Reaction Post: One Tree Hill 7.17

16 02 2010

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EPISODE 7.17: At The Bottom Of Everything

  • Previously On: Julian’s dad tells Julian that Alex needs to act better because she’s putting the movie at risk, Alex overheads and tells Alexander she’s letting everyone down, Alex and Alexander go home together, Millicent tells everyone at her support group that she’s not fine, Grubbs doesn’t want to make a record because it’s too personal but Miranda says personal sells records and he should make one with her, Clay tells ghost Sara that he loved her so much and she says Clay was perfect for her and always will be, Lydia reveals she has pancreatic cancer and won’t get treatment, Taylor tells Lydia she’s giving up
  • This episode was directed by Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley).
  • Starting with close shots of Lydia as a song in the background says “I can see a lot of life in you”
  • Already I feel the tears coming!
  • Haley is studying Lydia as they eat breakfast. All those shots were probably what Haley was looking at.
  • Quinn is there, too.
  • Nathan is there as well.
  • Lydia says it’s been a while since they’ve done a family breakfast but usually there’s talking involved.
  • Haley says it’s hard for them.
  • Lydia says she just wants to enjoy breakfast with her favorite people in the world.
  • Jamie walks in and sits on Lydia’s lap.
  • Oh, Clay is there, too. ‘Cause, you know, he’s family. ::rolls eyes::
  • Jamie asks why everyone’s staring at him/them.
  • Lydia covers and says she wants to show him something.
  • Q1: I’d like to thank you all for this scintillating breakfast conversation. You know, it’s moments like these that we’re supposed to remember.–Lydia
  • Touche, Lydia. Touche.
  • Quinn  looks like she’s about to cry and Haley looks a bit mad.
  • Alexander wakes up in Alex’s bed as she’s rummaging around her suite.
  • He tells her to come back to bed and she asks why he’s still there.
  • Q2: Ooh, someone’s a little feisty.–Alexander
  • LOL He says they could’ve used some feistiness is last night, as he “did most of the work.”
  • Alex says she got 26 minutes of sleep and has to film 8 scenes today.
  • She’s annoyed by the loud music in the room next door.
  • Q3: When I don’t sleep, I get bags under my eyes and those bags will be documented on film forever.–Alex
  • LOL Alexander says the “bright side” is that no one is going to see the movie.
  • She again asks why he’s still there and takes off.
  • Brooke is looking at the storyboard for the movie condensed into pages in a binder.
  • Whenever I see art like that, I immediately think Peyton. And then I think Helen Ward.
  • Julian asks if he’s been replaced because Brooke is sitting in his director’s chair.
  • He points out that she’s here early and she says she couldn’t sleep so she thought she’d come in and try to steal his job.
  • I like banter.
  • He turns serious and asks if he can ask her “something I’m not supposed to any anyone else.”
  • He asks if he’s “doing okay” as a director.
  • Brooke says he’s doing great and everyone’s proud of him, especially his dad…and her.
  • Her complaint: Julian should dress warmer, otherwise he’ll get sluggish “like you do” (aw) and grouch and whine and no one wants that.
  • The banter continues.
  • Brooke ends the  moment, saying she should let him work.
  • Q4: “Thanks for letting me sit in your chair.” “Anytime.”–Brooke and Julian
  • I know it was meant to be sweet but, oh, the innuendo!
  • Haley is on the computer.
  • Nathan asks if she’s alright and she says she’s not because Lydia is acting like nothing’s wrong.
  • Well, that’s kind of true and kind of not. She did want a memorable breakfast for a reason, Haley.
  • Nathan says Lydia is trying to be strong.
  • Haley, like Taylor, says she’s giving up.
  • Nate says she’s just “accepting the situation that she’s in.”
  • Haley says it’s not over and she’s not ready for her to stop fighting.
  • Unfortunately, it only kinda sorta matters whether Haley’s ready. It’s still Lydia’s choice. They should consider themselves lucky Lydia even has a choice. Some don’t even get that.
  • Nate says the doctors said she doesn’t have much time left so she’s trying to enjoy it.
  • Haley wants to get more opinions from other doctors.
  • Q3: I have to believe in something right now because without hope, I wouldn’t be able to breathe so just let me have that.–Haley
  • She wants to know they “did everything we could.” Until then, she needs to help.
  • Nathan pulls up a chair to join her in her research. Aw.
  • Millie is talking to her support group.
  • She says a few months ago she had everything she ever wanted.
  • But does she mean pre-modeling or during modeling? I hope pre- because she never ever indicated before that she wanted the modeling, high-glam, high-profile lifestyle. Maybe she means she wanted the acceptance she found through modeling?
  • She says she lost her way and forgot who she was but she’s trying to find her way back and hopes she can get there someday.
  • She goes to sit down and spots Owen (with a very thick beard) sitting in the last row. He nods to her.
  • I wonder if he knew about the modeling thing and all the ensued and/or that she’d be at this meeting or if it’s a coincidence.
  • She looks uncomfortable.
  • Lydia and Jamie are looking at a photo album.
  • This first picture is (supposedly) of Jamie Christmas morning a few years ago.
  • First ever sign of Christmas in Tree Hill world?
  • LOL Jamie says he used to be a kid back then.
  • That holiday is when he got a monkey named Fletcher.
  • Lydia asks where Fletcher is now and Jamie says he’s somewhere and that Chester chewed the head off once and Haley sewed it back on.
  • Can rabbits do that? Chew enough to decapitate a stuffed animal?
  • Regardless, convenient excuse for us never having seen this stuffed animal before and Jamie’s supposed attachment to it.
  • Lydia says that was her favorite Christmas because she was surrounded by all the people she loved most int he world and because…
  • Q4: I got to spend one last Christmas with your grandpa.–Lydia
  • I assume she doesn’t mean Dan. (Too soon to joke? It’s really just a coping mechanism!)
  • Lydia says Jimmy is the one that got him Fletcher. I wonder if that’s why she asked where it is.
  • Jamie says she doesn’t remember Jimmy that much.
  • Sad thing is, he probably won’t remember that much of Lydia, either.
  • Lydia says Jamie was very small when Jimmy died but Jimmy “loved you so much.”
  • Q5. “Do you miss him?” “Every second of every day.”–Jamie and Lydia
  • Sorry, but this doesn’t make up for us not knowing before that Jimmy died or seeing it play out on-screen. I don’t think anything can make up for it.
