News Roundup: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210 and More

22 09 2009
  • Last night’s One Tree Hill (2.3 million when rounded up) and Gossip Girl (2.0) both dropped in audience size from last week .
  • There’s a new Mark Schwahn preview for next week’s One Tree Hill. Be sure to check out The CW for all the new extras posted this week for OTH, Gossip Girl and 90210.
  • has an article on that ‘that’s what she said’ jokes that Brooke (Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill) keeps doing.
  • There is a new One Tree Hill Connection podcast.
  • WakeyWakey tweeted that they are filming a cameo on One Tree Hill.
  • Star News has an interview with Allison Scagliotti (Abby, One Tree Hill), which covers all the same things mine did.
  • Desmond Harrington (Jack  Bass, Gossip Girl) will be back this season.
  • Mercy, starring Michelle Tracthenberg (Georgina, Gossip Girl) premieres tomorrow night.
  • Ivanka Trump, who got a shout-out in last week’s Gossip Girl, says she’s a fan of the show and Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick).
  • You can follow @soundtrack90210 on Twitter for news on the upcoming, um, 90210 soundrack.
  • The Futon Critic has a spoiler-filled interview with Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair, 90210’s executive producer.  One thing I will reveal here: she says Tori Spelling (Donna, Beverly Hills 90210) will be back at some point.
  • The Los Angeles Times has a spoilish-interview with Michael Steger (Navid, 90210). I had no idea he was engaged!
  • ChicagoNow has a video interview with Christina Moore (Tracy, 90210).
  • This is kind of random but I thought it was interesting: Sweet Valley High, which starred Brittany Daniels (Eve, Dawson’s Creek) is being remade by Diablo Cody, who had a cameo on 90210 last season.
  • has an interview with Joshua Jackson (Pacey, Dawson’s Creek).
  • Cam Gigandet (Volchok, The O.C.) will star in the film Burlesque.



4 responses

22 09 2009

I love “Gossip Girl” but after last night’s episode, my head is spinning. Let’s see: Carter is now a nice guy. Half the time, Serena now acts like Blair on her worst days; the other half, she acts like an airhead. It hurts me to say it because I identify with Serena. Blair is now a pitiful waif. Everyone’s forgotten that Georgina is a dangerous psycho, and now she’s got Dan again — but as herself this time. Some of the cast is just missing.

About the only things that made sense to me were the fashions, which I envy, and Scott’s relationship with Vanessa, which seems to be going as I expected. I’m going to watch it almost no matter what, but I hope it gets better than last night.

22 09 2009

From what I’ve read on Twitter (I have a column dedicated to Gossip Girl, so I see the tweets whenever someone mentions it), most people seemed to think it was an improvement from last week. That said, you have some valid complaints that I very much agree with. I don’t know that Carter’s a nice guy now–I think he’s just falling for her and everyone falls in love and has that vulnerability. We’re seeing conflicting sides of Serena to the point where I have no idea who she is anymore and it all just feels repetitive. Pitiful waif does describe Blair quite well. She didn’t earn any sympathy from me last night. Georgina did seem pretty genuine and changed last night but her past tells me not to be fooled–she can change at any moment. Yes, Jenny, Eric and Lily weren’t in last night’s episode but they’ve been missing before. Whether that’s good or bad is up for debate!

Scott and Vanessa are annoying me. I guess they are making this a slow-build to what the real story is but I’m getting frustrated.

23 09 2009

Gossip Girl frustrates me for many reasons too. Besides Chuck and Blair’s relationship, it seems that there are no storylines that last beyond a few episodes. I want to see more growth in characters like Jenny, Serena, and Nate. There have been too many random characters/love interests that come and go very quickly without much depth; Gabrielle, the duchess, Aaron Rose, the teacher that dan hooked up with, Poppy Lifton, and I have a feeling Bree Buckley will join that list soon. I want to see more drama within the group. Why don’t they create storylines for Jenny who is a series regular, rather than random unessential characters.

23 09 2009

Alyssa, you make great points. Josh Schwartz would probably deny it but he still has The O.C. syndrome–moving through too much plot too quickly (and a lot of the time with those unessential characters) so you run out of things to do. He swore he learned his lesson on The O.C. and wouldn’t make the same mistake with Gossip Girl, but I think he easily did the first season. So much happened during that time, and during the second season, that could’ve been saved and spread out in the future. It’s frustrating.

I haven’t heard anything about Jenny this season, but I’m sure she’ll have her own storyline at some point.

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