News Roundup: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, The O.C. and Dawson’s Creek

26 06 2010
  • In reply to a question asked by a fan, Sophia Bush (Brooke, One Tree Hill) tweeted “Season 8 is our final year…” but later clarified with “This is the last season anyone is contracted for. I don’t mean to break any ♥s, I just want to be honest with you guys. I guess we’ll see!”
  • Katie Cassidy, of The CW’s Melrose Place, has been cast in a recurring role on Gossip Girl. She’s currently filming the movie Monte Carlo with Leighton Meester (Blair, Gossip Girl).
  • PopEater has an interesting article that asks why Miley Cyrus gets so much criticism when Taylor Momsen (Jenny, Gossip Girl), who is younger and arguably more outlandish, doesn’t.
  • The Vans Warped Tour, featuring Momsen’s band The Pretty Reckless, started last night.
  • SoapNet will air a July 4th marathon of The O.C. called Oh Say Can You O.C. from 3-7pm. I’ll post a reminder that morning.
  • Just found out James Van Der Beek (Dawson, Dawson’s Creek) has an official page on Facebook.



6 responses

27 06 2010

WAH-HOOO!!! Katie Cassidy is a gem, and the only one of the younger set that deserved to be on the late, unlamented MP. *pleaseletherplayabitchonGG*fingerscrossed*

27 06 2010

about sophias comment….i love the show just as much as anyone else but i think its good that someone is saying it….its better the show get a proper ending than try to keep dragging it out and never getting the finale we all hoped for

27 06 2010

For me, OTH has to end sooner than later. It’s enough of an honor that the show is already considered one of the longest-running youth-oriented dramas in the US. It would be a big bonus if they manage to live past 2 more seasons or go 300 episodes to break Beverly Hills 90210’s record but by the way the show’s direction is taking, I don’t think there’s enough good stories for Mark Schwan to tell except that good things are finally happening to the young adults of Tree Hill.

BH90210 I think got lucky for running that long because they got the upperhand of exploring stories affecting teens and young adults first before anyone else althougb igt had its ups and downs.

It would be nice as early as now to map out how MS would wanna end the series on a good note like: Reuniting the brothers, give Dan the happiness he deserves, give Brooke and Julian a child, have Clay and Quinn drove off the sunset and let the Fab Five end the show together playing basketball at the town basketball court.


27 06 2010

OMG, I never realized the Miley/Taylor thing. Taylor does things way worse for her age as opposed to Miley, who just dresses a little scantily. Taylor smokes, swears like a sailor (even on television sometimes), and dresses like a prostitute, even when she’s not performing her psychotic rock. Miley just dresses a little out there. Maybe they’re being too harsh on her for once. No, not maybe, definitely.

27 06 2010
Thing 3

The thing about taylor is, shes on a show that caters to more teens, where as miley is on a show that caters to children/preteens plus Miley is kinda in the spotlight way more than taylor and Miley has a bigger impact as well.

28 06 2010

I hope Katie’s character takes Blair down!!

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