i think CMM left for money or other career aspirations..and i REALLY think he was kidding himself with that! also i would have liked them to rekindle what i think was a lost relationship btw haley and luke. i really didnt see much between them in the last year. its a big loss. i really think that season 5 + 6 where about gettin these people together, in love ect, and now its time to really push the other characters and thier life. but they will b missed!

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