Spoiler: Ask Ausiello

1 10 2009


Question: Rumor has it that Ausiello has been slacking on his Gossip Girl scoop. —Tina
Rumor has it you smell, but you don’t see me spreading that around, do you? Here’s your damn GG scoop: Tyra Banks’ guest turn as a tempestuous film actress in Monday’s episode is highlarious. Even better, she wasn’t trying to be funny, so you’ll be laughing at her and not with her! Awesome, right? Well, the news just keeps getting better ’cause I gots me a clip!

Question: I’d give my left hand and my first two children (named Aus and Hole, of course) if you would give us a juicy Gossip Girl scoop. The Dan-Georgina hookup ruined Brooklyn for me forever! —Erin
Well, there’s no D&G in Monday’s episode. There is a fair amount of D&D (Dan and Duff, as in Hilary), and, I have to say, I don’t hate them together. I’m also kind of loving Chuck and Blair as an official couple. Kudos to Team Schwavage for doing what few TV writers have ever been able to — making an entertaining couple even more entertaining together than apart.

Question: Anything on One Tree Hill? —Anita
Casting scoop! Former NFL star and Hall of Famer John Riggins has been cast in the potentially recurring role of Clay’s boss, Ken Arthur. The sometime-actor (Law & Order: CI, Guiding Light) shows up in episode 10.


Really like the term “Schwavage” but I totally disagree with the rest of the sentence!

Credit: EW.com



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