Live-Blog: 90210 2.22

18 05 2010

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EPISODE 2.22: Confessions

  • Previously on: Naomi says Cannon harassed her, he asks her why she’s ruining his life, she says she lied, Dixon asks to go to Australia, Debbie finds out about Dixon’s problems, Jasper stalks Annie, he wants to be friends and she says no, Navid leaves a gift for Ade, Ade goes to NY with Javier, Spence tells Silver not to ruin Teddy’s career, she breaks up with him, Dixon and Silver kiss, Liam gives coins to Finn, Liam finds out his maid was fired over the coins, he tries to vent to Naomi and she blows him off, he calls Annie, Jen reveals she’s pregnant
  • This is the second season finale.
  • Starts with a sonogram.
  • Showing Jen her baby.
  • Right where we left off? Yep.
  • Naomi is in the room. She’s still pretty shocked.
  • Q1: Jen’s hardly human. I wouldn’t have thought she could reproduce.–Naomi
  • Jen knows Naomi is not happy about this.
  • Naomi can’t pay for the parking. Nurse says to get a job.
  • She sneaks into a purse. Jen’s? Yes.
  • She finds a paternity test booklet.
  • It’s the evaluation report.
  • She looks shocked.
  • Annie and Liam are sitting on a bench.
  • He says he’ll be sent away if tells the truth about the coins.
  • Q2: I would never see you again. (Pause) I wouldn’t see anyone from West Bev.–Liam
  • Aw. She totally took that to heart. Me too. Freudian slip!
  • Annie gives suggestions on how to help the maid.
  • He says he messed up and hurt someone.
  • Annie says he’s lucky because he has options.
  • Q3: Sometimes you mess up and there’s no way you can ever fix it.–Annie
  • Yes! Javianna performing their duet! I EFFING LOVE THIS SONG!
  • Cut to them leaving surrounded by paparazzi.
  • Everyone loves them.
  • She says it’s all amazing.
  • In the limo, there’s tons of gifts from Javier’s fans. Including underwear. LOL
  • He finds a box…Navid’s box!
  • He says the charm bracelet isn’t his style.
  • She thinks it’s cute.
  • He says he can keep it. It’s a gift to her.
  • He helps her put it on.
  • Next day. At school.
  • Ivy hops on Dixon’s back, piggy-style. It’s cute.
  • He asks her to go to a party…a tradition.
  • Senior class passing torn down to juniors.
  • Red and white dress code. Candles.
  • OTH sorta did this but it wasn’t a real event. Just a countdown to midnight.
  • Ivy says school-sanctioned dances aren’t fun.
  • He jokes that she has a bad attitude.
  • She mentions Australia and it’s clear he’s hiding something.
  • Ivy says he’s happy they got over their fight. They just need to be honest.
  • Of course, he spies Silver and has trouble keeping his eyes off her.
  • Ryan goes into his classroom. There’s balloons and they say Congrats Dad
  • He finds a note. There’s the paternity report.
  • Wonder if it’s fake or fixed or something.
  • No Teddy or Navid yet. No real Silver, either.
  • Segment with AnnaLynne and 90210 stylist Kime Buzzelli.
  • Science class. Talking about the universe.
  • Dixon and Ivy are bored.
  • People have to pair up.
  • She makes a joke and he’s distracted.
  • He says he has something to tell her.
  • Because he can’t not.
  • He says when they broke up…
  • …she says for like 2 minutes…
  • …he says he ended up kissing Silver.
  • They were sad and drunk and it didn’t mean anything. They don’t like each other.
  • But he can’t keep a secret from her. Has to be honest.
  • Q4: You  know what, Dixon? Screw you. I don’t  need to play second fiddle to another girl anymore. I’ve been on that ride before and I’m done.–Ivy
  • He says she’s not second and she just leaves.
  • Harry is with Mark in his office.
  • Mark plagiarized a paper.
  • Harry says he will get an F in English and not graduate.
  • Mark doesn’t seem to care.
  • He feels “fairly confident” that Harry can convince the teacher not to fail him…
  • …because he will tell the superintendent how he covered up the vandalism and break-in for his son.
  • Who didn’t see that coming? LOL
  • Naomi is in gym class. People running. She can’t keep up.
  • She spies Liam and miraculously speeds up to him. LOL
  • She rambles about gym class, not realizing he’s not in a good mood.
  • And then she does.
  • But she just wants to know why he’s not returning her calls.
  • He asks how she’s feeling.
  • She forgets she claimed she was sick and then covers.
  • Q5: Stop lying.–Liam
  • She tries to cover with more excuses about being sick.
  • He stops her.
  • Q6: You know what, Naomi? It’s over. I don’t want to be with you anymore. We don’t have that much in common and you’ve lied to me too many times…It’s just too much. I’m done.–Liam
  • During that ellipsis, he adds how forgave her for the Cannon thing and then she lied to him about being sick when he really needed to talk.
  • Q7: “Oh my god! Like you’re so perfect! Like you always do the right thing!” “No, I don’t. But this, you and me, we’re done.”–Naomi and Liam
