Six Degrees of Teen Dramas

24 04 2010

New to Six Degrees of Teen Dramas? Here’s how to play!

Last Week: America Ferrera

This Week:

Brendan Fraser




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25 04 2010

Brendan Fraser stared in George of the Jungle alongside Actress Leslie Mann who stared in The 40 year old Virgin alongside Steve Carell who stared in Get Smart along with Anne Hathaway who stared in Bride Wars alongside Bryan Greenberg who stared as Jake Jagielski in one Tree Hill.

25 04 2010

Leslie Mann was also in 17 Again with Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina, GG) and Matthew Perry who was in an episode of Beverly Hills 90210.

Brendan Fraser was also in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star with Alyssa Milano who was on Charmed with Shannen Doherty. And Alyssa was on Melrose Place which of course is a BH 90210 spin-off.

25 04 2010

Brendan Fraser was in ‘Crash’ with Matt Dillion who was in ‘You, Me and Dupree’ with Seth Rogen who was in an episode of Dawsons Creek. Also in ‘Crash’ was Ludacris who performed in an episode of One Tree Hill.

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