90210 Live-Blog!

15 09 2009

Last Week’s Live-Blog

Keep refreshing this page throughout the show for plot developments, quotes and commentary.


  • Previously on: Teddy’s introduction and background, Dixon breaks up with Silver, Liam pissed at Jen, Liam trying with Naomi, Annie hitting someone, Dixon fighting with her, Annie getting drunk with Mark and hooking up with him, Naomi finding the scandalous photo.
  • Naomi flirting with some tech kid named Donnie, obviously for evil purposes.
  • Naomi wants to send out an anonymous text–hello Gossip Girl!
  • Naomi lies to Adrianna and Silver on what she was doing
  • Q1: Dirtbag 2 o’clock. Don’t look–Naomi about Liam
  • Silver determined to get back together with Dixon.
  • Naomi tells her to chill for a bit.
  • Navid telling people to join the Blaze–lord knows it’s not the one I grew up with
  • Dixon “relieved” that hings with Silver are over.
  • Now we have a “douchebag alert” from Navid for Teddy.  He’s clearly insecure about it.
  • Naomi confronts Annie in the bathroom.
  • Q2: Wow, look at you.  It’s the skank. You have no idea how hellish I’m about to make my life.–Naomi
  • I’m glad Annie didn’t respond.
  • Liam wants to talk to Naomi but she’s upset for not hearing from him in 3 months.  He explains he was in military camp.
  • Ah! Liam JUST found out that Naomi thinks he slept with Annie.  He admits he did sleep with someone but not Annie.
  • And saved by the car honk!  Jen pulls up and Naomi gets in the car.
  • Liam’s mom! Is this the first time we’re seeing her?
  • Woah! Jen is there!
  • Jen told Liam’s mom that he caused trouble for Naomi and needs to stay away.
  • Liam is PISSED.
  • Silver leaves a (pathetic but sad) message for Dixon.
  • And there’s Rumer Willis in the meeting for the Blaze.  One of the heavily-circulate promo photos we saw.
  • Navid criticizes last year’s staff.  Navid vows for it to be different.  Hells yeah–do it for Andrea!
  • Ryan Matthews!  Where have you been?
  • He’s got a necklace. Hmmm.
  • At Jen and Naomi’s massive pad.
  • Ryan and Jen have a date but she “double-booked.”  Yeah, sure she did.
  • Q3: “You hate me right?” “A little bit.”–Jen and Ryan
  • Q4: “I should go. I actually stood up 2 swimsuit models.”–Ryan
  • He goes in anyway to chill until she has to leave.
  • Jen’s friend is Gregory.  Will we meet him or something?
  • Ryan was in Vietnam?! WTH?!
  • I can’t stand the way Jen talks.  It’s just so…stupid. Over the top.  Weird.
  • And there’s Gregory. And she’s off.  Whew.
  • Navid still holding his meeting.  Brings back memories for my school paper!  Sigh.
  • Kid mentions sext picture of principal’s daughter. Uht oh.  But Navid turns it down.
  • Rumer aka Gia pitches a piece on Teddy, for his suave skills and connections to Hollywood.
  • Navid is less than thrilled but Adrianna says he’ll get him to do it.  Navid is still less than thrilled.
  • Silver calls Annie, who clearly has been crying.
  • Nice of Silver to give Annie a heads up.
  • Is Silver at West Bev? I don’t like this new set.
  • Annie is shocked.
  • Navid tells Dixon.  Also shocked.
  • But doesn’t care!
  • Q5: I’m done dealing with her crap.–Dixon
  • Navid wants to go back to the sext story since it’s a big trend right now.  True.
  • LOL Marlon Brando is Teddy’s godfather.  Brando is dead–what does it matter? (Unless it’s a shoutout to Brandon’s Brando impersonation in BH90210)