  • Wow. Didn’t expect that so early on!
  • She seems just really caught off-guard. And her response wasn’t exactly the best.
  • Still  no Teddy or Navid. Or Silver, really.
  • Gossip Girl promo. Weird.
  • Oh, because it will be on Monday at 8. Repeat, obvi.
  • Silver is interviewing Ade about her career taking off.
  • They are in the Blaze room.
  • They start to giggle about Javier.
  • Navid is there and uncomfy.
  • He spies the bracelet on her wrist and  looks confused/shocked.
  • Ade says Javier is sweet, though they  just got together.
  • Navid says to cut but Silver says they’re live LOL
  • He has a mini melt-down and ushers everyone out.
  • He has a few personal questions.
  • Q7: Like for instance, how did you get that bracelet?–Navid
  • She says Javier gave it to her.
  • He points out the charms and how Javier couldn’t have known the meanings behind them.
  • She realizes it’s from him.
  • Everyone in the hallway is watching Navianna on the TV screens.
  • Navid is ranting about her being with Javier and says she can be with him forever…
  • Q8: But you can’t do it wearing my bracelet.–Navid
  • He demands it back.
  • Q9: I don’t want to give it back, Navid.–Ade
  • She says she didn’t think he liked her.
  • She’s a lot of drama, she says.
  • He says he does like her.
  • Like EVERYONE is watching.
  • He says how amazing Javier is.
  • Q10: “I’m just Navid. How can I compete with that?” “That’s where you’re wrong, Navid. No one can compete with you.”–Navid and Adrianna
  • Everyone ‘aw’s.
  • And they kiss.
  • And everyone cheers.
  • It’s pretty awesome.
  • In the hallway, Silver is happy for them.
  • Naomi is sad. She reveals Liam broke up with her.
  • Silver hugs her.
  • At beach club, Jen is ranting about the chef’s creme brule. There’s a metaphor but it is way too sexual.
  • Ryan comes up and wants to talk to her.
  • She excuses the chef.
  • He asks if it’s true. Is she pregnant with his kid?
  • She wants to know who told him.
  • He saw the test.
  • He wants to know how she got his DNA.
  • She says he left his hairbrush at her house.
  • Had to be ages ago, though. Not ages, but you know.
  • Q11: So it’s true…I’m going to be a father.–Ryan
  • He pauses a bit shocked but then says says he’s going to get his life on track and be there for his kid.
  • He has a job, he has savings and he has summers off.
  • He wants to do whatever he can to help the raise the baby. Their baby.
  • Jen says she doesn’t need his help. She will have nannies.
  • He says it’s his baby, too. He will have rights.
  • Q12: Give it up, Ryan. My baby doesn’t need a public school teacher as a father.–Jen
  • She tries to leave and he kind of grabs her arm.
  • She frees herself, says she has prenatal yoga.
  • Ryan is kind of surprised at his actions.
  • At Silver’s garage, she confesses to Teddy that Spence offered her money to break up with him.
  • Teddy FREAKS. Yells like we’ve never seen.
  • That Spence thinks he can do whatever he wants.
  • Silver seems a little scared.
  • He asks why, if she didn’t take the money, she still broke up with him.
  • She explains that she really didn’t want to get in the way of his tennis.
  • Q13: I care about you too much to stay away from that.–Silver
  • I messed that up. Because it doesn’t make sense.
  • Q14: I want you in my life. I need you in my life.–Teddy
  • He says he can have both, her and tennis.
  • She doesn’t say anything.
  • She opens the door.
  • Q15: I ‘m sorry. It’s over.–Silver
  • Wow. 180 for Silver. So co-dependent last year and now so self-sacrificing.
  • It’s the junior-senior event.
  • Juniors in red.
  • Naomi and Silver arrive on her vespa. LOL
  • Silver is ready to leave.
  • Q16: Oh, shut up. Just because we’re single doesn’t mean we can’t have a fabulous time.–Naomi
  • She starts singing Single Ladies and it’s HILAR.
  • Silver doesn’t know why she’s not in a crappy mood.
  • Naomi says Liam is a loser and she can do better.
  • And they need to keep their heads up.
  • She starts to sing again and wants Silver to join.
  • But Silver is staring at Teddy.
  • Naomi asks why they  broke up.
  • Silver says she knows why. She wants what’s best for him.
  • Naomi says it;s the same patronizing attitude that Spence had. Shouldn’t Teddy get to choose what’s best for himself?
  • Wow. Good point, Naomi.
  • Javier comes up to Ade.
  • Why is he there?
  • He invites her to come on tour as his opening act.
  • She’s shocked…and then blurts that she’s back together with Navid.
  • Q17: “Why?” “I love him.”–Ade
  • She says she’s sorry and walks away.
  • Laurel comes up and asks if he’s ready to sing.
  • Oh, that makes sense.
  • Q18: Adrianna just broke up with me. But it’s not over til it’s over.–Javier
  • Creepy!
  • Annie is dressed up at the marina.
  • Liam is very happy to see her!
  • She says she got ready for the event but came when she got his text.
