Live-Blog: One Tree Hill 7.19 and Gossip Girl 3.19

26 04 2010

The Last One Tree Hill Live-Blog

The Last Gossip Girl Live-Blog

Keep refreshing this page throughout the shows for plot developments, quotes and commentary.


EPISODE 7.19: Every Picture Tells A Story

  • Previously On: Alex and Josh hook up and he films it, she pretends he’s someone else, Grubbs agrees to make a record with Miranda who will protect him, Alexander apologizes to Victoria for sleeping with Alex and says he likes her a lot and they kiss, Lydia tells Quinn to open a gallery, Lydia has cancer and she dies, Haley and her sisters are devastated, Lauren and Mouth kiss right before Skills returns, Brooke thinks Alex and Julian hooked up, Brooke  punches Alex, Brooke explains to Julian what happened, he kisses her, Clay meets Katie who looks just like his dead wife, Katie wants to be signed by Clay, Clay won’t represent her, Katie dies her hair blonde like Sara’s
  • This is the fourth-to-last episode of the season…and possibly series.
  • The title reminds me of Every Night’s Another Story, which is a song I loved by The Early November circa 2002 and was the title of episode 1.06.
  • Julian wakes up in bed.
  • Brooke has breakfast in bed for him.
  • But they’re in a hotel. I think.
  • It’s the last day on set.
  • He says how things have gone well…except for the punch to his lead actress. LOL
  • Q1: Don’t go long on your last day, Cecile B. DeBaker.–Brooke
  • The Brooke of high school would have no idea who Cecile B. DeMille is!
  • Brooke keeps calling Julian “boyfriend.” Julian likes it. Brucas fans, what say ye?
  • Q2: Brooke, I’m glad we’re back.–Julian
  • Clay is outside, looking at the ocean with a blank stare.
  • Quinn comes out and gives him a kiss but soon realizes something is wrong.
  • Clay says he sees Sara sometimes.
  • He sees her and they talk.
  • He swears he’s not crazy but…
  • Q3: Lately, since you, I haven’t been seeing her so much.–Clay
  • Quinn asks if she’s why there’s no pictures of Sara in the apartment.
  • Q4: It’s okay to love her. The memory of her won’t diminish us.–Quinn
  • Clay asks if it’s weird that he talks to Sara.
  • Q5: All I know is if I can see my mom right  now, I’d stay up all night talking to her.–Quinn
  • I guess they do kind of have this to bond over now, both experiencing huge losses. But it’s kind of different. And uncomfy.
  • Brooke comes in to CoB and Victoria and Alexander try to hide that they were mid-hook-up.
  • Brooke leaves as quick as she came.
  • Alexander freaks out, says that they have to tell her before she figures it out.
  • Victoria says it’s more exciting this way.
  • Cut to Lauren telling Mouth, in his apartment, that they have to tell Skills what’s going on.
  • Lauren offers to talk to him, but Mouth says he will since Skills is his best friend.
  • Josh is freaking out, saying someone is fired.
  • His laptop is missing from his trailer.
  • A set assistant is trying to calm him but to not avail.
  • Josh is SCREAMING and making demands.
  • Q6: Hey, Christian Bale. Calm down!–Julian
  • Q7: I don’t give a crap about the computer. It’s what’s on it.–Josh
  • He storms into his trailer.
  • Julian looks more perplexed than angry.
  • Q8: “I’m bored.” “You can’t be bored. You’re 7.”–Jamie and Nathan
  • Nathan tells Jamie to guess who is babysitting him.
  • Jamie is wishing for Junk and Fergie, LOL
  • But it’s actually Nathan.
  • They will have a guys night.
  • Jamie asks where mom is going.
  • She is going to Quinn’s gallery opening.
  • Haley is standing in front of the mirror no make-up, looking sad.
  • She’s holding a pregnancy test!
  • Q9: Okay. One…two…three.–Haley
  • Cut to commercial!
  • 90210 promo
  • Grubbs and Miranda are listening to one of his songs in the studio.
  • He shuts it off. He’s not happy with the song.
  • Miranda says it’s great and presses play.
  • He stops it again, saying it needs work.
  • She insists that it’s great.
  • He asks what happened to him protecting him as an artist.
  • She says that the guy he didn’t want to be is back.
  • He smiles, realizing the same. They listen to the song.
  • Haley is doing her makeup in the living room.
  • Quinn comes in all dressed up.
  • Q10: Talk about a work of art! You look great.–Haley
  • Quinn says she’s half-excited, half-nervous.
  • She has a gift for Haley. Her way of saying thank you for helping her get through the past year.
  • The gift is a framed picture of Haley and her mom when Haley was little.
  • Q11: I just want tonight to go well…for mom.–Quinn
  • They hug. It’s sad. Though I expected a sadder Haley.
  • Mouth comes into the apartment as Skills is getting off the phone.
  • He has asked his job if he can work from the East Coast.
  • Q12: I missed what I had here with Lauren…I’m gonna get her back.–Skills
  • He says he hasn’t spoken to her about it yet.
  • Mouth asks what if his job says no to him working from here.
  • Q13: If I recall, somebody quit their job in Omaha for love, right?–Skills
  • Yay, reference to the past!
  • Skills is going to talk to Lauren tonight. He seems dressed for the gallery opening.
  • He asks Mouth to wish him good luck. Mouth hesitantly does.
  • Clay and Quinn walk into the dark gallery.
  • It’s like she’s never seen it before. Um, didn’t she set it up?
  • He turns on the lights on the count of two. Um, that’s a Clay-Sara thing. No thanks!
  • Quinn says it’s perfect and he says it’ll be a perfect night.
  • Outside watching is Katie. Feels very Psycho Derek and Leyton.
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • The gallery is packed. Looks like people are enjoying.
  • The pictures look really cool. Wish we could see more of them and for longer.
  • Quinn is impressed by the crowd. Clay tells her to relax and enjoy.
  • He spies a portrait of himself. He’s kind of creeped out, lol.
  • Q14: It’s weird everyone looking up at a giant version of me.–Clay
  • She leads him to area where people can take their photo and it will feed into screens in the gallery.
  • She says she got the inspiration from him, based on the slideshow he made for her mom.
  • Q15: I love you for that.–Quinn
  • They kiss just as the camera snaps their picture.
