News Roundup: Gossip Girl, 90210, and One Tree Hill

18 08 2010
  • The CW will have a fall preview at the Paley Center in Los Angeles on September 15, featuring a “premiere screening of a CW returning favorite” but it likely won’t be Gossip Girl, 90210 or One Tree Hill since they will all have premiered earlier that week.
  • Blake Lively (Serena, Gossip Girl) is on the cover of Interview’s September issue. The interview, conducted by her The Town co-star and director, Ben Affleck, is really great.
  • Hilary Duff (Olivia, Gossip Girl) is on the cover of OK! Magazine, giving the tab an exclusive about her recent wedding.
  • 90210 will soon air in India on the new Big CBS network. CBS Television Studios produces 90210, and the CBS Corporation owns 50 percent of The CW.
  • PopWrap has a spoiler-filled interview with Matt Lanter (Liam, 90210). One immediate thought (and I’ll admit I’m unfairly judging without seeing the episodes and just relying on what he said): I don’t know what this show has against continuity.
  • reports that Michael Trucco (Cooper, One Tree Hill) could make another appearance on V.
  • Emmanuelle Vaugier (Nicki, One Tree Hill) is not on Twitter after all. A Covert Affairs associate producer has tweeted an apology for saying it is her when it is actually an impersonator. Uncool.



3 responses

19 08 2010

Read Matt Lanter’s interview, and I’m a little confused. Is he saying that the Jasper storyline is over with? No resolution after the whole fight scene on the season finale?? Why???? Really, these writers need to pay attention and address the storylines appropriately. You can’t give the audience this whole huge storyline and just have it end so abruptly without any sufficient closure! And also, Liam has a half-black brother who comes back into his life? Peyton and Derek anyone?! Come on, been there done that! I really hope they pull it off!!!!!!!!

19 08 2010

I believe that’s exactly what he’s saying. In fact, I believe I read that in another interview, too, with him but I may be mistaken. When I interviewed Zach last May, after the finale was shot, he had no idea if he’d be back because the writers were always changing things. Shenae has also said the whole hit-and-run thing would be dropped, and that’s Jasper-related, I guess. I suppose anything can still change and maybe they’re planning something down the road but “planning” doesn’t really seem to be the case with the show. And I guess it’s entirely possible both Shenae and Matt are being misleading on purpose but I kind of doubt it. So all that said, I completely agree with you.

And I agree about the OTH comparison, something I vaguely hinted to when I posted the casting news for the new character, but no one seemed to pick up on it at the time. Disappointing on all counts!

19 08 2010

Hmm, 90210 is supposedly already airing on India via another Pan-Asian broadcast entity. Although it may mean the righst to broadcast CBS-produced programs will be shared as it has always been the case on overseas cable networks.

Re: Matt’s interview, yeah. Kinda agree that no matter how badly the hit-and-run storyline played out (or rather changed the resolution at the last-minute), it still ended on a cliff-hanger and they need to give a proper conclusion to it.

We need to tweet the actors about this…

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