  • He explains he confessed to his mom about the coins.
  • She will be telling his stepdad tomorrow.
  • Q19: I’m so glad you made it because I wanted you here.–Liam
  • He shows her his boat.
  • She’s ecstatic to see it. Impressed that it floats. Calls it amazing.
  • There’s an innuendo in there somewhere.
  • She asks if it sails. He says “Let’s find out.”
  • They get on and set off.
  • Music picks up.
  • It’s adorable.
  • Differently done that Pacey and Joey. Good.
  • They’re sailing, sailing, sailing.
  • At the event, Ivy says she has to get of here.
  • And then a voice over a loudspeaker tells her to report to the planetarium.
  • She goes there. It’s dark. No one is there.
  • You hear Dixon’s voice as the planets show above.
  • He talks about the sun vs. earth-center universe theories.
  • But, there’s a new theory that Dixon Wilson came up with, he says,
  • Q20: He calls Ivy-centric.–Dixon
  • It shows a picture of her above.
  • Q21: You’re it, Ivy…You’re the center of my universe.–Dixon
  • Q22: God, you’re crazy, Dixon.” “Crazy about you.”–Ivy and Dixon
  • He jokes that if she doesn’t take him back, hopefully he’ll get some extra credit in class.
  • Cheesy but cute.
  • She takes his hand.
  • They get back together.
  • She still wants him to come to Australia.
  • They leave tonight!
  • But what ever happened with Debbie finding out about his problems?!
  • More than half-way through and no Harry-Debbie details.
  • Also doesn’t feel too much like a season finale yet. I guess we should expect lots in the next 20ish minutes!
  • Javier performing.
  • He looks a little angry.
  • Silver and Naomi together. S staring at Teddy.
  • He’s standing alone.
  • Naomi tells her to go to him. And have fun.
  • She walks over to him.
  • Q24: I was wrong. I love you and I want to listen to you. And if you think you can play tennis and be with me, that’s your decision.–Silver
  • He’s thrilled. They hug.
  • He asks her to dance.
  • No kiss? Boo.
  • Naomi gives her thumbs up.
  • Amazing how not broken-hearted Naomi seems.
  • Ryan is at the event. He’s clearly drunk. Or high.
  • Laurel says he’s in a good mood.
  • Q25: Not really. Actually feeling more like a piece of trash.–Ryan
  • He rambles that he was excited to be a father.
  • Laurel says she’s wasted and needs to go home.
  • He’s shocked at her rebuff.
  • I kinda am, too. Given what we’ve seen from her.
  • He leaves. I think. I mean, he walked away.
  • Class of 2010 passes torch to class of 2011.
  • People are paired up. Juniors get their candles lit from seniors.
  • Everyone is really happy. But Naomi sees Seddy and Navianna and looks sad.
  • I guess that’s the heart-break.
  • She tears up and blows out her candle.
  • She walks out and gets on a school bus.
  • Outside, Ryan approaches some older woman and says he has to get back to school.
  • She says he just missed the shuttle.
  • He demands she drive him now.
  • She says it’s 15 minutes til the next shuttle.
  • He hops in the other waiting bus and takes off.
  • Car accident coming up? Or just DUI?
  • It’s nighttime, btw.
  • On the boat, Liam apologizes to her for missing the party.
  • Wasn’t he supposed to go, too? Technically?
  • She asks what the boat’s name is.
  • He had one picked out…but now he’s not using it.
  • Aw. I guess it was Naomi? Or something to do with love?
  • Q25: I guess the future is still unwritten.–Liam
  • He asks what she thinks.
  • She thinks it’s going to be rough for him now that he confessed.
  • Q26: I’ve done drugs. I’ve been violent. I didn’t tell people the truth about what happened with Jen. I’m really sorry about that. But this year’s changed me….So, yes, it’s going to be tough. But if I didn’t [confess] I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself.–Liam
  • She says he’s a better person than I.
  • He says she would do the same in his position.
  • Q27: Actually, I’ve done far worse and I haven’t come clean…I was the one who kills Joe Herman. Naomi has that prom afterparty last year and I was really upset and drunk. And I drove like that. I was coming down Mullhollond and I hit something.  I just panicked. I couldn’t even get out of the car. I drove home and secretly got the car fixed the next morning and hoped it was a coyote or something. But it wasn’t. I found out online that I hit a person. A man. And he was in a coma. And then he died. And his name was Joe Herman. And he was a human being. And I killed him.–Annie
  • She breaks down and he pulls her into his arms.
  • Wow. That was intense.
  • Does Liam get the last name connection?
  • Herman. Jasper Herman.
  • Jasper is watching from afar, though!
  • Which we knew would happen from the promo.
  • At school, Naomi gets into her car.
  • She’s not a happy camper.
  • Her car won’t start, though!
  • She sees a light on in school.
  • Dixon is at home.
  • Debbie comes in his room.
  • He’s packing.
  • She asks what makes him think he’s going away.