  • Lydia says she hears his laugh through Haley and sees his eyes in Quinn (how convenient not to mention all the other siblings) and in Jamie she sees Jimmy’s “beautiful smile.”
  • That makes Jamie happy. Aw.
  • He says he hopes Christmas this year is even better.
  • Lydia turns serious and says she hopes so.
  • This feels like a long scene.
  • Q6: But I’m not going to be with you this Christmas, Jamie…I’m going to be with your grandpa.–Lydia
  • Seriously, that’s how you tell the kid?! He’s not even 10 yet!
  • You’re supposed to say that afterward to comfort him, give him a “bright side.”
  • Saying it first is first confusing and then frightening.
  • Feels like it took forever to get to that first commercial break.
  • Miranda recounts Grubb’s predicament: he dated some girl, recorded a bunch of songs, lost the girl and is now afraid to make another record.
  • Q7: Yes, those are pretty much the bullet points of my painful existence and thank you, by the way, for reminding me with such a cold and brief synopsis.–Grubbs
  • Miranda’s advice to get over it–the girl, the “big, bad” record exec, etc.
  • He says he wishes it were that simple and there’s no chance he’ll make another record.
  • Q8: “Not even one percent?” “Well, there’s a one percent chance I’ll do anything with you.”–Miranda and Grubbs
  • She wants to negotiate.
  • Julian finds Alex sleeping on set with the script over her eyes.
  • He makes a joke about she needing to blame herself if it put her to sleep because she wrote it.
  • She says she was up all night and Julian asks “who was he?”
  • Q9: It wasn’t a he. It was a bunch of “he”s. (pause) Did your mind really just go there?–Alex
  • Alex says there’s a convention for patio furniture salesmen and the room next to hers is party central for the middle-aged men. Um, okay.
  • Julian suggests changing rooms but she says the hotel is booked.
  • Julian points out that they have a big day and she says she’ll be fine.
  • Nathan spoke with the team’s doctor and (aw) Haley asks him if he’s okay.
  • It feels like it’s been completely forgotten that Nathan had, um, medical issues and that he’s even on a basketball team.
  • He says he is. He actually spoke to him about Lydia. The doc knows “one of the best oncologists in the world” and he’ll look at Lydia’s case.
  • He tells her not to get her hopes up and she says she knows and thanks him.
  • Totally looks like her hopes are way up.
  • Quinn shows Clay the studio/gallery space.
  • Clay says it looks empty (which it is) and apologizes for making a stupid joke when she looks upset.
  • Um, what? What was wrong with his comment? Really stretching to relate to Quinn’s life being “empty” when Lydia is gone?
  • Q10: You know I’m the poster boy for suffering alone.–Clay
  • He says she doesn’t have to, though, because he’s here for her.
  • Aw. Pot meet kettle.
  • Quinn says she’s not avoiding it–just trying to figure it all out.
  • Clay says she has an opportunity…
  • Q11: You have the chance to say goodbye. I didn’t have that with Sara and I wish I did.–Clay
  • So true, Clay. So true!
  • Quinn urges him to go the tennis tournament because he needs to work on building his clients.
  • She says if anything happens, she’ll call him first.
  • I hope she means if Haley AND the rest of the siblings) already know.
  • He starts to leave and turns around and kisses her. They reiterate the “first call” thing.
  • Victoria walks into CoB–or is it the film set’s wardrobe area?–totally cheerful.
  • Brooke points out she’s been glowing for days and “it’s getting weird.”
  • Q12: “I suppose it’s because I’ve taken a lover.” “Here we go.” “He’s a gentle, passionate lover.” “I don’t need details, please.”–Victoria and Brooke
  • Brooke assumes it’s Julian’s dad, Paul.
  • Does she not want details because it’s her mom’s sex life or because it’s her ex-boyfriend’s dad (and she still loves said ex-boyfriend)?
  • Q13: “A lady doesn’t kiss and tell.” “Well, it seems to me that you’re kissing and telling right now.” “No, you asked why I was glowing and I told you.” “Right. My mistake. I’m going to get back to work now and try to extract a certain horrifying image from my mind.” “Good luck with that. I’m going to go and try to keep a certain image very much in my mind.” “Gross! Say hi to ‘Gentle Paul’ for me!”–Victoria and Brooke
  • Owen tells “Mill” to wait up. Has anyone ever called her “Mill” before?
  • She says she wasn’t expecting to see anyone she knew at the meetings.
  • He says if she’s uncomfy, they can arrange so it they are there on separate days.
  • Has Owen bee in town this whole time? Or is he back in town? And if he is, why?
  • Millie says she should be happy to see him. Why? Because he de-flowered her? Or because it’s encouraging to see someone else get help? Or…?
  • Ah, she says while it’s hard to get up in front of strangers and share how she made a mess of her life, it’s comforting that someone she knows and understands what she’s going through is listening.
  • He says he’s proud of her.
  • She says she doesn’t know how to she got to this point.
  • He says it becomes “unmanageable” and…
  • Q14: Just being here is the biggest step you’ve ever taken.” “Thanks. You have no idea how much that helps.” “Actually, I do.”–Owen
  • He looks tired. Too many werewolf workouts?
  • He offers himself up if she ever “needs someone to lean on.”
  • Doesn’t Millie have a sponsor? Shouldn’t she?
  • Mouth is playing a videogame, one of the ones where you can play with someone who is not actually with you.
  • Not clear who he’s playing with, though.
  • Lauren comes in and asks who he was talking to.
  • Doesn’t knock? Just walks right in?
  • He says he was talking to Skills. Aw.
  • Apparently he was expecting Lauren. She brought lunch for them.
  • Did he just abandon Skills and the game or what??
  • Lauren asks how Skills is doing. She admits that they’re not talking a lot and when they do, it’s not the same.
  • She seems okay with it, though, saying it’s natural to drift apart given the distance. Hm.
  • Mouth says he and Millie live together but he feels so far from her.
  • He says he felt closer when he lived in Omaha. That’s probably because they were actually dating and in love when he lived in Omaha during the good ol’ days of season six.
  • Lauren says the idea of starting over scares her and she may just stop dating.
  • Mouth says he had a date the other night. Two weeks ago our time.
  • Q15: It was bizaare. It was like this weird kind of 80s movie.–Mouth
  • He says the girl–Kylie–wants to go out again but he doesn’t feel right doing that because of Millie.
  • Aw, Kylie wants to go out again? That’s kind of sweet.
  • Lauren says when he’s ready to date again, he’ll date.
  • Jamie comes in, looking sad.
  • Haley asks what’s wrong…
  • Q16: I don’t want grandma to die.–Jamie