  • Lauren and Mouth comment on the photo as it appears on the screen. They call it dramatic.
  • She asks Mouth if he spoke to Skills yet.
  • He’s about to say no when Skills walks up, asking to steal “his girl” for a moment.”
  • Nathan is teaching Jamie how to shave, lol.
  • Jamie is using a spoon. LOL
  • He asks why he has to do this.
  • Q16: “If you want to attract girls.”
  • Jamie asks if that’s how he got mom.
  • Q17: “It took more than shaving to get your mom to fall for me.”–Nathan
  • He explains that he was a very selfish person until Haley came along…and Lucas!
  • They’re talking about Lucas!
  • Jamie says that having a brother around all the time is like having a best friend.
  • Q18: Lucas and I weren’t really that close when we were your age. But the important part is we got really close when we got older. You’re right. Having a brother is like having a best friend.–Nathan
  • So sad I missed the exact dialogue!!!!! FAIL.
  • And it’s too bad Nathan and Lucas don’t seem too close anymore!
  • Haley is staring at a photo but more like staring through it.
  • Quinn comes up and explains the photo. It’s of two girls together. It’s called Sisters.
  • Haley offers to buy it.
  • In walks Brooke, Julian, Alex and Josh.
  • Smiles and pleasantries all around.
  • Haley is happy to see Brulian back together.
  • Q19: “Hey, you got any nudes here?” “Pay no attention to Mr. Inappropriate.”–Josh and Alex
  • Julian says how the film wrapped and Quinn congratulates him.
  • Julian congratulates her right back on her gallery.
  • Is the first scene they’ve shared?!
  • I’m sorry. I don’t buy all of them all of a sudden acting like they are one group of friends.
  • Skills and Lauren are outside.
  • He apologizes for leaving.
  • He wants to get back together.
  • Q19: “Why can’t it just be like it was?” “Because it’s not like it was.”–Skills and Lauren
  • She’s crying.
  • He asks if there’s someone else. She kinda mumbles no, unconvincingly, and apologizes.
  • Paul is showing Julian a video on his phone. It’s of Alex and Josh having sex.
  • Julian is unsurprised that his lead actors are hooking up. (Hello, Brangelina!)
  • Q20: Julian, we’re being blackmailed.–Paul
  • Julian grabs Alex and pulls her into the backroom.
  • He shows her the video.
  • Q21: “I didn’t do it.” “Oh, that’s funny. That sure looks like you screwing him to me.”–Alex and Julian
  • Q22: “Why don’t you just shoot me in the head and save us a lot of time?” “That’s not fair.” “No, what’s not fair is that you keep asking for me to see the best version of yourself but you keep showing me the worst version.”–Julian and Alex
  • Lauren explains to Mouth, in the photo area, that she turned Skills down because she does have feelings for him (Mouth).
  • The picture snaps. I wonder if Skills will end up seeing that.
  • Chase is bartending the party! In like a tux! Where did that come from?!
  • Miranda is on the phone as Grubbs is waiting impatiently to record.
  • Miranda is not happy. Apparently there’s “nothing” she can do. She hangs up.
  • Q23: You know, it only took The Beatles a month to record Abbey Road.–Grubbs
  • Q24: The record sounds great, Michael. Looks like I won’t be around to finish it.–Miranda
  • She’s being deported!
  • Grubbs says she promised to be here to help him.
  • She says she’s done all she can.
  • He asks where this leaves them. I missed her answer. Whoops. (Sarcasm.)
  • Also missed what Brooke and Alexander were saying at first. Whoops. (Not sarcasm.)
  • Q25: “Besides, it’s gross.” “What’s gross?” “The thought of my mother having sex!”–Brooke and Alexander
  • He says Victoria is nice and attractive.
  • Brooke tells him to stick to what he knows–designing great clothes.
  • Alex goes up to Josh.
  • Q26: How could you?! It’s my career. It’s Julian’s.–Alex
  • Josh said it’s not his fault–his computer was stolen.
  • Q27: Here’s what I don’t get. Why would you make a tape of yourself having sex when you SUCK at it?!–Alex
  • She walks off.
  • Jamie and Nathan are playing RockBand…with their faces painted like they’re in KISS.
  • Jamie looks adorable…Nathan not so much!
  • Cut to them now doing it wearing wigs and leather. Not adorable at all anymore.
  • This is a little much. And so not Nathan.
  • I’m not feeling it. At all. It’s lasting way long, too.
  • Julian explains to Brooke what’s going on: sex tape, blackmail, etc.
  • Julian is distressed and unconflicted.
  • Q28: Maybe I should just let her fail.–Julian
  • Q29: Whoever said there’s no such thing as bad publicity was never on a sex tape. Trust me!–Brooke
  • Love it!
  • Q30: This is not a test, Julian. Yes. I think you should help, Alex.–Brooke
  • Clay is happy to see Chase behind the bar. Odd.
  • Quinn comes up, saying she’s jealous that he’ll be spending his days and nights with another girl.
  • He’s confused.
  • She explains someone bought his portrait and points.
  • There’s Katie, looking just like Sara, smiling and staring back at him.
  • He drops his beer to the ground.
  • 90210 promo
  • Quinn and Clay are talking to Katie. Or, rather, Quinn is.
  • Katie says how great the picture is and how special it is to meet the subject.
  • She introduces herself to Clay and walks off.
  • Quinn says she likes her.
  • Clay gets a text. It says “She’s all wrong for you.”
  • He excuses himself.
  • Miranda tells Grubbs she has to leave sooner than later.
  • He says he’ll go back to his day job–bartending.
  • She says she’ll find himself to work with on the record.
  • He says he doesn’t want someone else.
  • Q31: That’s both guys talking. The musician and the guy that just needs you.–Grubbs
  • Clay goes up to Katie and asks what she’s doing.
  • Q32: I thought I looked hotter as a blonde. What do you think?–Katie
  • Q33: Clay, I can be whoever you want be to be.–Katie
  • He says she needs to leave now.
  • She apologizes, saying she felt a connection between them but she was wrong. She leaves.
  • Alex is about to take a shot. Julian stops her.
  • Q34: Don’t. You’re not going to find any answers in there.–Julian
  • She tells him not to try to save her. She just keeps hurting him.