  • He says he was never told he can’t.
  • Really?!
  • Q27: Oh, then let me be clear. You can’t.–Debbie
  • He says he’s been planning this for ages.
  • Um, no you haven’t.
  • He asks if he’s supposed to stick around all summer and listen to her and dad fight.
  • She just says the decision is final and walks out.
  • Cut to her sitting outside alone.
  • Harry comes home.
  • She wants to know where he was.
  • He was getting fired!!!
  • Mark tried to blackmail him.
  • He went to the superintendent and told her the truth…and they let him go.
  • Wowow.
  • She doesn’t say anything.
  • He asks for her opinion.
  • Q28: Maybe you shouldn’t have lied.–Debbie
  • He flips at that response.
  • Q29: You want some wisdom from me? Well, it’s too late. Maybe you’ve should’ve come to me before you made our lives a total mess.–Debbie
  • He says he was protecting their son.
  • She says Dixon needs to learn that actions have consequences.
  • Q30: Don’t you get it, Harry? We don’t have anything. You don’t have a job. We don’t have savings. And we don’t love each other anymore!–Debbie
  • He asks if that’s true, if they don’t love each other. And do the back-and-forth “Do you?” “Well, do you?”
  • Q31: You look me in the eye and tell me if you’re still in love with me.–Debbie
  • He just walks away.
  • Wow. That was intense. I have to say, Rob and Lori have been nailing this in the last few episodes.
  • Javier comes up to a canoodling Navianna.
  • Javier says he just wants to talk to her.
  • He knows they’re not together anymore but she’s talented.
  • And the tour offer still stands.
  • She’s shocked but happy.
  • Navid says she should do it. It’s a huge opportunity.
  • And he can go too!
  • Javier says the tour is the whole year, not just the summer.
  • Q32: Adrianna, this is your dream. Right here, right now. I know it’s not the safe move. Come on, take a risk.–Javier
  • Oh boy. Offering her that high.
  • Naomi goes into an open classroom.
  • Cannon is in there working.
  • She says her car won’t start.
  • He looks sad and nervous.
  • She says she needs a phone to call AAA.
  • He asks if everything’s okay.
  • She starts to cry and says it’s not.
  • She sits down.
  • Q33: Everything is not okay. Everything is wrong. And it’s all my fault. Because I’m self-centered and I’m a liar. And a terrible person.–Naomi
  • He says she’s not a terrible person.
  • She says she almost ruined his life.
  • He says she didn’t.
  • He offers her some water.
  • He seems so sincere. But the promo suggests otherwise.
  • Ryan leaves the bus running and gets out.
  • Hit by a car?
  • No, he’s in the West Bev parking lot.
  • Gets into his car.
  • And hits the car in front of him. Like a fender bender.
  • He spies Naomi in the classroom window. But I don’t think she saw.
  • He backs up in a fast speed and hits the West Bev sign!
  • Cannon closes the blinds.
  • The lights on the broken sign have started a fire.
  • Liam and Annie are outside her house.
  • She says she has to do this alone.
  • He says he’s sleeping on his boat. His last night of freedom.
  • But if she needs him..
  • She thanks him. And they hug. And it’s awkwardly hot.
  • She goes inside.
  • Debbie is sitting alone, playing with her wedding ring.
  • No, Harry is there, too.
  • Q34: Mom, dad. I have something that I have to tell you.–Annie
  • Liam is back at the marina.
  • He spies his boat burning!
  • He runs over to it but it’s too far away.
  • A fireball goes up.
  • There’s Jasper, with his crutches, coming onto the dock from a smaller boat.
  • Liam tackles him!
  • And punches him!
  • Hard!
  • Multiple times!
  • Sirens in the background!
  • Liam stops, hearing the sirens, but then punches again.
  • And again.
  • Cannon is showing Naomi a documentary.
  • Naomi says it’s amazing. She’s impressed.
  • He says he’s glad. He’s not a boring old bastard then.
  • She says no. He’s talented.
  • He thanks her. And takes her hand.
  • It’s awk but she goes with it.
  • But then wants her hand back.
  • She says she should call AAA.
  • He kisses her!
  • She pushes him away.
  • Q35: I know you wanted me to kiss you. Don’t feel guilty.–Cannon
  • Q36: Enough with the teasing. And the whole harassment fantasy. Now that you’ve provoked me, you’re going to play innocent. I know you want me to.–Cannon
  • Don’t think I got that quite right.
  • She pushes him away again.
  • He slaps her face!
  • She tries to leave and he grabs her from behind.
  • She says she’ll tell on him. He asks who’s she going to tell.
  • Q37: Who’s gonna believe you? You’re the girl that cried wolf.–Cannon
  • She looks shocked…because he’s right.
  • Music blasts.
  • Cuts to the West  Bev sign outside.
  • Fades to black.
  • Wish the promo and spoilers from MONTHS AGO didn’t completely give away the ending.
  • No Harry resolution. Which I learned would be the case just a few hours ago. Interesting.