  • Haley is kind of at a loss for words. I guess she didn’t know Lydia was going to tell him? That’s probably something they should’ve discussed…
  • She hugs him. Tears.
  • There’s been jokes in the past about Jamie developing Peyton’s “people always leave” complex but, seriously, consider the evidence: Quentin died. His grandfather died. His Grandpa Dan almost died and he’s otherwise in and out of his life. Quinn (until recently, technically) and the rest of Haley’s siblings and family are in and out of his life. Lucas and Peyton (and Sawyer) are seemingly out of his life. Nanny Deb is MIA. Nanny Carrie…well…you know.
  • I don’t know. Maybe that’s not really abnormal. He’s sure to lose friendships, too, in the coming years; not from death or anything; just, you know, friendships change–especially at that age.
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Alex (jokingly?) accuses Alexander of stalking her when she sees him on set.
  • He says it’s strictly “business” as he’s there to make wardrobe adjustments.
  • Q17: “Unless, of course, you want to go play in the trailer.” “Nothing sounds worse to me right now.”–Alexander and Alex
  • Why did they make him go from charming to smarmy? I’m disappointed.
  • Wonder if there’s using their own “backstage” for the film’s backstage. Probably, right?
  • Rock-ish music plays as guy walks onto a set in slow-mo, wearing shades and taking off his jacket.
  • Alex “takes back” what she said.
  • Is this her ex? Co-star? Ex-co-star?
  • He eyes Victoria and she likes it LOL
  • He looks young and Justin Timberlake-ish circa No Strings Attached.
  • Q18: “Did you see Brooke Davis’ mom? I would totally hit that. I’m not even kidding. Right now, today, I would hit that.” “Josh, that is so sweet. Is there a woman out there you wouldn’t sleep with?” “Eh, depends on the day.”–Josh and Alex
  • Yep, he’s her co-star. Why haven’t they introduced him before? Or have they? I feel like I missed something.
  • Q19: “Our love scene today. It’s supposed to be pretty hot. I hope it doesn’t bother you if I get a little excited. It’s involuntary and, let’s face it, you kind of do it for me.” “Josh, let me clear with you. If I feel anything brushing up against me under those sheets, you will remember the pain that I inflict on it for the rest of your life, got it?” (To Alexander) “She’s kind of feisty.” “Tell me about it.”–Josh, Alex and Alexander
  • Mouth is showing Lauren how to play the videogame.
  • They banter. It’s kind of cute.
  • It’s hard not to like her. She’s sweet.
  • She puts on the game’s headphones and ends up talking to a pervert. LOL
  • Millie comes in and finds them laughing on the couch.
  • She apologizes–with attitude–for interrupting and walks into her room.
  • Lauren says she’ll leave.
  • Mouth goes into Millie’s room and asks if she’s okay.
  • She says she didn’t realize he and Lauren were so close.
  • He says they’re just friends. Him and Lauren? Or him and Millie? I think he meant the former.
  • She says it’s okay and none of her business. He can be friends with whoever he wants.
  • He looks a bit hurt.
  • Q20: “Besides, it’s not like we’re together anymore so who really cares?” “I guess just me.”–Millie and Mouth
  • Make that very hurt.
  • Does he want to get back together?
  • Haley tells Nathan that Lydia told Jamie.
  • Nathan asks how he is and Haley says okay.
  • Nathan says it was Lydia’s decision to tell and Haley says they are his parents so it should be their decision.
  • I think there’s a little ground BUT I lean more towards Haley on this.
  • Q21: He’s just a kid. He shouldn’t have to be dealing with all this pain. Aren’t we supposed to protect him from this kind of stuff?” “Maybe it’s good for him to be prepared, to know he doesn’t have a lot of time with his grandma.”–Haley and Nathan
  • Haley asks “what if she gets better?”
  • Like Dan?
  • Lydia interrupts, saying she won’t get better.
  • Haley looks crushed.
  • Lydia asks to talk to Haley alone.
  • Still no Lydia-Nathan scene. Hmph.
  • Lydia asks if Haley’s angry she told Jamie. Haley says she’s not angry, “just upset about everything.”
  • Lydia says she wanted him to know the truth.
  • Haley says she wished they could’ve done it together.
  • Me too. But only if Haley would remain strong and “together” in front of him.
  • Haley points out that Jamie’s been through a lot. (See my partial list above.)
  • Lydia apologizes.
  • She says knows Haley thinks she’s given up and Haley says she seems just so okay with it.
  • Lydia says it’s more that she’s at peace with it.
  • She says she fought hard. Really? How so? Why aren’t they giving us all the details? And if she did fight hard, how did she manage to keep it from all her kids?
  • She says one day she realized she needed to stop fighting and just enjoy the time she had left and that’s what she’s trying to do.
  • Haley asks if she can give her medical records to the team doctor so “somebody can take a look at it.” Pretty sure doctors HAVE taken a look at it, Haley. But I understand her point.
  • Lydia says it won’t make a difference.
  • Q22: “I’m not ready to lose you yet, mom, so if there’s a doctor out that who can do something I have to take that chance. Will you please do that for me?” “Okay. You can give them my medical records on one condition. When he comes back with the same diagnosis, I need you to accept it like I’ve accepted it and hopefully then we can at least try to enjoy the time I have left together, all of us. Please? Do that for me.”–Haley and Lydia
  • Easier said than done. And speaking for all of us, where are the other siblings and how do they factor into all of this? Will Lydia be spending all her time at Naley’s or…?
  • Julian finds Brooke sorting clothes and he says she hasn’t seen her in a while (aka, a few hours).
  • She says she was trying to stay out of his way and he says he never asked her to.
  • Brooke says he was shooting the big sex scene and she didn’t want to be around for that.
  • I feel ya. Totes awkward, with or without the Julian-Alex issue.
  • Q23: “Josh let out a girlish shriek and Alex stormed off to her trailer for 10 minutes.” “I’m not really sure what that was.” “Actors.”–Julian and Alex
  • Julian thanks her for giving him his sweater back. Apparently she left it for him earlier.
  • OH! I get it. Ties into how she told him to stay warm and stuff.
  • She says she thinks their parents “have become lovers.”
  • Julian says he saw this coming.
  • Q24: “Apparently your dad is quite gentle.” “What?!” “Not to mention extremely passionate.” “Why are you doing this to me?” “Because I had to suffer through it alone. Now we can be equally traumatized.” “Thank you.” “Would it be weird if they ended up together?” “Honestly, I’m kind of envious of them. At least they’re going for it, right?” “Yeah.”–Brulian
