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26 06 2010

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26 06 2010

Jessica Biel starred in 7th Heaven which guest starred Ashley Tisdale who is now in Hellcats which also stars Robbie Jones (Quentin, One Tree Hill) and Matt Barr (Derek, One Tree Hill). Robbie was in an episode of Southland which stars Benjamin Mckenzie (Ryan, The OC) while Matt starred in the mini-series Harper’s Island which also starred Kaite Cassidy who, other than going to guest star in Gossip Girl for a multi-episode arc on season 4, was also in A Nightmare in Elm Street with Thomas Dekker who was in Heroes with Hayden Panettiere who starred as the nth Lizzie Spaulding in Guiding Light at the same time as Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley, One Tree Hill).

Back to Matt, he recently guest starred in CSI which, in the past, had Matt Lanter (Liam, 90210) and Annalyn McCord (Naomi, 90210) as guest stars in separate episodes.

26 06 2010

Great start, James!

7th Heaven also starred Ashlee Simpson who is married to Pete Wentz, who appeared as himself in multiple episodes of OTH. Simpson also starred in The CW’s Melrose Place, which also featured Laura Leighton (Sophie, Beverly Hills 90210) and Daphne Zuniga (Victoria, OTH) and Cassidy. Leighton is now on Pretty Little Liars with a slew of past teen drama stars.

Also with Cassidy in Nightmare On Elm Street, I believe, was Kellan Lutz (George, 90210), which leads us to all the Twilight connections.

7th Heaven also starred Barry Watson, who starred in What About Brian, which featured Jessica Szohr (Vanessa, Gossip Girl) and Sarah Lancaster who was on Everwood, which starred Chris Pratt (Che, The O.C.) and was created by Greg Berlanti (writer-producer, Dawson’s Creek).

7th Heaven also starred David Gallagher, who was in the CW pilot Betwixt with Austin Butler, who is on Life Unexpected with Kerr Smith (Jack, Dawson’s Creek) and Shiri Appleby (Rene, Beverly Hills 90210) and was created by Liz Tigelarr, who started out on Dawson’s Creek. LUX also stars Brit Robertson, who used to work with Charles Rosin (executive producer, BH90210) and Rosin used to work on Dawson’s Creek as well.

Barr also appeared on Gossip Girl and The O.C.

Southland also stars Michael Cudlitz (Tony, BH90210) and has featured Gillian Zinser (Ivy, 90210) and Taylor Handley (Oliver, The O.C.; Patrick, Dawson’s Creek).

With Panettierre on Heroes was Milo Ventimiglia, who gives us the Gilmore Girls connections, and Ali Larter (Kristy, Dawson’s Creek).

And, of course, there were a few other teen drama stars on GL.

26 06 2010

Jessica Biel was in The A Team with Bradley Cooper which brings all the New York I Love You connections eg Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson.

Jessica Biel was also in Elizabethtown with Kirsten Dunst which brings all last weeks connections.

Biel was also in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Mike Vogel who was in Sisterhood of the travelling Pants with Blake Lively (Serena, Gossip Girl). Vogel was also in Blue Valentine with Michelle Williams (Jen, Dawsons Creek). Also in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was Eric Balfour (Eddie, The OC).

Biel was also in Cellular with Valerie Cruz who was in True Blood with Joe Manganiello (Owen, OTH).

27 06 2010

7th Heaven also had Haylie Duff as Sandy, who is Hilary’s sister. (Olivia, GG.)
Rachel Blanchard was also on 7th Heaven (Roxanne) and she played Cher on the TV show version of Clueless. And Elisa Donovan (Ginger, BH90210) was on Clueless, the movie and the TV show.

Donald Faison was in Clueless too, and he was in Big Fat Liar with Amanda Bynes which gives you all the What I Like About You Connections. (Jennie Garth, Danneel Harris, Luke Perry, Jason Priestley, Ian Ziering, etc.)

Brittany Murphy was in both Clueless and Uptown Girls with Donald Faison, and Uptown Girls featured Heather Locklear who was on Melrose Place. (Part of BH90210 franchise, and many cross overs.) Plus everything that has been mentioned regarding Melrose Place.

Faison was also in Josie and the Pussycats which has Rosario Dawson who was in Clerks 2. And Clerks 2 is a Kevin Smith film, and Smith casts many of the same actors in his films. Shannen Doherty (Brenda, BH90210) was in Smith’s film Mallrats. Mallrats and Clerks 2 both featured: Jason Lee, Ethan Slupee, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith.