That’s a wrap on 90210 and live-blogging til the fall.

I will be resuming my weekly trivia games on Twitter soon and I will also have surveys to evaluate One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and 90210’s seasons, like I did last year.



18 responses

18 05 2010

it was slow in the beginning it picked up the last… 20 mins of the show
at first i thought there was gonna be another andrea situation going on with naomi but i was wrong, but cannon’s right who is gonna believe her now
i cant stop thinking about noah when they show liam and his boat, though i feel really bad that nutcase jasper set his pride and joy on fire… my bet is that liam kills him, i mean he’s probably thinking what does he have to lose? either go to jail or having to deal with his step-dad doing god knows what to him
i really wanted to find out what was going to happen with harry and how they’re going to make him exit the show

im really looking forward to next season & seeing if liam and annie become a couple… they’re cute imo
the cliff-hanger ending made me mad ngl

18 05 2010

OK. So, who wouldn’t fall in love in a planetarium, just like Dylan and Kelly? Good call, Dixon. And since we all knew Jasper was going Emily Valentine, using fire was a fitting form of destruction. If Dixon sneaks off to Australia with his girlfriend, that would be a Brenda-esque thing to do.

18 05 2010

I hate to say it but this episode was a complete let down! I’m just very disappointed right now.

18 05 2010

Kat, I thought the same thing about the planetarium lol

18 05 2010

the cw is recycling wardrobes. jen was wearing the smae dress we previously discussed both serena and quinn wearing. the purple one shouldered one.

18 05 2010

Danielle, it definitely picked up at the end. It felt like a “normal” episode and then a bunch of kind-of cliff-hangers at the end. But I still would’ve bought it as not a season finale. Love the Andrea and Noah references! Hadn’t thought of either of those! I expected a clear-cut Harry resolution but that was among many things the show failed to really address in this episode. I am definitely still intrigued by Lannie and that’s probably the only thing I will look forward to.

Kat, can I just say I love you? Like, the way your mind works–it’s just awesome.

Wes, at first I was surprised by your comment. But I’ve given more thought to it…and I agree. It’s weird. Last night, I was entertained by Gossip Girl but disappointed when I realized its flaws but, on the whole, have no real problem with it. Tonight I was fairly entertained as well, but EXTREMELY disappointed when I realized its flaws. First off, the promo gave away two of the “biggest” events: Cannon/Naomi and Liam/Jasper. Second, we already knew about Naomi and the boat fire for, like, months now. Third, promised things didn’t happen. I mean, there’s a quote floating around somewhere from Trevor that says we would find out who killed Jasper’s uncle at the end of the episode or something like that. Or who might have killed him. That obviously didn’t happen. There was a spoiler/description that Teddy would confront his dad or lash out at him or something. That didn’t happen. The CW had said months ago that it would be clear by the end of the season why Rob was leaving. That didn’t happen. The episode had all this hype and promise…and didn’t deliver. It’s entirely possible that if we didn’t know above any of that stuff supposedly happening, we’d be pleased by what did happen. But that’s obviously not the case. I just don’t get it. I wonder if there was massive editing changes and cuts or something at the last minute. I don’t know.

beka, wow, didn’t spot that! Thanks for pointing it out! Weird, as each show has their costume department, designers, stylists, etc.

19 05 2010
Brandon M

I still don’t see the sparks in any relationship Dixon has had on the show so far. I keep trying REALLY hard to like Dixon because I think Tristan does a great job at playing him but the direction the character keeps going in turns me off. I miss the build up and angst that used to populate teen drama relationships. I’ve seen “some” of that in these couples but a lot of the times that even feels forced to me.

I’m still sick of the Jen/Ryan stuff. I don’t care that she’s pregnant, I don’t care enough about Ryan to care how it effects him. I feel like the show hasn’t given us the chance to care about Ryan.