  • That was more awkward than sweet.
  • I wonder if it’s NOT Paul. Could it be Alexander? Or Josh?
  • Miranda is going over a contract with Grubbs.
  • She makes a joke about his beard. They’re kind of cute…kind of not.
  • She wants him to sign and he says he has demands first. He takes out a jar of pickled eggs.
  • Remember when Peyton had to eat 1 (technically 5) during dare night?
  • Oh, of course, Grubbs demands she eat one.
  • Grrrr. Can we PLEASE be original? Kay, thanks.
  • Nathan finds Jamie sorting his toys.
  • Nate picks up a bat and says he was a whiffle ball legend.
  • Jamie says he’s told him that “a bunch of times.” Shades of Dan/Nathan there. Eek.
  • Nathan says Dan, when Nate was Jamie’s age, built him a “miniature Fenway Park” in the backyward.
  • Does Jamie even know where Fenway Park is? Do most OTH viewers?
  • Jamie cuts him off because he’s already heard the story. Total shades of Dan/Nathan. But, of course, Nathan is genuine.
  • Jamie is totally looking for Fletcher, by the way.
  • Nathan asks Jamie how he is. He says he’s fine, “just a little busy right now.”
  • Q25: Don’t worry. I still like your stories.–Jamie
  • Would’ve been cute if it seemed like he was being sincere.
  • Nathan says he’s here if he needs him. Aw, Nate looks so sad.
  • Owen knocks on a door…and Mouth answers.
  • Why is Owen surprised to see him? It’s MOUTH’S apartment! Maybe he thought Mouth was in L.A.? But how would he know that?
  • Is the first time they’ve seen each other since Owen and Mouth’s hook-up? Probably, right?
  • Mouth asks him what he’s doing there and he says he’s picking up Millie.
  • I’m sure Mouth assumes it’s date.
  • Miranda is dressed–from the neck-up–like a pirate. Grubbs says she needs to work on her pirate-speak.
  • She’s exasperated, saying she did everyone on his list of demands.
  • He says this is not working on her pirate-speak so she continues griping in pirate-speak.
  • Kind of funny but mostly just a waste of time. Sigh.
  • India is actually a pretty good actress.
  • She says most people would kill for a record contract.
  • Grubbs says performing is like standing naked in a crowd.
  • Great, another person with stage fright. (Haley, Mia…)
  • She says he’s being dramatic.
  • He points out it makes him vulnerable and he didn’t like the guy he became and no one else did either and he doesn’t want to see “him” come back.
  • Fair enough, Grubbs. I’m sold.
  • Lauren walks into Mouth’s apartment. Again. He seems to be expecting her. Again.
  • He’s watching football. She asks who’s playing…
  • Q26: “Syracuse and Virginity Tech.” “That sounds like an intriguing match-up. Who’s winning?” “Owen.”–Mouth and Lauren
  • Lauren doesn’t know who Owen is. Is it possible they never crossed paths?
  • Mouth just says Owen is the guy Millie is out with right now and he’s frustrated because she shouldn’t be out with an addict right now.
  • Being a journalist and all, Mouth should know better than to make assumptions.
  • And speaking of being a journalist, does he have a job right now?
  • Q27: Especially the same addict who took her virginity.–Mouth
  • Lauren understands the Syracuse vs. Virginity Tech comment now. I wonder if Owen actually went to Virginia Tech. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who went to college.
  • Lauren points out that Mouth broke up with her and Millie needs to live her life but if it bothers him, maybe that means it’s not over for him.
  • Ding ding ding Lauren.
  • She does seem like a good person to get advice from. Maybe it’s the teacher in her.
  • Cut to Owen asking Millie if she really thinks it’s over with Mouth.
  • She says she tries not to think about it because there’s nothing she can do about it right now.
  • Why? Is it against the “12 Steps” (which haven’t actually been mentioned) or…?
  • Ah, he explains it’s her fault they broke up so she can only wait to be forgiven.
  • Or you can work towards earning forgiveness!
  • She says she can say what she’ll hope will happen (which is?) but she doesn’t know if he’ll ever look at her how he used to (I guess that’s it).
  • Owen suggests they ” do something fun.”
  • Jamie and Haley are looking at pictures.
  • She jokes about how bad her hair was when she was little.
  • He’s not laughing, though, so she goes back to being serious, saying she knows how hard this is for him.
  • Q28: “If you need to cry, it’s okay.” “I’m not crying for me. I’m crying for you. Your mama’s gonna die. The one thing I never want to lose is you and daddy.”–Haley and Jamie
  • Sigh. I say the same thing to my parents.
  • Haley promises they’re not going anywhere. I’m mixed on that. I understand wanting to comfort him but it’s not a good idea to make promises you might not be able to keep.
  • Sidenote: have we ever seen Jamie actually cry?
  • YES! Now finally a Nathan-Lydia scene!
  • Why did that make the tears come out?
  • Lydia says he’s taking good care of her daughter. Awwww!
  • Q29: “I remember the day you came to ask her permission to marry her. You were so nervous. But I looked into your eyes and I just knew.” “What did know?” “That you were gonna change my daughter’s life and I was right.”–Lydia and Nathan
  • Aw, reference to the past that we actually saw! A flashback might’ve worked well.
  • And, not to be cynical or anything, but it’s entirely possible Nathan was going to end up changing Haley’s life for the worse. It came close to that quite a few times, actually.
  • Q30: You were responsible for raising the woman that changed my entire world. I’ll never forget that, Lydia, ever. Thank you for saying yes.–Nathan
  • That was beautiful and unbelievably needed and quite possibly the best part of this whole storyline for me.
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Owen and Millie are bowling.
  • They’re bantering about her beating him. It’s kind of cute.
  • This is the happiest we’ve seen her in I don’t know how long. She agrees!
  • Q31: “You know he’s not gone yet. Mouth. You shouldn’t give up on him. And you can’t just sit around waiting for him to forgive you. I understand, as an addict who ruined a lot of important relationships in my life. So if he’s important to you, you have to at least try to get him back.” “I don’t know how to get him back. Just remind him of the girl he fell in love with. Show him that you’re still that girl–or working hard to try to find her. You do that and I guarantee you he’ll look at you the way he used to.”–Owen and Millie
  • Sweet, but again, don’t guarantee something like that. You don’t know that for sure. Especially with pretty little blonde girl named Lauren in the picture.
  • So now Browen scenes, eh? Torn on that.
  • Quinn calls Clay’s to see how he’s doing. This is only their third scene this episode. Kind of nice!!!