  • Liam tries to convince his mom that Jen is making it up and tells him to stay away from Naomi and stick to the plan from Utah (aka military camp).
  • Long Island shoutout! Rock on.
  • And here’s Liam’s stepdad, played by John Schneider.
  • Is he drunk?  Or enthusiastic?
  • I’m going with drunk.
  • Woah! Millitary camp cost $20,000.  Ridic.
  • At least Liam’s mom is trying to keep the peace.
  • But stepdad is threatening juvie.
  • What’s his name? John?
  • Adrianna convincing Teddy to do the interview.
  • Not sure I can accept how old he looks (and is IRL) next to Adrianna and everyone else.
  • Q6: I like watching beautiful girls beg.–Teddy
  • Teddy and Adrianna talk about her baby and Navid; she gets a little sentimental.
  • Teddy looks genuinely concerned for her but I’m not sure whether to trust him.
  • Says Adrianna is important to him.
  • And there’s Navid.  Did he hear that?
  • What’s’ with the on-screen promo for the 90210 DVD? Get that out of the way.
  • Naomi convinces Donnie to help her.
  • Q7: Whatever Annie did, she doesn’t deserve that.–Adrianna
  • Q8: I can’t believe someone would take that picture and spread it around.  How evil is that?–Adrianna
  • Get the hint, Naomi?
  • Ryan and Harry playing basketball.  Since when are they friends? And why is Ryan confiding in him?
  • I like the teacher joke.  Didn’t the exact quote.
  • Annie confronts Mark. Brave of her.
  • Mark’s silence admits that it’s true.  Thnen he says it’s not a big deal.
  • She breaks his phone–go Annie!
  • Mark tells her Naomi has a copy of the picture.
  • Annie’s ‘oh shit’ face is right on.
  • A surf team?  Really?  Dylan would’ve loved that but probably wouldn’t have joined.  He didn’t do clubs.
  • Teddy says surfing is his first love.
  • Liam talks about Jones Beach!  I love it!
  • Q9: Oh, here it comes.  We’re bros just because we’re from New York thing.–Teddy about Liam and Dixon
  • Q19: You’ve got that whole Ryan Seacrest thing.–Liam to Teddy
  • Cool to see them actually in the water but the camera work is making me nauseous.
  • Liam tells Dixon he didn’t sleep with Annie.
  • Q10: I don’t wanna talk about Annie.  Me and her, we’re like two different people.–Dixon
  • Califor-ni-a? Really, Teddy?
  • Ryan leaves the necklace–Vietnamese pearls–at Jen’s doorstop.
  • Annie tells Liam to tell Naomi they didn’t have sex.  But he already did and she doesn’t believe him.
  • Liam says “it’s complicated” to reveal who it really was.
  • Annie crushed.
  • Ooh, Navid doing a video interview with Teddy.
  • Do they not have a paper edition of the Blaze anymore?
  • Teddy “ranked 2nd in nationals” for tennis.  Hmm.
  • Q11: You have to be pretty arrogant to be an athlete, right? Do you bring that arrogance to your personal life?–Navid
  • Navid is dishing it.  Wish we could see Teddy’s responses.
  • And Navid goes a little too far, revealing Teddy was caught with 2 naked girls at his last school.
  • Teddy says he doesn’t “kiss and tell.”
  • Annie begs Naomi not to send out the picture.
  • Naomi tells Annie to stop lying and admit she slept with Liam.
  • Oh no! Annie says she will admit it if Naomi erases the picture.  Bad move.  This will backfire.
  • Q12: I did it.  I had sex with Liam.  Are you happy?  Just don’t send it.–Annie