Teddy/Silver, Liam/Annie, and Navid/Adrianna: I like where that is headed for now I guess. I’m not sure where Naomi fits into all of that but I guess we’ll see next season. One opinion one of my friends gave me about the show was how it seems they’re trying to replicate the Brenda/Dylan/Kelly triangle in Annie/Liam/Naomi but failing miserably because nobody cares. I’m interested if you think that’s the case and whether or not it’s working 😛

I will note one more thing… I enjoy the West Bev scenes a lot more when they actually film on location at St. Mary’s instead of the backlot thing they have set up. It’s no Torrance, but it’s a close enough match to give off that West Bev feeling IMO.

Sorry for all of the ranting 😛

Bad things aside, the episode left me on the edge of my seat waiting for Season 3. Part of me wonders if the fire Ryan caused will interrupt Naomi’s assault, or if he’ll play a role as the witness to the whole thing.

This is going to be my first summer without your weekly live blogs. I’m going to miss them! And I just wanted to take the time to thank you for everything you do for us fellow teen drama whores. =P

So yeah, thanks! =)

19 05 2010

Brandon, I think I see a litttttttle bit of spark with Dixon and Silver. Potentially. Kind of. Maybe. But I am on the whole disappointed with him, especially because–as you pretty much said–Tristan is capable of so much more. They’ve done build-up and angst quite a bit this season with Liomi, Seddy, Navianna and Lannie. Liomi I bought into it because of the sexual chemistry (while knowing the relationship would never actually work). Seddy I enjoyed but have been turned off (and on and off and on…) since they actually got together. Navianna I’m indifferent. Lannie I kinda sorta love. But in all cases, it’s definitely not on par with what we saw past teen dramas accomplish. I agree on Jen/Ryan. I am sick of them, too. Jen vs. Naomi just feels old and tiresome. And Ryan just doesn’t feel like he belongs on the show. I was buying it for a decent amount of last season but now I really wish they would write him (and her) out…or genuinely do a teacher-student romance, but it seems like that won’t be possible for a while. I kind of feel like where we actually don’t know where any of those 3 couples are headed. Annie and Adrianna’s personal stories ended with cliffhangers, and the results will affect their pairings. Trevor has played very coy about whether he’s going to be back, so I’m not convinced he will be. And even still, the writers make that pairing go so hot and cold, I wouldn’t be surprised if–whether the premiere picks up right where we left off or after the summer or whenever–if it ended very quickly, ala Sixson in this season’s premiere and/or was off-and-on again. As for where Naomi fits into it, well, I am presuming she will be dealing with being raped or almost raped. I would think that will involve Liam somehow, but I’m not sure. (All of this is just guessing.) Yes, I did feel like they were kinda sorta trying to replicate Brenda/Dylan/Kelly but with the blonde/brunette positions reversed and different histories with the couples and friendships. I am glad that, unlike that triangle though, they didn’t have Lannie kiss or get physical while Liomi was still together. No worries about the ranting–you know you can say whatever you want! I guess it’s a good sign that the episode left you on the edge of your seat waiting for season 3. I feel like that would be the goal of any season finale, you know? So mission accomplished. I am very curious about the Ryan thing. I think either of what you said is possible and intriguing. For a second, as I watching and saw him see her, I wondered if the promo was misleading and he’d be the one to assault her or maybe he’d join Cannon. Now that would’ve been crazy! Aw, that was a really sweet comment about the live-blogs and TDW. You’re very welcome. I owe you–all of you–a hearty thanks because I don’t know that I’d still be doing all of this if no one was reading it. So, thank you, Brandon and everyone else. =)

19 05 2010

I kinda loved this episode, even though it did not seem like a finale. The boat thing had a lotta hype and did not deliver. But I absolutely loved the Lannie moments. And I melted when Ade told Navid no one compares to him. How sweet!!! The Naomi/Mr. Canon thing was creepy but I myself did not expect it LOL. I LOVE Dixon/Ivy/Divy–before I was skeptical but I am luvvin them. I only like the TEDDY half of Seddy. Silver is SO boring and i feel they wasted her character…maybe Dixon, too. I loved the Liomi breakup. I REALLY wish they would write Ryan/Jen out. Even with the baby, they are SO LAME. Ugh. Why cant Jasper be reformed? I hate his psychoness….really. Its not even fun to watch anymore. Im not really interested in Annies accident dilemma, because shes not going to JAIL regardless. What else could happen? THANK U, TDW, 4 an awesome season (s) of liveblogs. Your site is to die for, so professional, I love it!! I come here everyday and your liveblogs are crucial even if I saw the ep!!