  • Clay says he had a few meetings but he missed her and is glad to see her voice. Kind of aw-worthy but eh.
  • He says has a few more players to meet with.
  • Haley jokes to Grubbs and Miranda about him “torturing” her. Weak attempt to re-connect them with the main characters.
  • Haley joins Brooke and Mouth on a couch. Yay!
  • When was the last time they all shared a scene together?
  • I assume they know what’s going on…right?
  • Q32: “Mind if I play third wheel? I’m not ready to go home yet.” “Sure. You just missed my Millie rant.” “I want to hear the Millie rant!” “Oh, we’ve moved on to the Julian rant.” “Oh, great. Can you at least start from the beginning?” “You didn’t miss much. I was just saying sometimes our relationship seems so simple and easy. No matter what, it just turns into a big mess. And there are days I want to dive into that mess. But there’s other ways that I just wonder if maybe we’re two people who don’t work as a couple.” “But you love him, right?” “Like you don’t even know.” “Then don’t wait. Life’s too short to play games. If you love sombody and you want to be with them, then go get them! Deal with the mess later. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring.”
  • Wow. That was a great way to connect all their stories.
  • And it is ruined by Miranda coming out in her “underwear.” Seriously, you had to cheap that great scene with THIS?!
  • Everyone is shocked, of course. Grubbs is enjoying it.
  • Q34: “Feeling vulnerable?” “I’m hot. And you’re talented. If I can do it, so can you. Which is the reason I’m standing here, because I believe in you and maybe it’s time you believe in yourself. (To random gawker) Bug off. “–Grubbs and Miranda
  • Julian is in the hotel bar doing a shot while Alex mimics.
  • Alex says again how tired she is and she wishes she was better rested
  • Julian says she can’t believe a bunch of patio salesmen kept her up.
  • She says it wasn’t just them. She hooked up with Alexander.
  • Q35: “Oh.” “Oh? Why’d you say it like that? “Like what?” “I don’t know. Like sad, sappy. Maybe you’re a little jealous. I’m kidding. Relax! Let’s change the subject. How are things with Brooke?” “Obviously we still love each other but every time we get too close, one of us puts up a wall. It’s not easy being on the other side of that wall.” “So tear down that wall.” “You don’t understand. When Brooke Davis puts up a wall, that thing’s not coming down til she’s ready.” “That’s fair.”–Julian and Alex
  • Not sure what to make of Julian’s reaction to the Alexander thing. Was he more surprised or disappointed?
  • Alex purposefully made a bigger deal out of his response.
  • And “tear down that wall” is sooo Ronald Reagan! (And I wasn’t even alive then!)
  • She says she needs to go get some sleep but…
  • Q35: “Julian, if I thought you were and Brooke were really just friends, Alexander wouldn’t have been the one in my bed last night.”
  • Positive: she does believe there’s still something between Brulian. Negative: she’s making it clear to Julian that she still feels something for him.
  • He looks kind of sad and contemplative.
  • She walks away and follows.
  • Q36: Alex! I’ll walk you to your room.–Julian
  • They walk up the stairs together.
  • Uht oh. There’s no way to misconstrue that given what she just said.
  • Brooke is all dolled up! I guess she thinks that’s needed to get Julian back? Hm.
  • She goes to the concierge, who is reading an article about Alex in a tabloid it looks like.
  • She says she lost her key and she’s staying with her boyfriend…Julian Baker.
  • Turns, the guy is reading a tabloid story about Brulian breaking up! Guess Alex is pictured since they’re working on the film together? Or as the other woman?
  • Q37: “It says here you guys broke up.” “Oh, that story is so last week!” “Can I tell you a secret?” “I wish you wouldn’t.” “I always rooted for you two.” “Can I get that key?”–concierge dude and Brooke
  • I saw a little old Brooke there, in the sassiness and role-playing and whatnot.
  • Cut to her walking up the stairs.
  • Nathan tells Haley he heard from the doctor that there’s nothing he can do for Lydia.
  • She cries in his arms.
  • Clay is still at the tennis match. He’s reading a program for the event and something in there clearly disturbs him.
  • Cut to Mouth saying to someone…
  • Q38: Hey. I know it’s late. But I was just thinking, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Sometimes you just ahve to go for it and that’s what I’m doing. I want to go out with you. On a date.–Mouth
  • And it’s Lauren he’s talking to! (As if you couldn’t guess. She looks shocked, though. Or at least uncomfy.)
  • Grubbs asks Miranda to promise if he starts to change and becomes the guy no one likes–she interrupts and says he won’t and she’ll make sure he stays exactly who he is.
  • Q39: Because that’s a person worth protecting.–Miranda
  • Victoria is a restaurant, waiting for someone. It looks like she’s being stood up.
  • Clay walks up to a tennis player. Katie Ryan.
  • He is stunned into silence when the girl turns around and looks just like Sara. (Honestly, though, I know it’s Amanda Schull but if I didn’t know that, I might say the resemblance isn’t obvious! LOL Must bet he hair color throwing me off.)
  • Brooke opens Julian’s door with the key.
  • Sounds like a shower is going.
  • She walks in further and sees Alex–who looks naked–sleeping and Julian’s sweater nearby.
  • She runs out.
  • Nathan and Lydia walk downstairs and find Quinn and Jamie decorating a Christmas tree.
  • Jamie says now they can spend Christmas together. Lydia starts to cry.
  • Where is Haley?
  • Ah, she walks down and sees them all together.
  • Q40: It’s okay, sweetheart.–Lydia
  • They embrace as Haley cries a bit and then they all open presents.
  • Fade to black.
  • Well that ending SUCKED! Three reasons why: 1) The Clay-Katie/Sara thing was given away in promo last week (I’m sure Mark LOVED that!) so it felt very anti-climatic having it at the end of the episode as if it was a big reveal. 2) Whether Julian and Alex actually slept together I have no idea. (It certainly looks like they may have.) But almost the exact same set-up happened in season 3 with Brooke walking in on Lucas and Peyton in bed and walking right out while they were at the cheerleading tournament. 3) In season 9 of Beverly Hills 90210, Kelly’s grandfather was dying of cancer and they were all sad they wouldn’t get one more Christmas together so they surprised him with their own Christmas.
  • Preview: Haley finds Lydia passed out on the floor, Nathan tells Jamie that Lydia got sicker, Jamie asks if she’s going to die now, cut to Lydia in a hospital bed, Haley cries in Nathan’s arms that she’s not ready for this, Quinn tells Taylor this is the time to say goodbye, Taylor cries to Lydia not to leave



