Spoiler: Watch With Kristin

29 06 2010


Brynn in New York City: After that 90210 finale, I need a reason to keep watching. Got anything for me?
When we return to West Beverly, Annie and Liam will be fighting those lovey-dovey feelings they’ve pretty much always had for each other. Liam’s over Naomi and all that drama-rama, but Annie’s determined to keep a clean conscience and steer clear of whatever happened between the two this summer. I’m guessing hot hookup. You?

Billie in Calif.: Anything on Gossip Girl today?
Former Melrose Place vixen Katie Cassidy is headed way across the country for her next CW gig,  joining the cast of Gossip Girl. And yes, it’s true tubers, she is taking the role Chace Crawford promised to someone very important, ahem, me! Yessir, Katie will be Nate’s new Columbia co-ed galpal. And per usual with G.G. and K.C., she’s got a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’ up her sleeve that will wreak a little havoc on the gang. Step aside, Georgina!

Credit: E! Online



4 responses

29 06 2010

Yes something happened between Lannie 🙂

29 06 2010

Yes some Lannie drama!

29 06 2010

That is one reason to watch 90210 next season lol … and Katie Cassidy as Nate’s love interest on GG?! hmmmm seems like Nate is moving on from Serena to a Serena look-a-like lol Hopefully she brings something interesting to the show, unlike JoAnna Garcia’s character last fall….

29 06 2010

Maybe I’m a making things more complicated, but I think there’s more than one way to read what Kristin wrote about about Lannie.

Alyssa, your last line is exactly why I’m not enthused about this casting. No offense to Cassidy–I’ve never seen her in anything–but the description we’ve been given thus far sounds like Bree version 2.0: Nate’s sweet new girlfriend who turns out to have ulterior motives. Maybe she’ll be more “Georgina hardcore” and affect more people than Bree did, in which case it’s still a retread.

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