News Roundup: One Tree Hill, 90210, Gossip Girl and More

30 01 2010
  • has an article on some of the One Tree Hill stars participating in a fundraiser for the Officer Down Memorial Wall Project.
  • Mike Grubbs (Grubbs, One Tree Hill) was asked to give a Grammys prediction.
  • A baseball trivia question in my local newspaper related to Beverly Hills 90210: Which multi-time Most Valuable Player appeared on BH90210? The answer is Barry Bonds. I’ll definitely be adding that to my list of trivia questions!
  • Wesleyan’s school paper has an article comparing Gossip Girl the TV series versus its print counterpart.
  • Defamer has an interesting article on Twelve, which stars Chace Crawford (Nate, Gossip Girl). There’s also a few references to The O.C.
  • Hate linking to them but JustJared has a brief interview with Crawford.
  • The Los Angeles Times has an article on The Romantics, which stars Katie Holmes (Joey, Dawson’s Creek) and Adam Brody (Seth, The O.C.).

YouTube Video of the Week

3 01 2009

The Notebook…but with Donna and David (Beverly Hills, 90210)!

Here are some other movie/teen drama mash-ups:

The Notebook with Brandon and Kelly (Beverly Hills, 90210)

A Walk to Remember with Brenda and Dylan (Beverly Hills, 90210)

A Walk to Remember with Summer and Seth (The O.C.)

The Notebook with Ryan and Marissa (The O.C.)

Wicker Park with Marissa, Ryan and Taylor (The O.C.)

Titanic with Marissa and Ryan (The O.C.)

Across the Universe with Seth and Summer (The O.C.)

Knocked Up with Seth and Summer (The O.C.)

Juno with Marissa (The O.C.)

The Notebook with Nate and Blair (Gossip Girl)

The Notebook with Dan and Serena (Gossip Girl)

Made of Honor with Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl)

Mean Girls with Gossip Girl

27 Dresses with One Tree Hill

Made of Honor with Lucas and Haley (One Tree Hill)

Juno with Haley (One Tree Hill)

Sex and the City with Brooke (One Tree Hill)

Sex and the City with Haley (One Tree Hill)

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with One Tree Hill

She’s All That with Haley and Nathan (One Tree Hill)

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