15 responses

16 02 2010

I hated the ending-mainly for Brulian, how many times does Brooke have to go through this scenario? It’s getting really old always having the same exact situation breaking her heart over and over. It’s frustrating because it took her soooo long to open her heart again and tear down that wall, and now that she has, the same reason that closed it in the first place happens again?
I don’t however believe Julian & Alex slept together-4 reasons 1)Alex did say she likes sleeping with the shower on, helps her sleep, sound of rain, etc
2)I think Julian switched rooms with her so she could avoid the noise she had been complaining about, since he suggested she changes rooms, it makes sense to me he would do it.
3)If Julian slept with Alex, it would undermine his whole character and person he became with Brooke, it just doesn’t seem like something he would actually do to Brooke. At least imo.
4)It’s obvious Julian & Brooke are end game for the show & if Julian sleeps with Alex, the Brooke we know will never forgive him. I can’t see Mark doing this again to her……or so I like to believe.
You didn’t really need to read all that from me did you?lol

16 02 2010

I did want to add that I loved the scene with Haley, Brooke & Mouth, nice to see the old friends together again even if it was for a short while!
With my rant earlier, I forgot about it!

16 02 2010

Wow Meriam I bet you’re right. I’m sure Julian didn’t sleep with Alex but it was still hard to ignore the facts, but those are good points.

16 02 2010

LOL Meriam, of course I needed to read that! You made a lot of great points and I think I agree with you. I don’t remember #1 but I’m sure you’re right about it. I also think it could be Alexander in the shower or even Josh. It all adds up to what you’re saying the bottom line likely is: a misunderstanding.