  • She says she never meant to ruin this for him.
  • Julian says she doesn’t have to go anywhere. He will help her get through this.
  • She hugs him tightly and thanks him.
  • Q35: Don’t thank me. Thank Brooke.–Julian
  • Julian and Brooke smile at each other. Progress. But kinda not, IMO.
  • Nathan is reading Jamie a bedtime story.
  • Nathan asks Jamie if he’ll miss him when he’s at training camp.
  • I miss what Jamie says.
  • Nathan says he knows mom is a little sad right now…
  • Q36: So when I’m away, I need you to just watch out for her and make sure she’s not too sad. I need you to be the man of the house for me.–Nathan
  • Q37: “Mom’s gonna be okay, right?” “She’s gonna be just fine. Besides, now we’re both taking care of her.”–Jamie and Nathan
  • A Baley scene! Brooke tells Haley she knows tonight is hard for her without her mom.
  • Haley says it’s okay. She knows now that it’s part of life’s plan to give you kids so you have something to hold on to when your parents pass.
  • Brooke stars to tear up.
  • Q38: “What’s wrong?” “I can’t have kids.” “What?! Did you see a specialist?” “Yeah, I did everything. It’s not in the cards for me.” “Don’t give up.” “You never know.”–Haley and Brooke
  • Wow. Did not see that coming.
  • Kind of glad it happened. Kind of too little, too late. And short.
  • I wonder if Haley will be a surrogate for Brooke?!
  • Julian and Paul are talking about how to save the movie in light of the blackmail going on.
  • Josh suggests they jut release the tape. They tell him to shut up.
  • Paul suggests they do the festival circuit.
  • Josh suggests Sundance.
  • Again they tell him to shut up.
  • Alexander, behind a curtain, tells Victoria that he wants to tell Brooke.
  • Q39: You’re ashamed of us, aren’t you?–Alexander
  • She insists she’s not.
  • She also says they are 25 years apart. Hm.
  • And talks about how hot they are.
  • Skills is telling Chase how Lauren told him there’s someone else.
  • But he doesn’t know who.
  • Cue him seeing the photo on the scree of Lauren and Mouth.
  • He spots in them in the room and sees them talking.
  • He walks over, enraged, and punches him, taking the curtain down, too, exposing Alexander with his pants down with Victoria.
  • Q40: Thanks for sleeping with my girlfriend, BUDDY!–Skills
  • Q41: That’s just scandalous. Just simply scandalous.–Victoria, acting disgusted by Mouth
  • Brooke is shocked, of course. And probably disgusted.
  • Skills is at the bar at TRIC.
  • Grubbs comes over.
  • Q42: Someone get their heart broken tonight?–Grubbs
  • Skills says yes. But it’s his fault. He had his chance and he blew it.
  • He says he’ll never get her back.
  • Grubbs says never is a long time.
  • Mouth and Lauren are riding in a car in silence.
  • Haley tells Quinn that the night went well, despite the recent events.
  • One of them comments on their mom not being there.
  • Q43: Sometimes I flash on the fact that we’re never going to see her again. And I can’t breathe. I just can’t believe she’s gone.–Haley
  • I hear ya, Hales.
  • Quinn hugs her.
  • Q44: I know. We all miss her. Just know she’s proud of you.–Quinn
  • Brooke is yelling at Victoria for using Alexander to get back at Paul for standing her up.
  • Victoria is confused. Brooke says how Paul was the date who stood her up.
  • Alexander explains that he was the date. They’ve been seeing each other.
  • Haley walks into her house. She looks betters now with her hat and jacket than she did all night. Hmm.
  • The place is a mess. Nathan is on the couch, looking kind of tired.
  • Q45: “Wow. Huh. How was your night?” “The best ever.”–Haley and Nathan
  • Haley comments on his parenting.
  • Q46: “I don’t know where you get it.” “I get it from you. I was thinking, I want to have another baby.” “I actually took a pregnancy test this morning. And…it was negative.” “Oh, Hales. We’ll try again. Are you okay?” “I’m fine.”–Haley and Nathan
  • They hug but she doesn’t look fine.
  • Grubbs asks Miranda to marry him. Beverly Hills 90210 did this. Season 9 or 10. I forget.
  • Ugh.
  • Anyway.
  • Josh comes to Alex’s hotel room.
  • He explains that he never meant for the tape to get out.
  • Q47: I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.–Josh
  • Q48: The movie’s wrapped, Josh, and so are we.–Alex
  • She closes the door on him.
  • He gets a call.
  • Q49: Dude, the plan was just to get the tape out there, not blackmail these people for money!–Josh
  • Uht oh.
  • Clay and Quinn toast their good night.
  • But Quinn says Clay doesn’t look good.
  • He reminds her of the tennis girl he didn’t sign and explains that it’s the same girl that bought the portrait.
  • Quinn is understandably confused.
  • Clay goes into a box. He takes out a picture of him and Sara.
  • Quinn thinks it’s Katie and asks how they know each other.
  • Q50: I don’t know her. It’s Sara.–Clay
  • Brulian are in bed together.
  • Q51: You showed me something pretty special tonight…  Alex. Who thought you of all people would rescue her?–Julian
  • Q52: “Do you remember what you said my first night here?” “‘What if we ruin it?'”–Julian and Brooke
  • I missed the exact quote for the rest. He explains he dreamt of that night and being back again every day they’ve been apart. But now he’s back here. And she’s even more beautiful that he dreamed.
  • And I guess they’re in her bed and were in her bed at the beginning of the ep. It didn’t look like her room or her bed.
  • Q53: I love you. I never stopped loving you, not for one night, not for one moment. And I never will. Nothing can ruin us, Brooke Davis.–Julian
  • Was kind of expecting him to propose right then and there.
  • Haley gets out of bed. She’s about to have a panic attack or something. Nathan is sleeping.
  • She goes outside and starts crying hysterically.
  • Fade to black. Taking every ounce of me not to cry to .
  • Preview: Alex and Josh’s sex tape is on the Internet, Alex spies Josh kissing a guy, the framed photo of Clay crashes to the ground, Katie’s roommate tells Clay that her behavior gets unpredictable and he should be cancel, Katie tells Quinn that she’ll never be Sara and Quinn says she won’t either and Sara says they’ll see about that