And Jason Priestly (Brandon, BH90210) appeared in an episode of My Name Is Earl, a show which both Jason Lee and Ethan Slupee star.

Alyssa Milano was also on My Name Is Earl and she was on Charmed with Shannen Doherty (Brenda, BH90210).

27 06 2010

Most of my connections have to do with Jessical Biel being in Summer Catch.

Biel was in Summer Catch with Marc Blucas who was in First Daughter with Katie Holmes(Joey, Dawson’s Creek).

Brittany Murphy was also in Summer Catch which gives us the connections already named.

Matthew Lillard was in Summer Catch also and he was in The Perfect Score with Bryan Greenberg (Jake, One Tree Hill).

Continuing with Summer Catch….Jason Gedrick who played Mike Dunne was in Windfall with Luke Perry(Dylan, Beverly HIlls 90210). Peyton List was also in Windfall and she played one of Brooke’s models in season 3.

Brian Dennehy was also in Summer Catch. He was also in A Season on the Brink with James Lafferty(Nathan, One Tree Hill). I’m pretty sure that’s the first connection I have made to him!

Cedric Pendleton was in both an episode of One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek.

Christian Kane was in an episode of Dawson’s Creek. He was also in Friday Night Lights which featured Amber Heard who was in Never Back Down with Cam Gigandet and Sean Faris who had roles in The OC and One Tree Hill, respectively. Sean Faris was also in Reunion which costarred Amanda Righetti who was on The OC as Hailey. She was also in North Shore which had Shannen Doherty(Brenda, BevHills90210) in it as well as Kristoffer Polaha who is in Life Unexpected with Kerr Smith(Jack, Dawson’s Creek). RUN ON SENTENCE. haha

Biel also brings us all the Valentine’s Day connections.

She was also in I’ll Be Home for Christmas with Jonathan Taylor Thomas who voiced Simba in the Lion King. Matthew Broderick also voiced Simba and he was in WarGames with Barry Corbin(Whitey, One Tree HIll). Moira Kelly(Karen One Tree Hill) voiced Nala in The Lion King.

JTT was also in 8 Simple Rules which featured Billy Aaron Brown who is in Holiday In The Sun with Austin Nichols(Julian, One Tree Hill).

27 06 2010

Well, I never thought this would catch and I thought I was a big dork for knowing connections like these. You guys have done awesome and made me feel like less of a dork. I don’t have any connections to add, just wanted to say that.

27 06 2010

Thanks TDW, I managed to catch the two Matt’s CSI episodes thus I think it’s worth mentioning it.

I can’t especially forget Matt Lanter’s guesting on the show, his character was a victim of a prank gone wrong then became sadistically insane (manic teacher committing suicide to lay dead next to a rotting body of a high school scholar much?). The other Matt, I manage to catch up on it when the said episode aired a few weeks ago on this side of the globe where he was being observed by some of the CSI’s while dealing marijuana.

27 06 2010

If it hasn’t already been said – Jessica was on 7th Heaven with David Gallagher, who dated Megan Fox, who is engaged to Brian Austin Green.

27 06 2010

Holiday In The Sun is a MK&A Olsen movie, as is New York Minute. New York Minute featured Jared Padalecki, who was on Gilmore Girls. And Gilmore Girls gives you CMM (Luke, OTH) and Adam Brody (Seth, The OC). Riley Smith is also in New York Minute, and he dated Danneel Harris (Rachel, OTH).

Another Olsen movie, Getting There features Holly Towne who was in Bring It On Again, which has Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley, OTH).

Oh, and I forgot to include this with my Uptown Girls connections from earlier. Jesse Spencer is in that movie and he is on House with Olivia Wilde (Alex, The OC).

27 06 2010

Jesse Spencer is also in a MK&A Olsen movie.

27 06 2010

David Gallagher was in an episode of The Starlet on The WB and the winner of that show had a walk-on role on One Tree Hill in season 2. Also, the scene he had to do on The Starlet was one from A Cinderella Story – he played Chad Michael Murray’s character for the part.

It is scary/pathetic how good my memory is.

27 06 2010

I remember that show, I always thought it was funny that her walk-on role was supposed to be a big deal and it lasted like 20 seconds and then she never had a single role on another TV show.

Also, on The Starlet they performed Tiffani Amber Thiessen’s (Val, BH90210) girl on girl kiss from Fastlane.

And Vivica A. Fox was one of the judges and she appeared in an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 as the walshe’s neighbor.

28 06 2010

haha i know. i expected her to be a new character or something. that was a good show – i wish they did more seasons…i got a lot of laughs out of it.

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