Whether Brooke will find out that out before what the promo showed (I can see Alex purposefully making it seem like they did sleep together just to be a bee-yotch to Brooke), I guess, remains to be seen. It looks like Brooke gets pretty POed (to say the least) and I don’t want to see Alex being the victim. At the same time, I’m tired of seeing Brooke as the victim. And it’s frustrating even to have it be a misunderstanding at all because, as I pointed out, it’s kind of been done before, even though the specific details are different.

And then it’s also frustrating that the show thinks it’s okay to to do this, misunderstanding or not. Yes, they have to keep it “interesting” and suspenseful but some mind games are not only unnecessary but insulting and a turn-off at this point.

16 02 2010

Im really iffy about whether I liked this episode or not. There were a few great scenes, but the majority were just unbearable to watch.
I really loved the Nate-Lydia scene, and I agree that a flashback might have worked perfectly there. I also enjoyed the Mouth-Haley-Brooke scene, and I don’t understand why they’re aren’t anymore of them. It’s as if there leading their own separate lives and just talk when they bump into eachother. It all seems very disconnected and I wish they showed there relationships for the strong bond they truly are. (Or at least, I hope they still are.) Jamie and Lydia’s scene was so sad, but I agree with Haley when she said it was something Lydia’s and her should have done together. For a small child like Jamie, it takes a lot of explaining. Not so much the death part, because he experienced it with Q, but with the cancer part. Albeit I’m sure that would be even more confusing, as Haley and her siblings can’t quit grasp the concept of it. (Not necessarily how cancer works, but ‘Why Lydia’ etc etc)
Some scenes I absolutely hated were basically the Grubbs-Miranda ones. I actually changed the channel. It was awfully unimportant and just a waste of time. I would have much rather seen the time spent on Lydia and Co. I really don’t care for the Miranda-Grubbs storyline, it doesnt serve any purpose IMO.
Overall, not my favorite episode, but I did appreciate the Bruilan banter, it had me grinning sooo much, although that rug was pulled right underneath me at the end. I really hope Brooke’s heart won’t be broken again. How much can the girl take?
I really enjoyed your reaction post TDW, you made some great points that I had never snapped too, like the connection between Jamie & Peyton’s experiences. My rant is now over! LOL

16 02 2010

g90210th, I completely agree with you about the lack of scenes between the core/core+original supporting cast (I guess that’s just Mouth now). I was even thinking as I watched (I don’t know why I didn’t put it in the blog) that we’re limited to like one an episode. I know friends grow apart but I’m not willing to accept that here. Especially because it doesn’t jive with the scenes we do get, which make it seem like they’re all still close and we’re just not seeing it. They’ve seemed to forget who and what this show is about. It’s odd because it seems they are listening–we went episodes without scenes between these people earlier this season–but they’re not listening enough, IMO.

With the Jamie thing, I agree again but whether it was a simple thing to grasp or not, it still should’ve been a joint thing or at least Naley’s call as to how it would go down.

Lastly, I’m glad you enjoyed! I will say I felt like I got so much more stuff in, both quotes-wise and opinion-wise, because I was able to pause and rewind but, man, it took forever!

16 02 2010

I totally agree, the misunderstandings at this point are been there done that and just really frustrating and annoying. They could’ve found other interesting ways to keep Brulian apart for a little longer, ways that don’t involve enforcing Brooke’s trust issues. The girl just found out she can’t have kids, it’s like give her a break and at least allow her to have one great guy in her life and one thing to be happy about! Thank god she at least has a relationship with her mom at this point!
The Alex shower bit was mentioned in Episode 3, when she was running late for her first photo-shoot with Quinn, and Millicent walks in and asks why the shower is on while Alex is sleeping, etc..
All the lydia stuff is really emotional and interesting, but I think it could have been soooo much better had like you sad last week, we saw more of the relationship with Haley and her mom. Right now she’s acting like she can’t live life without her mom, but it really didn’t seem like that in the past. It would have been great to see Lydia at the birth of Jamie, Jamie’s b-day(at least one of them), you know just every now and then had she made an appearance or even them mentioning her, it would just be so much more sadder now to see Haley lose her mom. They just popped her back and while I care because it is tragic & it’s her mom, I don’t care as much because I just never saw the strength of her mother’s presence in her life as she is so emphasizing on it now. I mean can you imagine if Deb, Karen, or even Victoria were the ones with this storyline? I think it would have a deeper affect, at least to me.

16 02 2010

Meriam, thank you for reminding me of one my other gripes! The “Brooke can’t have kids” story has been totally dropped! There was so much potential there for Brooke, Brulian, Brooke-Victoria, even Baley, Sam, Jamie, etc. Not to mention the fact that it’s a really serious issue and they just glossed over it and made it a plot device, a tool for Julian and Brooke to have another argument about Alex. I can’t see anyone, let alone Brooke, getting that news and then completely putting it out of their mind, which is what Brooke seems to have done. If you missed that episode(s), you would have no idea Brooke even found that out. A missed opportunity for the show but another insult to the character and us as well. (Also, I am remembering the Alex/shower thing now. Thanks for triggering my memory!)

And I agree with you on Haley-Lydia. I can completely buy anyone freaking out about their mom dying. But it’s not a rich storyline given what we’ve seen in the past and what we’re being asked to believe now. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but a more logical route, given what we’ve seen–or not seen–in the past, would’ve been to have Haley freaking out not only because her mom is dying but because they’ve spent so little time together over the years.

