Live-Blog: 90210 2.03

22 09 2009

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EPISODE 2.03: Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat

  • Previously on: Silver tells Annie about the sext, Dixon says he’s done with Silver and free, Navid goes off on Teddy, Adrianna upset by Navid’s actions, Annie tells Naomi not to send out the sext, Annie thinks Silver is on Naomi’s side, the sext is sent, Dixon punches Mark for the sext, Teddy says he found a hit-and-run victim
  • Dixon in principal’s office with his dad, Harry, talking about the punch he threw
  • Dixon not telling the truth about why he did it
  • And now he is!
  • Harry is clearly shocked and uncomfortable. Dixon leaves.
  • Silver gives Dixon a box of his things
  • They are kind of bonding over the belongings, particularly a Hell’s Hospital DVD
  • And it leads to a fight.
  • Q1: I’m sayin’ I was never really myself around you.–Dixon
  • Annie walking into school and literally runs into Teddy
  • Teddy says he “knows” her from “someplace specific”
  • A guy comes over and taunts Annie for the picture
  • Teddy says that’s what he knows he from but tells her not “sweat it.”
  • Annie walks into school, where everyone is staring at her and laughing.
  • Her locker is vandalized with the word “slut.”
  • Liam walks up next to her.
  • Q2: “What are you staring at? This is your fault.”  “I didn’t do this.”  “But you might as well have.”–Annie and Liam
  • Silver calls Dixon a jackass to Naomi and Adrianna
  • Annie confrons Naomi
  • Q3: I don’t speak skank. Maybe I could find an interpreter.–Naomi
  • Q4: Why don’t you save this little scene for your acting reel, Meryl.–Naomi
  • Annie asks why she sent it when she begged her not to send it. Naomi denies it and leaves, and the other girls follow.
  • Navid asks for Adrianna’s help editing a piece.
  • The piece is a video interview of Navid…with himself. Navid #1 grills Navid #2 like the hard-ass he was with Teddy. And Navid #2 explains what motivated him–Adrianna.
  • Q5: I feel like I’m dreaming.  She’s with me?  Seriously? It’s hard to look into those eyes and not lose your mind.  Go. I dare you.”–Navid
  • Annie is cleaning her locker and Silver comes to help.
  • Silver defends Naomi and Annie says Naomi’s lying.
  • Q6: I’m innocent here and she’s a bitch. I’m going to expose her for who she really is.–Annie
  • Mark reveals to Annie that Dixon “sucker-punched” him and says they probably shouldn’t be hanging out.
  • Annie says he deserved it–and asks him for help.  And he says it will cost her.
  • Dixon calls Silver hostile.  And says he was whipped.
  • Q7: My next woman is gonna be all about the D-man. Ima find me a female Dixon.–Dixon
  • Teddy works in.  Apparently they call him T now.
  • Teddy says he’s having a party on his yacht.
  • Dixon tries to give an excuse but Navid says they’ll go.
  • It’s “Operation Overcompensate.”  He wants to go to show Adrianna that he’s cool with Teddy.
  • Dixon goes to get pizzas for the Blaze meeting, just so he can drive the Lamborghini (funny because in recent interviews, Michael talked a lot about Tristan wanting to drive it).
  • Dixon flirts with a girl in the pizza place, talking about baseball.  The banter is kind of cute.
  • Dixon and I are both Yankees fans! =D
  • This is Sasha, who we knew was coming.
  • She looks older.
  • Annie tells Debbie she didn’t “do it” with Mark.
  • Debbie warns Annie about the reps girls get.
  • Annie gets pissed at Debbie, and Harry steps in and grounds Annie.
  • Debbie gets pissed at Harry, for not letting her handle it.
  • Harry says she needs to be a parent, not a friend.
  • Dixon is with Sasha, rather than bringing the pizzas back to the Blaze meeting.
  • Dixon and Sasha have the same ringtone.  Funny.
  • Sasha is a ringtone. Dixon says he’s wanted to try it.