  • Adrianna calls Navid out on “attacking someone just because they used to date your girlfriend.”
  • Hmm.  Maybe Adrianna’s longer hair is growing on me.
  • Silver cheering on Dixon at the beach. Awk. Too much.
  • Naomi admits to “having doubts” about Liam and Annie.  It’s about time!
  • Silver plotting to get back together with Dixon still.  I really don’t like this version of her.
  • Official surf team includes Dixon, Liam and Teddy.  Shocker.
  • Love how Teddy just man-hugged Dixon like they’re BFF.
  • Jen visiting Ryan at school.  Random.
  • Jen suggestively shuts classroom door.  Ryan’s game.  Bad Mr. Matthews.
  • Silver calls Dixon while watching him from afar.  Sees him ignore the call.  Ouch.  That’s gotta hurt.
  • Navid says Silver is having a “hard time believing” she and Dixon are done.  Right on.
  • Liam seconds that, judging from his experience with Naomi.
  • Navid tells Liam to keep trying, based on what he’s heard from Adrianna.
  • Could’ve done without the Chinese-Japanese food analogy.
  • Silver is hysterical. Naomi and Adrianna have to lift her up.
  • Navid comes over so Adrianna stays back and Naomi takes care of Silver. I like this side of her.
  • Navid apologizes for his behavior but doesn’t get to decide whether Adrianna and Teddy are friends.
  • Q13: You know what makes me uncomfortable? The fact that you can’t trust me.–Adrianna
  • Liam goes to Naomi’s house but Jen opens the door.
  • Q14: “That’s her car.”  “Aren’t you the little detective?”–Liam and Naomi
  • Liam says he didn’t tell Naomi the truth originally because he didn’t want to hurt her even more and he thought he didn’t have a chance.  He wants to tell her now.
  • Jen says Naomi won’t believe him.  And when he loses his temper, he’s “going straight to juvie.”
  • Q15: You bitch–Liam
  • And then punches the glass door!  Wise movie, Liam.  Wise moved.
  • Liam’s mom is pissed but covers for Liam in front of the stepdad.  Nice of her.
  • Says “next time, you’re on your own.”  N ot nice of her.
  • Jen getting a massage in the backyard LOL
  • Jen says she’s not “seriously into” Ryan.
  • Q16: LA is a very small town and if a girl isn’t careful, she can be labeled a golddigger” which scares the guys off.–Jen
  • So Jen admits she’s using Ryan.  Sad but expected.
  • LOL Naomi had lunch at IHOP with Donnie.  Love it.
  • Jen tells Naomi to send the text and belittles her for believing Liam when he says it wasn’t Annie.
  • The way Jen calls Naomi “optimistic” is such an insult.
  • And Naomi sends the text.  Looks like it’s a topless pic of Annie.
  • Next day: Annie walks into school and everyone’s looking at it.
  • Q17: Nice rack–Random guy
  • Silver comforts Annie.  Really nice of her.
  • Q18: If it makes you feel better, they’ve all seen me naked, too.–Silver
  • Too bad Silver can’t be this calm about her own problems.
  • Annie says Naomi did it and Silver’s doubtful.  Annie storms off.
  • Dixon punches someone.  I didn’t see who?!
  • Annie goes into classroom where Teddy and Navid’s interview is playing.
  • Teddy says he came across a hit-and-run victim–a homeless man–on her second day back.
  • Annie, of course, realizes that he knows her secret.  But does he know it was her who did it?
  • Preview: Teddy is having a party on his dad’s yacht, looks like Teddy and Adrianna kiss, Dixon is kissing some girl, Annie looks like she’s with Liam to piss off Naomi.

