News Roundup: 90210, One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek

8 11 2009
  • The Providence Journal named 90210 the “most rejuvenated show” of the fall season.
  • Hilary Swank (Carly, Beverly Hills 90210) slammed the show in a recent article.
  • TV Fanatic has an interview with Lee Norris (Mouth, One Tree Hill).  Have you read my newest interview with him?
  • Saturday, SoapNet is airing a marathon of Cougar Town, which stars Busy Philipps (Audrey, Dawson’s Creek).
  • I added a bunch of fake accounts to the Twitter Directory.  Be sure to check it out.



4 responses

8 11 2009

I don’t know if you already posted this but I found a couple youtube interviews of some of the Dawson’s Creek cast and one of Kevin Williamson.

Meredith Monroe-

James Ven Der Beek-

Kevin Williamson (which has a great quote of closure for a Dawon/Joey fan such as myself)-

And Monica Keena-

8 11 2009

I did post them–I linked to the Zap2it article that featured them all. Thanks for checking, though!

8 11 2009

Oh, sorry I found it now 🙂 …

And btw, I don’t understand all these articles spouting about how great 90210 is this year. Yes, it improved, but does it deserve all this praise just yet? I say make them work a little harder for it.

8 11 2009

You know how I feel about the show, Alyssa. But, based on everything I’ve read, the critics seem to agree that the show not only is the show lot better than last year but that it’s actually pretty good. I would hate for the cast and crew to get it into their head that what they’re doing now is acceptable. In my mind, it’s not. If only they cared about that!

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