News Roundup: 90210, One Tree Hill and The O.C.

25 04 2010
  • SoapNet has two new promos/videos: the first includes Beverly Hills 90210, One Tree Hill and The O.C. along with the daytime soaps and is set to Sugarland’s It Happens, and the second explicitly features the teen dramas and is set to Outside My Window by Sarah Buxton. They seem to be airing shortened, edited versions but the full videos (which is what I linked to) are available online. I really like them.
  • SoapNet has a One Tree Hill poll asking, “Which Tree Hill character do you miss in the new seasons?” The options are Tim, Bevin and Jake.
  • Star News has a quiz about One Tree Hill. It’s pretty hard unless you are an absolutely DIE-HARD fan and/or a Wilmington resident.
  • has an interview with James Lafferty (Nathan, One Tree Hill). Have you read my interview with him yet?
  • Star News and CosmoGirl! have interviews with Shantel VanSanten (Quinn, One Tree Hill).
  • SoapNet has a poll for The O.C., asking “Who was better for Ryan?” The options are Marissa and Taylor.



3 responses

26 04 2010

I got 12/20 on that quiz. It was pretty hard…ive been to wilmington so i remembered the places…so sad to hear that CD alley went out of business. when i was there i really liked that store.

I miss Tim, Bevin, AND Jake. I think they should just bring them all back. and bring little Nathan with them, too!

Taylor was better for Ryan.

and i love the “It Happens” video!

26 04 2010

I didn’t even bother keeping track. I knew I’d do horribly, lol. CD Alley just went out a few months ago, I think. A big loss to the community.

I’m dying to know how Tim and Bevin got together.

I’ll agree that Taylor was better for Ryan but I’ll always prefer him and Marissa. They are part of my all-time favorite couples: (see part 1)

The video is so good! I just want to watch it over and over.

26 04 2010

I got an 18/20…. not bad

i REALLY miss jake!!!!!!

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