EPISODE 3.19: Dr. Estrangelove

  • Previously On: Chuck tells Blair they have to see their relationship through to the end, she says it is the end, Vanessa is applying to the writing program, Nate tells Serena not to see Carter, Carter tells S he knows where her dad is, S tells Jenny to tell Nate where she is, J tells Nate that S left with Carter, Rufus tells CeCe he knows she’s not with Lily, S knocks on a hotel door and Lily is there
  • This is the fourth-to-last episode of the season.
  • The title is a play on the film Dr. Strangelove.
  • Q1: On the Upper East Side, new days don’t always bring new beginnings. But they almost always bring new surprises.–Gossip Girl
  • Why is Jenny is in Nate’s kitchen wearing nothing but Jenny’s shirt?!
  • Apparently Jenny has borrowed it. And slept on the couch.
  • Jenny asks Nate if he’s heard from Serena. He says no.
  • She thanks him for letting her crash there. Apparently she was on the couch.
  • He asks if she told Rufus. She admits she told Rufus she was staying at a friend’s.
  • Nate gets a text from Serena, who says she landed and will call later.
  • Nate wants to go see her but Jenny convinces him not to.
  • Serena and Lily are in a car.
  • Q2: “You ready?” “To explain to Rufus the real reason why I’ve been hiding from him? No.”–Serena and Lily
  • Lily says it would be hard to tell him regardless but with S’s dad around, it’s worse.
  • Q3: It’s a lot easier to sneak up on someone when you’re not eight months pregnant.–Blair to Dorota
  • Blair asks if she has everything set for the party.
  • Q4: Why don’t we go feed ducks in pond? Just the two of us?–Dorota
  • The party is apparently to let the world–and Chuck–know she’s done with Chuck Bass.
  • Dorota tells Blair she needs to grieve properly and not rush back into dating.
  • Blair tells her to throw out “that box of junk” because she never wants to see it again.
  • Of course it’s a box of Chuck-related things.
  • Elevator rings at the penthouse.
  • Rufus expects it to be Lily.
  • But it’s William, Lily’s ex-husband and Serena & Eric’s dad. Played by William “Billy” Baldwin.
  • Rufus is shocked and asks what he’s doing here.
  • William says he came to see Lily.
  • Rufus tells him he’s done enough damage already to the family.
  • Chuck comes into his place with hooker-ish girls.
  • Q3: “You look like hell.” “A small price to pay to feel like heaven.”–Jenny and Chuck
  • Chuck asks Jenny if she closed the deal with Nate yet.
  • He knows that’s what she wants.
  • Q4: Don’t worry. The odds of me remembering this conversation are slim.–Chuck
  • He explains that now that Serena is back, Jenny really has a chance.
  • If she makes herself seem like a friend to Nate and S, S won’t be expecting it. Or something like that.
  • Jenny asks why Chuck is helping her.
  • Q5: Because I want my friend back. This will be done easier with Serena out of the picture. Now all you need is something to make her suspicious.–Chuck
  • Jenny grabs Nate’s shirt that she was wearing earlier and stuffs it into her bag.
  • William says how the apartment has changed so much since they first moved in.
  • Rufus says things have changed for the better in many ways since he’s  been gone.
  • In walks Lily. She and Rufus are happy to see each other.
  • Lily is surprised to see William.
  • But even more surprised is Serena!
  • Q6: Paging Serena Van Der Woodsen. After a lifetime in the daddy waiting room, it looks like the doctor is finally in.–Gossip Girl
  • 90210 promo
  • Lily asks William what’s going on.
  • Rufus says he was going to ask Lily the same.
  • Q7: Rufus, it wasn’t my mother who was sick. It was me.–Lily
  • Aw. I knew. But did you?
  • She explains that’s why she and William were together last summer. He was treating her.
  • And that’s why he wouldn’t see Serena last summer. Because he would have to tell her about Lily.
  • Lily says she’s 6 months in remission.
  • William says he’s optimistic “it” won’t return.
  • Rufus says she’s sorry she had to go through this alone.
  • Q8: There will be no mention of the C-word in this house.–Lily
  • She excuses herself to freshen up.
  • As she goes, Rufus tells her that they still need to talk later.
  • Rufus tells William this is a lot for the family to deal with.
  • William tells Serena that he wants to talk with her more.
  • He asks where Eric is. Apparently he’s at Andover with the debate team.
  • She says she will change and meet William later.
  • William leaves.
  • Rufus asks S if she’s okay.
  • Serena seems unsure. She’s wanted him back in her life…and now he is.
  • Dan is reading his writing program rejection letter to Vanessa.
  • He says he’s not surprised because there was only one spot.
  • Vanessa confesses she got the spot.
  • Dan is caught off-guard.
  • She said she applied so they could do it together. She didn’t know they were taking only one.
  • Q9: Seriously, if it wasn’t me, I’m glad it’s going to be you.–Dan
  • He swears he’s okay.
  • There’s a party tonight and they should celebrate.
  • He hugs her and says he’ll call her later.
  • Like he’s really okay. Riiiight.
  • Rufus is asking Lily why she didn’t tell him she was sick.
  • She says she doesn’t know. But he has every right to be mad at her.
  • He says he doesn’t want to be mad.
  • She explains she was scared, more scared than she’s ever been in her life.
  • Q10: To see the look on your face, I just couldn’t bear it.–Lily
  • She explains it would become more real if she told him.
  • Lily says everything William has done and said has worked.
  • Rufus says he knows and that’s what’s important.
  • Blair is freaking out. No one is at her soiree.
  • She’s taking her anger out on Dorota, assuming she sabotaged it.
  • Dorota denies it.
  • Q11: Maybe this is sign.–Dorota
  • She starts to explain something about her first marriage.
  • Q12: Dorota, I need signs that don’t end with “And then I came to America!”–Blair
  • Blair has a realization: Chuck “has declared a dating fattwa” on her.
  • Serena runs into Jenny in their lobby.
  • She spies Nate’s shirt in Jenny’s bag.
  • Jenny says she crashed at Nate’s because they hung out and lost track of time.
  • She says she slept on the couch and asks S to believe her.
  • S says she does and tells her to keep the shirt because she’ll probably see Nate first.
  • Jenny leaves. S looks nervous and takes out her phone.
  • Dan is walking on the street when the girl from the last ep, the one who spoke to Vanessa about applying to the program, comes up. Her names is Willa, I have learned.
