Second Annual 90210 Evaluation

30 05 2010

With the One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl evaluations complete (results for GG will be posted later today), the last set before the final match-up is 90210.

You have until Tuesday at 11:59pm to answer the polls.

**Please remember your answers should be based solely on the season that just ended, except for the last question, which is about the show overall.**

Note: The format is wonky for the open-ended questions.  Please put your answer in the “other” space.



3 responses

1 06 2010

My favorites:

Best female character: Annie. Adrianna would be second
Best male character: Liam or Dixon
Best couple: Since Lannie isn’t a , I would say Silver/Dixon or Dixon/Ivy
Worst couple: Naomi/Liam or Silver/Teddy
Favorite supporting character: Ivy or Kelly

1 06 2010

Since Lannie isn’t a couple yet*

1 06 2010

some of the write in ones I’m not sure of so I left them blank. lol

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