What did you all think?



8 responses

15 09 2009

Random comment, but I noticed that 90210 is using the same school from The O.C. For a second it really confused me because it looked so familiar lol. I guess it’s not really surpising since I think they use a lot of the same places. I thought I would put that out there anyways 😉

15 09 2009

Good eye, Alyssa. I believe another commenter (Brandon, I think it was) pointed this out last week as well.

15 09 2009

It was just so trippy because I wasn’t watching then I looked up and got that weird de javu feeling lol.

15 09 2009

I hear ya! Curious to see what else ends up getting recycled.

15 09 2009
Brandon M

Great recap!

So did I miss the part where Jen and Naomi moved out of the house from the end of last season and into the new one? I might be expecting too much but a simple line could have cleared that up. I was thinking perhaps Jen didn’t want to deal with cleaning the mess from Naomi’s party bit where would they get the money to buy a place that huge. Has Jen been scamming rich guys all summer? Or am I just out of it, and it is the same house?

Mount St. Marys is growing on me for the exterior of West Bev. Anything that looks more like Torrance is fine with me. However turning the blaze into a video newspaper doesn’t feel realistic to me. I dated a girl that went to San Dimas high school and was on her highschool paper and they still printed it. Online paper I could buy, but this is like the death of journalism. And like the nerd I am I’m going to take overhead shots of all of the high schools used for west bev and try to make them mesh into one campus. Oh I also don’t like the new set, looks more like a hotel then a high school.

I thought the whole scene between Jen and Naomi regarding naomi’s optimistic attiude was poorly done. I so wanted Valerie Malone style
blackmail out of this storyline, but I guess you can’t have everything. :p

final note: I was surprised they didn’t flaunt Jennie Garth in the episode promo, isn’t she in the next ep?

15 09 2009

Brandon: Nope, you didn’t miss anything. It wasn’t addressed at all so I’ll just chalk it up as a continuity error.

Speaking of continuity, your point about using St. Marys and the old overhead shots is another incongruity. But I imagine they’re doing it so viewers do think it is in fact the same school. Not every has a keen eye like you and Alyssa!

I am more accepting of the Blaze’s transition (though I do have nostalgia for the good ol’ days of the print edition). As someone in the journalism field, I totally buy that a school has gone this route.

Any scene with Jen was poorly done, IMO, just because it’s so hard to roote for her character. Who exactly did you want blackmailed Valerie Malone style? And by who? At least with Val, we loved to hate her. Jen I just hate.

I’m not sure when Jennie returns. IMDB should be able to tell you. The issue of including her in the promo is a double-edged sword: they’ve said they want to move away from the old cast and the stunt appearances, so a promo with her would go against that and look like they are just trying to get people to watch because of her. But, it would likely work and get people excited and grow the audience, so it’s probably in their best interest to it. Then again, there may be people out there that don’t like her and are tired of her appearances, so it of course wouldn’t work for those people. And there’s always the promos and sneak peeks that are released during the week. She could be in those.

15 09 2009
Brandon M

To answer your question regarding the blackmailing, I thought it could have been more interesting to see Naomi holding the nude picture over Annie’s head as blackmail I don’t think I will ever like any of these “bitchy” characters as much as I liked Valerie Malone, but I think the sext came out too soon. I’ll be disappointed if there’s not an attempt to discipline Naomi over this – which leaves me wondering if she did infact send it as anonymous.

What’s your opinion on moving away from using the vets? Last season I found myself wanting to see the vets, but I’ve actually been entertained this year. The only bad thing still, sadly, is the opening titles.

And, the scene between Harry and Ryan – if they haven’t completely dropped the storyline about Harry’s son with Tracy, I’m still holding out for the revelation that Ryan is their son. I’m not buying the sudden “bro” vibe between the two of them, I liked the clashing personalities.

16 09 2009

Hmm. I wonder what Naomi could’ve done with the photo if she was using it as blackmail. Like, what would she have wanted Annie to do? You brought up 2 great questions–will Naomi face consequences and did she really send it anonymously. I hope this isn’t one of those things that just gets “dropped.”

I haven’t taken a strong likely to ANY of the new characters or couples, so that makes me yearn for the vets. But every time they’re on, I get pissed off at how much they’ve changed the history of BH90210, where the characters ended up and what they’re like now.

That’s a great point about Harry and Ryan. I don’t know if that storyline will get revisited, but the Ryan theory has been floating around among fans for a while now. Would be interesting to see it play out. The “bro” vibe, as you called it, did seem random considering how they interacted in the past, which I did like better than this.

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