  • They are talking about V getting into the program and not dan.
  • Willa says that Vanessa’s writing sample was based on what Dan wrote for The New Yorker. (Remember that?) But the writing piece had to be original.
  • She reveals that the her dad is on the Board of Directors and she knows Dan was “the runner-up.”
  • She says it came down to him and V, and V got the post…based on his work.
  • Nate comes into the lobby as S is leaving.
  • S says she just called him.
  • They’ve gotten their wires crossed. And she won’t tell him what’s going on.
  • She asks him to be patient and wait.
  • Q13: “I’ve been waiting, Serena. ” “And were you waiting alone or with someone to keep you company?” “What are you talking about?” “Keep your secrets, Nate.”–Nate and Serena
  • He asks S what’s going on and she says she can’t explain now.
  • He pretty much says this is the same old tune with her–she’ll always keep stuff to herself and promise to explain later.
  • He says he won’t hold his breath.
  • Jenny is spying from afar€
  • Q14: Prep the O.R. kiddies. Looks like Jenny Humphrey is scrubbing up to surgically remove a boyfriend.–Gossip Girl
  • Jenny is on the phone with Chuck. She asks what the next step is.
  • Q15: Get him drunk. Take advantage. Do women not get this?–Chuck
  • Jenny says Rufus will never let her go drinking.
  • Chuck says he’ll set it up.
  • Q16: And look like someone that doesn’t have a father.–Chuck
  • Blair storms in, calling him manipulative.
  • He asks her to explain.
  • She says she knows he was responsible for no boys coming to her party.
  • Q17: We’re over, Chuck. Unclench.–Blair
  • Q18: No one showed up because no one can ever measure up to what we had. And apparently I’m not the only one who knows it.–Chuck
  • Blair says she’ll just go outside the UES and by tomorrow she’ll have someone.
  • William asks S if she wants to go to Serendipity for a banana split.
  • Aw, Serendipity. Love that place.
  • Serena says she was 4 when they used to go.
  • Oh, don’t play, S. You know you still love it there.
  • Q19: You may be here for my mom now but that doesn’t explain the last 14 years. You just left.–Serena
  • He says it wasn’t exactly like that. She asks what it was like.
  • Dan and V are having coffee. She’s happy he asked her there.
  • He kinda sorta asks about what she wrote for the writing program.
  • She explains she was so stressed about the application but then the idea just came to her.
  • She gives him a script for an original play that she says is about them.
  • She says that she can’t watch him read so she’s going to leave.
  • She suggests they just order pizza and stay in tonight. Um, wasn’t she against that like two episodes back?
  • William explains he went to find a place in Tibet for the family, their family. Years go.
  • He would commute back and forth in the meantime until he was settled and then the family would join them.
  • But Lily instead decided she wanted a divorce.
  • Q20: Serena, I don’t want you to think I just woke up and decided to leave you. After that, it was denial.–William
  • Q21: So you just forgot how to be a father?–Serena
  • William spies Rufus at the front desk and goes over to him.
  • Rufus admits he came to see him…to tell him to leave.
  • William says he understands why Rufus wouldn’t trust the him of 20 years ago but he’s changed.
  • Rufus says he knows William has been telling lies and they don’t need him around.
  • Serena comes up and asks what’s going on.
  • Rufus says nothing, just that he’s going home.
  • Serena, upset by what William told her moments earlier, says she will leave with Rufus because she needs time to think.
  • Ooh, a Dair scene!
  • Blair walks into the coffeeshop.
  • Dan is surprised to see her.
  • She has a story to share and demands he keep quiet.
  • She explains about the fattwa and need to be seen kissing via Gossip Girl.
  • It will spread, boys will know she’s available, and the fatta will end.
  • She says she needs to go somewhere outside of the UES to do this.
  • Dan slips that he was going to go to a party with Vanessa in Brooklyn.
  • Blair says that’s perfect.
  • Dan tries to say he wasn’t going to go but then he remembers that Willa will be there and he needs to talk to her.
  • Rufus tells Serena that she shouldn’t let William upset her.
  • Lily gets off the phone. She says it was William.
  • Her test results are in and it isn’t what they were hoping for.
  • Chuck is on the phone. It seems that someone is telling him Blair is going to a party in Brooklyn.
  • Chuck offers whomever it is “500.”
  • Nate comes in.
  • Chuck offers him a drink but Nate just gives him a harsh look.
  • Q22: “What’s your problem?” “You know what you did to Blair.” “And I’m paying for it.” “Yeah, seems like it.”–Chuck and Nate
  • Chuck says he expected Nate to be able to see through one of his “smoke screens.”
  • He says they’ve been best friends for a long time.
  • He knows Serena left with Carter but now she’s back.
  • He just thought Nate could use a drink…and a night out.
  • Nate takes the drink and asks Chuck what he had in mind for the night.
  • Chuck says Brooklyn and he has a guide for them.
  • In walks Jenny, all dressed up, asking if they’re ready.
  • 90210 promo
  • Blair, Dan and Vanessa are entering the party.
  • Q23: By midnight, everyone on Gossip Girl will see me kissing some guy.–Blair
  • Vanessa thanks Dan for coming.
  • Nate asks Chuck what Jenny is doing with them at a college party, reminding him that she’s still in high school.
  • Q24: She’s a junior. Older than Serena when you two christened the Campbell apartment. And besides, does she look like a kid to you?–Chuck
  • Blair is chatting up some guy from Columbia.
  • She’s getting her flirt on.
  • He’s cute.
  • Random Aaron Rose reference!
  • The guy’s name is Cameron.
  • Blair spots Chuck and puts her hands on Cameron.
  • Dan finds Willa, who is prepping to perform at the party or something.
  • She says that she spoke to her dad and the board is going to re-review V’s application and Dan will surely get her spot since V will be kicked out.
  • Willa clearly has a thing for Dan.
  • And she tries to kiss him!
  • Dan stops her, saying he’s with V.
  • Q25: You’re with Vanessa? What are you forty?–Willa
  • Jenny passes by and says hi to Dan.
  • He kind of does a double-take, surprised to see her.
  • Q26: “Jenny, tell me what you’re doing here starting with “Dad knows” and ending with “These drinks aren’t for me.”–Dan