  • Sasha IS older.  She’s out of college.
  • She gives him her number so they can hang out on Sunday.
  • I don’t think she knows how old he is!
  • She’s clearly impressed by the Lamborghini!
  • Gossip Girl promo–the same one they aired at the end of last night’s episode
  • Dixon says Sasha is hotter than Beyonce and Megan Fox.
  • Navid makes an obscure reference to an Iranian film.
  • Dixon is getting advice from the guys on where to take the “grown woman.”
  • OK, so they made it clear that Sasha doesn’t know he’s in high school.
  • Liam says to be honest but Dixon says he will “when the time is right” and wants to “bask in [his] present glory.”
  • Harry is talking to Kelly about his fight with Debbie and what’s happening with Annie.
  • Kel’s hair looks shorter.
  • Harry says Annie deserves consequences for putting herself in the sext position in the first place.
  • Harry says he’s “not sure of anything these days.”
  • Kelly says not to be “so hard on [himself].”
  • Q8: All I can say is I’m glad there were no camera phones in my days…I pretty much foreshadowed the whole Girls Gone Wild craze.–Kelly
  • Naomi and Silver are walking to Teddy’s yacht.
  • Naomi references Usher’s speedboat.
  • They see Annie, who is there with Mark.
  • Mark questions if their plan is going to work and says he might be “adding” to their “contract.”
  • Navid arrives and is definitely over-compensating. And Adrianna can tell.
  • Liam sees Naomi talking to a waiter-dude. Clearly jealous.
  • Whoops!  Sasha is the deejay for the party!
  • LOL Dixon says Sasha thinks he’s like Jay-Z but now he’s freaking out.
  • The guys say they’ll help him out and pretend to be his old high school friends.
  • But they have to make sure Silver doesn’t come around.
  • Dixon acts surprised to see Sasha, and says he’s friends with the Montgomerys.
  • Sasha wants to know what he does for a living–and he’s says he’s an exec in the music business!
  • Sasha lets him help deejay.
  • Naomi says being on the ocean turns her on.
  • Annie and Mark walk over, and Mark tells Silver that Naomi did know about the sext and sent it out.
  • Silver says she can’t deal and walks away.
  • Q9: You think you won this battle? Honey, you just started a war.–Naomi to Annie
  • Debbie doesn’t understand why Harry let Annie go to the yacht party.
  • Harry slips that spoke about it with Kelly.
  • Debbie gets upset that he listened to Kelly and not her, when they both had the same points.
  • Annie goes over to Liam, all pissed off.
  • Q10: If you had the guts to tell Naomi who you slept with, none of this would be happening.–Annie
  • Liam says, again, that he can’t do that.
  • Annie says it needs to end today–and that he “owes” her this.
  • Woah!  Dixon and Sasha kiss while deejaying!  That was quick.
  • Sasha stops because “some chick…is giving me the stink eye.”
  • Dixon admits that it’s his ex and she didn’t take the break-up well, so they should keep their distance.
  • Annie and Liam walk over to Naomi and say they have to tell her the truth.
  • Annie says they DID have sex and that they had sex the whole time he was with Naomi.
  • Liam freaks out and says she’s lying, and storms off.
  • Naomi is in tears.
  • Q11: It’s kind of funny, though.  Everyone you love, ends up loving me more. First Ethan, now Liam. Who’s gonna be next?–Annie
  • Navid tells Dixon he “did good” in his choice of girl.  Clearly this based just on looks and deejaying skills.
  • Liam tries to get Dixon’s attention but he signals to him to wait as he talks to Sasha.  He introduces Sasha to Navid–his assistant!
  • Liam tells Dixon about what his “psycho sister” just did and says he “can’t take it.”
  • Navid looks like he’s getting sick!
  • Teddy finds him and tries to help.
  • Silver goes up to Sasha, and asks if he’s with Dixon.