16 02 2010

Yes you’re right on that, they should have Haley emphasize on how time has gone by and what little of it she spent with her mom rather than make it seem like Lydia lives next door and Haley goes to her for everything every day.
And I completely agree with you on the Brooke-baby issue, I don’t get why it’s been dropped. You’re right there was so much potential for some great character-bonding moments and storylines and yet now it doesn’t even seem to be something on their minds at all. It’s like the whole saving Alex issue has taken over Brulian’s lives, but shouldn’t not being able to have a baby together be even more of an issue to dwell on? I hope we see this plot line return before the end of the season. It’s a major thing for Brooke’s character and it shouldn’t just be forgotten. Also, does Haley still not know about Brooke not being able to get pregnant? And Brooke doesn’t know about Haley’s mom?
I don’t know why the writers do this-it’s sad when you look back on Baley’s friendship in the past, and now the times these best friends need one another the most, they get 5 minutes a week with each other and the main issues in their lives aren’t even discussed between them.
Well, we shall see how this all further develops next week. Great recap btw!

16 02 2010

The wall comment was more like Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.

17 02 2010

Meriam, I have to say I’m mixed on wanting that plotline to return for Brooke because why should I have faith that it’ll be handled any better than this time around? Maybe I’m just being cynical and pessimistic. (As per usual for me, not going to lie.) That’s two great questions–does Haley know about Brooke’s children issue and does Brooke know about Haley’s mom issue. I have no idea and that’s a real shame. I feel like it’s totally less then 5 minutes a week between them–you’re being generous! lol Glad you liked the recap. =)

Hm, Bat22, you really think that’s what they were going for? I’ve listened to The Wall and seen the movie version but I don’t really get how it fits here. I guess that could be it, though. Glad to see you commenting again!

17 02 2010

Great recap once again!
I just want to start off by saying that I’m extremley happy that we got that Nathan/Lydia scene we wanted! (:
And of course I loved all the Naley in it. 😀
…even though it was mostly just Haley crying into Nathan’s arms, it was still cute.
And yeah, I agree, Julian definitely switched rooms with Alex. But yeah, I feel so bad for Brooke, everything bad happens to her. Like not being able to have kids, (like mentioned above), and this whole Julian/Alex thing.. I just want her to have a nice, stable relationship! She deserves one!
Although I thought Mouth and Lauren were odd at first, by the end of the episode I was warming up to the fact that they may become a couple. They were really cute and fun together. I hope she says yes to Mouth!
I think Grubbs is cool, and Miranda is.. well, alright I guess haha. But I think they had too much screentime. Kinda, I don’t know haha.

P.S Has anyone seen the new Naley promo clip for 7.18? So heartbreaking!

17 02 2010

I really like your reaction posts. I agree with most of it except it gets really annoying that you’re constantly bashing Quinn and Clay. Give them a chance. I like Quinn because I feel like we’re a lot alike.

17 02 2010

Thanks Naaaley. I have to admit I’ve had a *slight* change of heart on that Nathan/Lydia scene. While I loved it and am so glad we got it, I realize now that it doesn’t really make sense for Nathan to say Lydia “You were responsible for raising the woman that changed my entire world.” From what we know, Lydia didn’t really raise Haley. She took off when Haley was a junior in high school and before that it was clear from what they said and what we saw that Haley spent more time with Lucas and Karen than she did with her own family. Yes, I’m sure Lydia hands-on raised Haley when she was little but clearly not during the person-shaping formative years (middle school onward) so I don’t think it’s really right to give credit to Lydia. From what we know, Lydia wasn’t hands-on with her during those key middle school and early high school years and was MIA for the rest of HS and beyond, during all of which Haley had some pretty character-defining moments that she went through without her mom–and often with Karen, Lucas, Nathan and friends–by her side. A simple word change would’ve made a huge difference. Say she’s responsible for having/giving birth to the woman that changed his world, responsible for bring Haley into this world. Otherwise–and this is what happened–they’re giving credit to Lydia when, from what we know, credit isn’t really deserved, just like they’re creating a close relationship between Haley and Lydia all these years which goes against, again, what we know. Does it ruin the scene overall or even the sentiment? No, of course not. But they are WRITERS. Every word has meaning and weight and it shouldn’t be too much to ask that they’re picked carefully. Don’t bother giving us a “gift” scene/character appearance/character reference/etc. if it won’t be done with accuracy and respect. That is, unfortunately, happening again and again. I know I’m being really nit-pick so, anyway…I really think Mouth and Lauren have potential but I kind of want Mouth and Millie back together. Curious to see how it plays out. Aren’t Mouth and Millie endgame, though? I agree that Grubbs and Miranda had too much screentime and I am not looking forward to it continuing. Yes, that promo clip is on The CW’s site. Really shouldn’t expect anything other than heartbreaking-ness with them in the next episode, though.

Molly, thanks for your honesty. I’m sorry you think I’m constantly bashing Quinn and Clay. I don’t think it’s constant and I don’t think it even comes close to bashing. I have said positive things about them here and there over the course of the season and my favorite episode this season revolved around Clay (and Sara). And I have given them a chance. In fact, I’ve given them, as individual characters, 17 episodes worth of chances. As a couple, less episodes obviously but, again, I have said some positives here and there about them as a couple. Just remember this is all in good fun and all about sharing opinions, which my readers have asked me to increasingly do (and, well, not to be snarky but, it’s my site anyway). All points of views are welcome here and I see there are Quinn/Clay fans among my readers and commenters. I think it’s abundantly clear that I respect everyone’s opinion and I ask that you respect mine. Now, to your last sentence–how do you think you and Quinn are alike? Because I don’t think I/we know what Quinn is like. I don’t feel like, even after 17 episodes, we know who she really is as a person and that’s part of my problem. So I’m curious to know what you think she’s like.

17 02 2010

Yeah I agree, like Haley raised herself more than Lydia raised Haley.
And yeah, I don’t like how they’re making it seem like everyone’s had these really stable relationships with Lydia when we haven’t heard one word about her in years.
Like in 7.16 when Haley was talking about how she always called her for advice and stuff…
but we’ve never seen one scene of her doing that.
So yeah, idk I’m just kind of bothered by that lol. ;D

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