  • Jenny doesn’t really answer and instead asks Dan what was going on with the girl he was just with.
  • Q27: Wait a second. Why do you go from zero to blackmail in 60s seconds?–Dan
  • Jenny says it was just a question.
  • Dan sees Willa and V talking. He looks panicked.
  • William is explaining to Lily, Rufus and S that a recurrence was possible.
  • Rufus says he wants to get another doctor.
  • William says regardless he’s going to stay in town.
  • Serena says she would prefer it if Lily stuck with her dad as her doctor.
  • Lily agrees, saying William knows her case and all.
  • Serena calls Nate at the party.
  • He can tell something’s wrong and she starts to explain.
  • But Jenny interrupts, saying she has a shot for him to do.
  • Serena hears. She’s shocked that Nate is at a party with “Jenny Humphrey.”
  • Nate says it’s no big deal.
  • Serena asks if it’s no big deal like Jenny staying over was no big deal.
  • Nate is confused–he didn’t know she knew–but S just says she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore and hangs up on him.
  • Chuck is staring intently at Blair and Cameron.
  • Jenny goes over to Chuck, who says the plan isn’t working since Nate is talking to S.
  • Chuck says it’s actually a good thing.
  • Cue Nate walking over.
  • Q28: I’m so over this party. Let’s just go back to the suite and get hammered.–Nate
  • He and Jenny are going to leave together.
  • Q29: Spotted: Nate suffering from a broken heart. Too bad he doesn’t realize Jenny’s oath is less hippocratic and more hypocrite.–Gossip Girl
  • Blair is with Cameron. They’re chatting.
  • He keeps trying to kiss her but for some reason she keep interrupting.
  • Q30: Blair, do you want to make that guy jealous or not?–Cameron
  • He says she knows he’s probably an ex and he knows she just wants to prove she’s over him.
  • He says he likes her and he’s game.
  • It’s interesting how hesitant she is to kiss someone else.
  • Willa has told Vanessa what she was doing with Dan, with the applications at all.
  • Vanessa accuses him of going behind her back to get kicked out.
  • He says she did the same–going behind his back–by applying in the first place.
  • She says she explained that.
  • He says she justified that.
  • He asks what his reaction was supposed to be.
  • She admits she doesn’t know.
  • William tells S he’s leaving. He has a lot to do.
  • S is stunned.
  • William admits he’s keep track of her all these years.
  • Q31: I followed you. Seen a photo here and there. Wasn’t thrilled about that photo at the polo match.–William
  • Look at all the past references tonight! Love it!
  • He says how Rufus isn’t happy he’s here, that Rufus thinks he hasn’t changed.
  • One of them says something about second chances.
  • Q32: For what it’s worth, I plan to prove him wrong.–William
  • They hug.
  • Chuck comes up to Blair and tells her he hasn’t seen anything on GG yet.
  • And that’s because she didn’t kiss Cameron.
  • He reveals that he did have a fattwa on her and he knew she wouldn’t be able to break it.
  • Q33: I realized the way to get over you wasn’t by hooking up with some random guy or pretending we didn’t happen. You and I loved each other. And then you broke my heart. I’ve been doing everything to forget that fact. I’m going to kiss somebody some day. And when I do, it’ll be for me.–Blair
  • Aw, Blair.
  • She says goodbye, tells him she’s going home.
  • Nate is with Jenny, presumably at his place.
  • He asks what’s wrong with him.
  • Jenny says nothing.
  • She says he once told her that she deserves better and he deserves better than Serena.
  • Serena has walked in but they don’t see.
  • Jenny leans in to kiss him but Nate tells her no.
  • And Serena interrupts.
  • Q34: In case you’ve never heard one before, that’s the sound of a person flatlining.
  • Nate says he knows what this looks like.
  • Serena turns to leave.
  • He stops her and asks what S is doing here.
  • She wants to know if  he agrees with what what Jenny said about her.
  • Q35: What, do I wonder why you don’t trust me? Yes, I do.–Nate
  • He lists the things she’s done: not tell him about seeking her father, run off with Carter, hung up on him today.
  • She says she didn’t run off with Carter. She left a message for him…with Jenny.
  • Jenny says that’s not true. Never happened.
  • Serena realizes that J never gave Nate the message.
  • Jenny again denies it, tells Nate not to let him be fooled by S again.
  • Q36: “Just get out.” “What?” “Seriously, Jenny. Just please leave.” “You know you two deserve each other.”–Nate and Jenny
  • I wish I got the whole thing. Boo.
  • Dorota is going through Blair’s box.
  • Blair says she’ll keep it.
  • Q37: There’s no use to deny the past. Chuck is a part of me. He always will be. I just have to accept that.–Blair
  • Dorota tries to comfort her with a saying but Blair calls it terrible. Sweetly.
  • Q38: “Tomorrow, can we feed the ducks?” “I already buy bread.”–Blair and Dorota
  • Aw.
  • Serena gets off the phone, telling Nate that she just need to talk to her mom first.
  • Q39: If I’m guilty of anything, it’s taking you for granted. For assuming you’ll always be around. And I promise, I won’t do that again.–Serena
  • Serena says her mom is sick and she doesn’t know what’s going to happen.
  • Blair looks at the dress she wore the night she and Chuck first got together.
  • OMG! Flashback to Victor/Victrola in season 1!
  • It shows them on the couch in the club and then a little of Blair stripping.
  • I have CHILLS!
  • Lily and Rufus are cuddling.
  • She thanks him and says she know it’s hard with William being back.
  • Rufus says he just wants her to get better.
  • Dan left Vanessa a message–he read her play and he really liked it.
  • William is on the phone with someone, saying the plan isn’t working.
  • He needs another prescription.
  • The person on the other end must be resisting because then he says that he knows the authorities won’t want to hear what he’s been up to.
  • Fade to black. Missed all of the Gossip Girl’s closing quote. GAH! It is not my night.
  • Q40: On the Upper East Side, sometimes the wrong prescription is just what the doctor ordered.–Gossip Girl
  • Preview:  Serena tells William that she loves Rufus but he is her dad, William watches Lily and Rufus kiss, Eric says his dad is still working his magic, Rufus says he doesn’t trust William, Lily says all she sees is jealous run amok, Serena tells William to fight for Lily if he wants to. The text reads, “Who’s your daddy?”