19 05 2010

Exactly!! Everything was just so.. not like I thought it was going to be because of all the spoilers and stuff. It seems like they changed their minds last minute which wasn’t a good idea at all. There was suppose to be a scene where Naomi goes over to Liam with some guy holding a video camera and apologize during a live broadcast and he tells her that he doesn’t love her and the whole school sees it but they switched it to Navianna being the couple on camera. There was suppose to be a scene where Annie went to the police and confessed with Harry and Debbie next to her but then they find out that she didn’t kill him. I was expecting Liam to come in wearing handcuffs at that moment when Annie was confessing to the police and then overhears that she didn’t kill him and is happy but Annie looks confused as to why Liam is in handcuffs because he beat up Jasper. I wanted to see Dixon at the airport with Ivy and them getting on the plane with him not caring that his parents told him not to. I wanted to see Teddy confront his dad in the craziest way to the point of him actually punching his dad.

Everything was just left up in the air and I know they are suppose to be cliffhangers on the finale but to me those didn’t feel like cliffhangers they were just randomly unanswered events if that makes sense and I really was irritated by the fact that the writers made Annie and Liam miss the torch ceremony. I thought that was a very important moment and with them being juniors turning into seniors, the whole gang should have been there. I did love the Divy and Lannie scenes though 🙂

Either the writers got lazy after the first half of the season which was perfect, I got my hopes up from all the spoilers, or they have an amazing season 3 planned for us. I’m really hoping it’s the last one though becuase that finale was not so great. 6/10 in my book. I give Gossip Girl the cake for best finale this season but last season would have definately been either 90210 or One Tree Hill.

19 05 2010

OMG guys are you kidding silver/dixon have so much chemistry (just watched the S1 and you will see, SIXON ROCKS) together so much than the awful pairing : silver/teddy.(no chemistry, boring and besides Silver’s character wa ruined with teddy, she was so much fun with dixon and loved her free spirit now she’s more like the other girl it’s too bad)
Anyway I just liked the Naom SL it was great even if I love naomi/liam I want to see her alone on S3, she’s so funny but I guess with the final she will be not happy for while like annie on S2.
Dixon seriously on S3 he need a great SL Tristan he’s such a great actor he deserves it and of course I want sixon reunite on the end of S3 with a good build up!
but sorry trevor I have anything against him but he need to takes some lessons to act he was so fake sometimes.
Ade/navid I really want that couple apart for a while bc they start to be really boring!
Liam’s fight with jasper was really great I’m wondering what’s going to happen to him on S3.
AND Too what’s going to appen to dixon after his ran away!

19 05 2010


1. The network should really try to minimize the way they allow the amount spoilers they release into the public or at least make them not what they actually seem to be.

2. As per the promos, I actually am surprise about them revealing Mr. Cannon kissing Naomi but that would have definitely get me curious as to how’s that going to happen. It’s like it got myself thinking: “Is he going to rape Naomi? or what?”

3. Cheesy, I love how Dixon tries to win Ivy with a ‘cheesy’ show inside a planetarium. But that still doesn’t change my view of him being a jerk that I’ve hated since the second hal of the season. I have to agree that Tristan needs some juicy stuff that make Dixon not always look like the one who thinks he’s the victim of everything.

4. It’s still up in the air how they’re going to give a good send-off to Harry. Him leaving requires the actual actor to at least have a departing scene to give fans closure to how his marriage rift will all go down.

5. Ending Season 2 with a lot of cliffhangers got my at the edge of my seat, and this is how I would rate them from 1 below:
1)Naomi’s Rape
2)Annie’s Confession
3)Jasper-Liam Confrontation
4)Adrianna’s latest dilemma (She’s bad at making choices)
5)Wilson divorce
6) Season finale of The Ryan Mini-Show
7)Stow Away Dixon

6. I wish they could have added something more to the Teddy-Silver love story although I love how they were brought back together again, it’s just that they can not let them have this increasingly boring on-off relationship working without a good reason to justify doing such.

If in Season 1, 90210 was looking for an identity, Season 2 gave them one. Now they need to get a good footing by the time Season 3 comes around in the fall!

19 05 2010

Wait a minute. After Cannon whispered ‘whos gonna believe you? Youre the girl who cried wolf.’, did he continue to make advances toward her? Were they implying that he was going to continue and rape her? That wasnt the first impression i got, but now that i think about it, i dont know.

19 05 2010

That was how it looked like to me. Unless though there’s the possibility of Naomi just giving in to the harassment upon realizing that no one will believe her she was harassed this time around.

