YouTube Video of the Week

15 11 2009

I probably should be excommunicated for saying this but I am becoming more and more intrigued by a Clay-Haley pairing on One Tree Hill.

When Alyssa first told me people were already shipping them, I was shocked.

Naley is endgame. Duh.

But this Claley video in particular got me thinking that it wouldn’t be so bad to at least explore it.

Keep Naley in the end but, in the meantime, Claley is quite intriguing.

To me, anyway.

Random Question

1 10 2009

Faithful TDW reader Alyssa made an interesting comment last night.

What if One Tree Hill’s Haley and Clay got together?


I said I wouldn’t be in favor of that and I don’t think it would happen, anyway.

But it got me thinking.

What unlikely pairings would you like to see or have seen on any of the TDs?

Someone recently suggested Seth and Marissa (The O.C.) to me and that just blew me away…and not in a good way.

So, other faithful readers, what are your picks?

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