  • Sasha says “he seems like a great guy” and Silver says “he does seem like that.”
  • Sasha asks him if she’s in the music business, too. She’s clearly surprised but plays it off and says no.
  • LOL The yacht is named Oscars Two.
  • Teddy asks Navid why he doesn’t like him.
  • Navid calls Teddy a sleaze and says he doesn’t like his persona.
  • Teddy says, off-the-record, that the story about the girls at his last school isn’t true. It was his roommate but he took the fall to cover for his roommate.
  • Silver and Sasha are laughing and bonding.
  • Dixon walks over, concerned and nervous but Silver plays along with his lies.
  • Silver says she’s going to let them “have alone time” and sarcastically says she’s glad he found someone he can be himself with.
  • I hate that Sasha can’t tell how young Dixon is just by looking at him.  Tristan is so baby-faced!
  • Adrianna and Teddy are bonding over old times.
  • Teddy goes to kiss her but Adrianna pulls away.
  • Adrianna says she needs to get the water and stuff to her “friend”–but Navid is her boyfriend!
  • Adrianna and Navid are now having ice cream sundaes.  Yummy.  Looks like he feels better.
  • Navid says he thinks he’ll be good friends with Teddy.
  • Adrianna looks guilty but doesn’t say what happened.
  • Dixon and Sasha are laughing and flirting.
  • Q12: In all the pizza joints in all the world, you had to walk into mine.–Dixon
  • Q13: We’ll always have pizza.
  • They took that whole Casablanca thing from BH90210 with Kelly and Dylan!  NOT COOL!
  • Silver tells Naomi that both she and Annie are wrong.
  • Silver is all teary.  This clearly about her, too.
  • Why am I getting an Otalia vibe here? (Guiding Light, anyone?)
  • Q14: You’re Naomi Clark.  You rule West Bev. Snap your fingers and you can have anyone you want.”–Silver
  • OMG!  Did Silver get the tattoo of Dixon’s name removed (she said it takes 7 sessions) or did she carve that herself?!  I hate to the think the latter is the case.
  • Naomi tells Silver she’s doing great, especially since she didn’t bust Dixon with Sasha.
  • Gael Garcia Bernal reference. Random.
  • Kelly IMs Harry.  Sketch or no?
  • Harry asks Kelly if she’s for lunch on Monday.
  • Dixon gets the Lamborghini keys from Navid. How long can he keep this up?
  • Annie goes over to Mark, and he reminds her that she owes him.  She says a ‘deal’s a deal’ and they’ll meet outside. Hmm.
  • Liam goes home, still pissed off and freaking out, and into his basement. Which looks to be like a home workshop.
  • He opens blueprints.  Wonder what they’re for…
  • Sasha asks to drive the Lamborghini and Dixon says yes.
  • Sasha says she’s not bringing him home–it’s the weekend, and technically almost Sunday for the date. They’re going to Napa.
  • And that’s the end…WTF?! Crappy ending.
  • No Jen or Ryan.
  • Preview: Looks like Sasha and Dixon slept together. Dixon says he will tell Sasha the truth.  Adrianna and Teddy kiss.  Sasha asks Dixon why he has a truck-full of porn videos in the Lamborghini.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?



4 responses

22 09 2009

So annie trades sexual favors with that sleeze marc for revenge? Not cool LOL

22 09 2009

Well, they certainly implied that that’s what it was but they also implied last week that Annie slept with Mark and tonight she said she didn’t. We’ll see if they come back to it next week.

23 09 2009

Actually after Teddy tries to kiss Adriana she says she should take the stuff to her ‘boyfriend’.
I agree it was a crappy ending tho. and annoyed that silver isnt more annoyed with naomi.

23 09 2009

Thanks, Jeska. I only heard the “friend” part.

I think Silver is lonely and looking for someone to latch onto, and every person keeps disappointing her. But because she wants company so bad, she keeps giving them second chances.

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