News Roundup: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210 and More

19 01 2010
  • I am not posting ratings for last night’s One Tree Hill until the final numbers are announced. I’ve been told they’re delayed due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.
  • The CW sent out a press release–based on the early numbers, which they normally use–saying Life Unexpected’s total viewers was the most for the 9pm timeslot in more than a year. That means it outperformed One Tree Hill last year (from 1/12/09 til the end of the season) and Gossip Girl all of this season.
  • Be sure to check out The CW’s site for all the new One Tree Hill video content this week.
  • has an article on Sophia Bush (Brooke, One Tree Hill) and Austin Nichols (Julian, One Tree Hill)–who are totally together, it seems–attending the The Art of Elysium’s annual gala.
  • The new One Tree Hill Connection podcast features an interview with Lindsey McKeon (Taylor, One Tree Hill). Have you read my interview with her?
  • Ausiello is reporting Billy Baldwin has been cast as father to Serena (Blake Lively, Gossip Girl) and Eric (Connor Paolo, Gossip Girl), ex-husband to Lily (Kelly Rutherford, Gossip Girl). Matt Barr (Ian “Psycho Derek” Banks, One Tree Hill) played the young version of Keith in the 80s flashback episode in season 2. Some are saying Keith isn’t S and E’s father and this E! Online article says its William van der Woodsen but I am just confused by it all.
  • I typically don’t link to sites like this but I was just so stunned by this claim that I can’t ignore it. Radar Online is “exclusively” reporting that Rob Estes (Harry, 90210) has quit the show. Some of their facts are clearly wrong: they say “The next season is set to air in the close future – a date has yet to be released by CW as they gear up to debut their new line-up.” The next season–if there is a next season–wouldn’t typically air til the fall and wouldn’t even be announced for a while longer. I am hoping a mainstream, credible site will quickly confirm or deny their report.
  • The same Radar article also has details on Jennie Garth (Kelly, Beverly Hills 90210) and her exit from the show. These seem to be legit as the quotes are coming from her manager, rather than anonymous sources.
  • Garth is starring in a new webseries, called Garden Party. Garth previously appeared in the webseries The Broadroom.
  • Smokin’ Aces 2, starring Autumn Reeser (Taylor, The O.C.), is out on DVD today. Reeser and I discussed the film in our interview and she discusses it in this new one as well. Reeser also mentions her appearance years ago on Star Trek, which starred Jeri Ryan (Charlotte, The O.C.)
  • has more on Olivia Wilde (Alex, The O.C.) auctioning her Golden Globes dress for charity.
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui, who played Alex’s ex in two episodes of The O.C. was named the Most Desirable Woman of 2010.



8 responses

20 01 2010
Brandon M

Yikes. . . if the Rob report is true it sounds like 90210 is falling apart. I don’t really see how they can eliminate Harry unless they never show Annie & Dixon at home during their senior year. Then there’s Debbie. . .

20 01 2010

No! Rob can’t leave. I love the Wilson family!

20 01 2010

I’m assuming that they are leaving after the season finale, right? Or will it be before? I think there is some major drama going on behind the scenes of 90210.

Here are the final ratings for One Tree Hill by the way:

One Tree Hill
– 2.177 million viewers
– 1.4/2 HH
– 1.1/3 A18-49
– 1.5/4 A18-34
– 2.2/5 W18-34

20 01 2010

It will be before, it seems. For Jennie, I’m not sure there will be an actual exit storyline. There’s more eps without her, anyway, than there are with her. So they can easily just have her fade out/disappear, much like they did with Brenda/Donna. I’m pretty sure Jennie is in at least 1 more episode unless the scenes were cut. For Rob, it was explicitly said today by the network that this is his last season so his storyline will be wrapped–however it is wrapped up–by the end of this season.

As far as drama behind the scenes, well, at least it’s not with the young ones! (That’s what it usually is). But, really, with Jennie–while I don’t think she was happy–it’s not the big deal people are making it out to be. She never had a contract and was just working in a recurring, by-storyline basis. She never intended to have a big role and was always involved in other projects at the same time. For Rob, while some reports say money was the issue, others say it has to do with (either additionally or only) the showrunner wanting to keep the show focused on the non-adult characters.

21 01 2010
Brandon M

Part of me thinks they’re making a big mistake not having the parents involved in the plot, at least during the high school years. It sounds like they don’t know how to make it work. . .

The original show did okay with this. . . but in my opinion, Gossip Girl does a great job using the adult/parent characters when they do use them. And I’ve only seen the first episode of The OC so far (I really liked it BTW) but I thought they did a nice job at mixing the two age groups too.

I don’t know how to feel about 90210 anymore. I really want to like it. . . but after reading the interview with Larry Mollin it just feels like a joke.

At first I was all for the ties to the past, but now I feel like the only connection should have been West Beverly High School. . . but they managed to mess that up too with the change in filming locations. I guess you could say I’m a very frustrated fan right now 😛

21 01 2010

I don’t care what happens because I still love 90210. I just hope Lowndes and Shenae don’t quit or get fired.

21 01 2010

It just makes me wonder if Lori is happy with her story lines also. Will she be the next to go, and they will just not show the parents at all? I hope this doesn’t cause anyone to stop watching, because the 90210 ratings can’t afford it.

21 01 2010

Brandon: First off, so glad you’re watching The O.C.! I am sorry you’re frustrated with 90210 but welcome to my world! 😉 In all seriousness, yes, it does seem like they don’t know what they’re doing. But many have felt season 2 has been an improvement over season 1 so perhaps have faith that a season 3 will be an improvement over 2.

Wes: While I can’t promise they’ll never quit or get fired, it doesn’t look like you have anything to worry about for now.

Jenny: I wonder that, too. I can’t imagine she is–but who knows? Bigger storylines mean a bigger workload and perhaps she doesn’t want that. But there won’t be *no* parents on the show. As of now, we still have Debbie, though it remains unclear if she’ll still be considered a “regular.” But there are storylines coming up with parents of some of the other characters, so while we might not have a huge parental presence or one in every ep, I gather somebody will be around here and there in some way. Ideal? Realistic? You decide. As far as ratings go…time will tell!

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