Six Degrees of Teen Dramas

20 03 2010

New to Six Degrees of Teen Dramas? Here’s how to play!

Last Week: Joaquin Phoenix

This Week:

Keke Palmer

Have fun!



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20 03 2010

Here is one…

Keke starred in Disney’s Jump In with Corbin Bleu who starred in The Beautiful Life along with Mischa Barton aka Marissa in The O.C.

21 03 2010

Keke is in True Jackson VP and Jeanete McCurdy was a guest star
Jeanette was in Icarly with Miranda Cosgrove
Miranda Cosgrove was is Drake and Josh with Allison Scagliotti
Allison played Abby Brown on OTH

21 03 2010

To add to the Corbin Bleu connection-Corbin was in “High School Musical” with Ashley Tisdale, who guest starred on “Beverly Hills 90210”. Also in HSM was Blake Lively(Serena, Gossip Girl)’s uncle I think (he played Troy’s dad).

21 03 2010

Ashley Tisdale also guest starred on 7th Heaven, which starred Barry Watson who was on What About Brian with Tiffani Thiessen (Val, BH 90210.)
Jessica Szohr (Vanessa, Gossip Girl) was also on What About Brian.

Drake and Josh is a semi-spinoff (I don’t know that it would actually qualify as a spinoff, but close enough) from The Amanda Show, which starred Amanda Bynes who was on What I Like About You with Jennie Garth (Kelly, BH 90210), and of course there are all of those connections with all the former 90210 gueststars, and Danneel Harris (Rachel, OTH) having gueststarred.

Mary Scheer from iCarly was on Beverly Hills 90210 as Marcia Ramsden.

Sara Paxton was also on The Beautiful Life and she was in Sleepover with Sean Farris who had a small role on OTH, as “highschool guy” (in the one where Peyton is roofied.) Sleepover also has Mika Boorem who was on Dawson’s Creek as Harley Hetson. Mika Boorem also was in an episode of House as Hannah Morganthal. Leighton Meester (Blair, Gossip Girl) was also on House. Evan Peters (also in Sleepover) was Jack Daniels on One Tree Hill.
Sam Huntington was also in Sleepover and was in Not Another Teen Movie with Joanna Garcia (Bree Buckley, Gossip Girl). She was also in an episode of Dawson’s Creek and an episode of What I Like About You.

Monique Coleman was in High School Musical and was on Dancing With The Stars with has had Ian Ziering (Steve, BH 90210) and Jennie Garth, and is about to have Shannen Doherty (Brenda Walsh).

Bart Johnson is Blake Lively’s brother-in-law (this is who is referred to in the last comment) was Troy’s dad. Bart Johnson guest-starred in an episode of Clueless which starred Elisa Donovan (Ginger, BH 90210). Bart Johnson was also in an episode of Saved By The Bell: The New Class as Clint, which was a spin-off of the version with Tiffani Thiessen.

Zac Efron (continuing on High School Musical connections) was in Hairspray with Brittany Snow (Young Lily, Gossip Girl) who was in John Tucker Must Die with Sophia Bush (Brooke, One Tree Hill). And of course Penn Badgley (Dan, Gossip Girl) was in JTMD. Jenny McCarthy, also in JTMD, was in Scream 3 with David Arquette who was BH 90210 as as Diesel. Kelly Rutherford (Lily, Gossip Girl) was also in Scream 3 as Christine.

Brittany Snow was also in Prom Night with Jessica Stroup (Silver, 90210) and Kellan Lutz (George, 90210). Kellan Lutz was also in the film Accepted which has Blake Lively (Serena, Gossip Girl). He was also in Stick It, which had a cameo from Nastia Liukin who also cameoed on Gossip Girl.

21 03 2010

Margaux, you just blew me away! I can’t even say anymore right now. I’m just sitting here s.t.u.n.n.e.d!

21 03 2010

Keke was in “Jump In” with Corbin Blue who guest starred in some episodes of “Hannah Montana” with Miley Cyrus who wan in “Hannah Montana: The Movie” with Taylor Swift who acted with Stephen Colletti in her music video for “White Horse” and Stephen Colletti played Chase Adams in One Tree Hill.

22 03 2010

And Tyler Hilton (Chris Keller, OTH) was in Taylor Swift’s “Teardrops On My Guitar” video.

22 03 2010

I’m feeling super old at 25, I have no idea who this person is.

23 03 2010

Sorry, sane. Keke is best known for her show on Nickelodeon, True Jackson VP, and before that, playing Akeelah in the film Akeelah and the Bee.

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