19 05 2010

Alexandra, I agree that it did not really seem like a finale. The boat thing did have a lot of hype, as did some other things like Annie confessing, Naomi’s whatever, Teddy confronting his dad and Harry’s resolution. You make a great, often overlooked point about Annie confessing: it’s like guaranteed she won’t be going to jail. They keep prolonging this storyline and I am expecting a huge pay off but I just can’t believe they’ll actually be able to accomplish that. I think the show ended with the implication that Cannon will rape Naomi but I wonder how will we know for sure. Will the premiere pick up at that point? Right after as she leaves with, perhaps, her dress torn and some bruises and/or blood? Or will it be some significant time later and we’ll just assume? Or see flashbacks? Lots of possibilities. Thank you for your kind, kind words about the site. I am humbled and so appreciative.

Wes, yes, the spoilers had me envisioning…well, I don’t know, I didn’t have specifics in mind but there were specific plot points I expected that didn’t happen. I try not to read the sides so I didn’t know about those scenes. It’s possible they were cut from the draft and never even filmed or just cut from the episode–whichever, I’d love to know why. I do remember hearing about the Liomi thing at school but I forgot all about it. I would’ve wanted a Dixon airport scene, just a more clear-cut indication that he went on the trip. I guess technically there were cliff-hangers, but a) they were spoiled and b) they weren’t quite the cliff-hangers I expected. And you’re right–the whole gang should’ve been at the Torch Ceremony. I’ve mentioned before that there’s no overall cohesion, no real overall group of friends and I don’t really like it. I’m not saying that the event should’ve showed them all there as friends, but a montage of them all there during the ceremony might’ve been quite nice. I can’t say I thought the first half of the season was perfect–far from it but we know I’m very critical of this show–and I can’t say I see that much difference in quality or tone, etc. (but in characters, yes) from season 1 so I can’t imagine season 3 being different. I do agree Gossip Girl takes the cake this year and it was One Tree Hill for me last year.

Kathy, I don’t attribute Silver’s free spirit-ness to Dixon and her lack of it to Teddy. I mean, for a good portion of this season she wasn’t even really with Teddy. There just seems to be a fairly big rewrite in her personality from last season to this one. But I don’t think it has to do with the guy she’s with, though her personality can affect their chemistry, of course. (Does that make sense?) Interesting comparison of Annie with the season 1 finale and it leading to massive unhappiness for her in season 2 and now potentially/seemingly the same with Naomi. I’ve never been big on Navianna…mostly indifferent. I kind of feel like they are mismatched. As I said elsewhere/earlier, I do wish Tristan had some better storylines. Definitely curious to know what will happen with Liam and Jasper but more Liam than Jasper.

James, good break-down of points! I really don’t get how they let all those spoilers out and some didn’t even happen or how they let the promo reveal some of the biggest events. Poor, poor choice. I was under the impression Rob was completely done and wouldn’t be filming for season 3, which gave me the impression we’d see no Harry whatsoever in season 3. I guess it’s possible they already filmed things in advance. Or it will just be really sketch. I don’t know. Interesting ranking off the cliff-hangers. I will have to think more about that. They definitely need better justifications for Silver-Teddy being off-and-on. This is not how I expected/wanted the relationship to go. I’m a bit confused by your last comment, though. If the show truly has an identity that should mean it is already on good footing.

19 05 2010

A few other thoughts…

Navianna being together and Javier tempting her with the tour offer reminded me of Naley and Chris Keller on One Tree Hill. Of course, Navianna isn’t married so it’s not quite the same thing but it was very similar.

Jen was pretty convincing, in the scene with Ryan, that he was really the babydaddy. My instinct was not to believe her but her utter disgust with him being the father seem legit. Then again, she did a pretty good job of misleading and manipulating Naomi with the Olivier thing two weeks ago.

The Navianna reconciliation scene, with Navid asking how he can compete with Javier and Ade saying he doesn’t have to, reminded me of Pacey and Joey on Dawson’s Creek. Of course, Navianna had a legit past history as a couple where as PJ (Jacey? Poey? I’ve never really used a nickname for them!) didn’t. There was also a more humorous tone to it with Navianna where Pacey and Joey’s was much more exasperated.

20 05 2010

on my last comment, what I was trying to say that in season 1, the show was obviously lacking a creative direction on where it wanted to go, as a show about the lives of Erin Silver and company or a show that is more focused on the vets than the actual stars of the show. in Season 2, we got the answer for that so the only problem I’m looking at on how the season fared was that it was inconsistent with the way they handled their storylines ever since the show came back last March.

There was a lot of hype from the first half about the the conclusion of Annie’s hit-and-run story, Liam’s boat, etc. They could have done in a way seamlessly executed as I see the intention with how the writers want to drive such stories and not suddenly dropping them out like peas in a pod. “Solid footing”, meaning they have to make storylines last as long as they could and not just mere 2-5 episodes.

20 05 2010

Hm. Well, I guess I disagree that they found a creative direction in season 2. Still seems all over the map to me, with teen stories, adult stories and teen-adult stories that aren’t woven together successfully ala The O.C. and One Tree Hill.

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