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

Exclusive: James Lafferty on the Past, Present and Future of One Tree Hill

25 04 2010

In 2003, television viewers met Nathan Scott, a cute but cocky, athletic but academically-challenged high school junior. In the nearly seven real-time years that have passed, we’ve slowly seen Nathan transform into a handsome but humble, career-minded but family-focused husband and father.

Who will Nathan be in another year? James Lafferty, who spoke with me earlier this week about the past, present and future of One Tree Hill, hopes we’ll be able to find out. But before we could get to that, Lafferty turned the tables on me. See for yourself…

James Lafferty: So you’re

TeenDramaWhore: What do you think of the name?

Lafferty: That’s such an admission of guilt! It’s good, though. It’s straight to the point so people know what they’re getting.

TDW: That’s right. I admit I am obsessed with teen dramas and I wanted to create a place for fans just like me to discuss the shows.

Lafferty: Is that going well for you?

TDW: It’s going great. I love it. And I love getting to interview people like you!

Lafferty: Awesome. So where do we rank on your teen drama list?

TDW: Oh, goodness. That’s such a hard question!

Lafferty: I get to ask you one hard question and you get to ask me 20 easy ones.

TDW: Okay. I’ll take that deal. I would say you guys are in a three-way tie for number one.

Lafferty: Alright.

TDW: My all-time favorite is the original 90210. But tied with it would be Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill.

Lafferty: So we’re in a three-way tie with 90210 and Dawson’s Creek?

TDW: Yes.

Lafferty: Oh, c’mon! You can’t ask for anything more than that. That’s the hall of fame right there!

TDW: That is the hall of fame. So, of the current shows on right now, that means you win.

Lafferty: That does mean we win. Okay, I’m happy with that.

TDW: Great! My turn! There are just four episodes left in One Tree Hill’s seventh season. How would you describe them?

Lafferty: You know, I have only seen the finale. But I think all the episodes are going to come together really well. We had sort of an all-star lineup of directors for the last few. Pete Kowalski directed one. He’s been our director of photography for so long and has directed episodes before. He’s phenomenal. [Executive producer] Greg Prange directed one and he’s just a veteran. He knows the show so well. As a director, the only person who knows the show better is probably [creator] Mark Schwahn. And Schwahn directed the finale. So we’ve got a lot of really strong episodes coming up for the audience to look forward to.

TDW: Greg worked on Dawson’s Creek before One Tree Hill.

Lafferty: Yes, he did. It’s funny–Dawson’s Creek was actually shooting their finale when we shot our pilot back in 2003. Greg was still working on Dawson’s at the time and was not involved in our show. But once [The WB] picked us up and we were coming to Wilmington, it seemed like a great fit to have Greg Prange and [producer] David Hartley come on and sort of help guide us here in Wilmington.

TDW: That’s awesome. I really love how these two fantastic teen dramas have come out of that one area, with the same soundstages and everything.

Lafferty: I think it’s a testament to the area, to Wilmington. It inspires and encourages this really great, classic, sort of American setting. I think that’s why so many productions come here.

TDW: That’s right. So one thing in the promos for the upcoming episodes that has everyone talking is that Haley [Bethany Joy Galeotti] doesn’t seem like she’s doing too well. Do you have anything comforting you can say to the fans about that?

Lafferty: Yeah, absolutely. Haley is obviously grieving because she’s lost her mom but these things, it’s like “what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.” I think Haley’s journey through this process is going to bring the Scott family unit together and also her friends are going to have to be there for her. So what that means from an audience standpoint is you’re going to see the whole group sort of banding together to make it through this and it’s going to be a really positive experience.

TDW: What is it about Naley, do you think, that has earned the couple such loyal fans?

Lafferty: I think, to start with, the likelihood of the situation, of Nathan and Haley coming together, was so small. In our first few episodes, the characters were worlds apart. It didn’t seem like it would be a good fit. But sort of against all odds, they continued to make it work over the years and they fought through adversity. I think they’ve become a couple that you don’t take for granted because they’ve been up against so much. So you root for them.

TDW: People are rooting for them. I think they root for Jamie [Jackson Brundage], too. One thing that has stuck out to me is that a lot of people have said this season how quickly Jackson is growing up before our very eyes. And it got me thinking that you kind of grew up on the screen before us, too. Weren’t you just 17 when you were cast in the show?

Lafferty: Yeah. I hadn’t turned 18 yet. I did my senior year of high school during the pilot. I was out here [in Wilmington] with my mom for three weeks shooting the pilot.. And then the next time I was here was when the show got picked up and we were shooting the first episode. I was 18 and I was out here on my own in an apartment. I lived with Brett Claywell, who played Tim on the show. I always say that One Tree Hill has kind of been my college. I guess now that means I am working on my master’s degree or maybe my Ph.D.

TDW: Maybe. Seven years is a long time.

Lafferty: It is a long time. And I’ve been thankful for every year. I’d be grateful for another one.

TDW: Next week, I believe, is the show’s 150th episode.

Lafferty: Oh, that’s right. Greg Prange, fittingly, directed our 150th episode. We had a little impromptu celebration on set when we wrapped that episode.

TDW: Did you? That’s great.

Lafferty: Yeah. It’s such a good milestone. For me, it’s just as big as 100. Not a lot of shows go for 150 episodes. The fact that we have seven complete seasons–we never had a season that just went for 13; we’ve had seven very complete seasons–it kind of blows my mind to think about it.

TDW: When you look back on the all the stories you’ve done in 150 episodes, what stands out to you? Do you have a favorite storyline or episode?

Lafferty: I’ve got a couple. There’s just like these “moments.” When we shot the state championship episode [Episode 4.09, Some You Give Away], that was huge. We went to Raleigh and we shot in N.C. State’s arena. I think it’s called the RBC Center. Greg Prange directed that episode. We were up against it. We had not a lot of time to shoot it. We had to be out of that RBC Center by a certain time. We just had a mountain of set-ups to shoot for all the basketball action. It was really a testament to the work this crew can do. Brendan Kirsch, who does all the sports coordination, pulled everything together and we really made those two days happen. We got an amazing episode out of it, amazing basketball action. And that was so gratifying for me, because I was so connected to the basketball part of it. Then another one is sort of a basketball one as well, when Nathan took the court at the Bobcats arena [Episode 6.24, Remember Me As A Time Of Day] for the NBA. We went to Charlotte to shoot that and we actually went and shot half-time at a game. They said, “You have four minutes to get what you need.”

TDW: Oh, wow.

Lafferty: Literally, in four minutes, we ran out there, took a steady cam out there and we had all of our guys dressed in Bobcats clothing. There were 26,000 fans in the arena. The announcer came on and announced Nathan Scott. All the graphics were up all over the screens. It was just this surreal moment when I literally felt like I had won the lottery. That just doesn’t happen. For me, it’s always been a dream to take the court at an NBA game and even though it didn’t “really” happen, just even shooting that and being in front of that many people, having that moment happen for the character, was just really awesome. So those are just a couple of moments that stand out for me as really defining times.

TDW: Speaking of the basketball, this season, we haven’t really seen you play outside of the River Court. If we get a season 8, will Nathan get back to that?

Lafferty: I don’t know. Possibly. It’s difficult to say where Nathan in particular is headed in his career. He could continue playing for the NBA. He could realize he really cherishes his time and loves his time being a father and a husband and wants to be close to his family. I think Nathan will always be involved in basketball. Basketball will always be a part of his life. But in what way has yet to be defined.

TDW: I know you’ve been back a few weeks already but you guys went to Utah to film the finale. I imagine it took you out of your comfort zone a little bit because it’s not the Wilmington weather and it’s certainly not the California weather.

Lafferty: We were definitely out of our element. It was funny–we actually had one of the coldest winters ever here in Wilmington this past winter. It had just started getting warm here and we decided to go to Utah. I called it “chasing winter.” We basically chased the winter to Utah and got back into that really cold environment. We had this hybrid crew of local Utah people and the people from Wilmington we brought out. That worked really well. There were a lot of things we were up against that could’ve hurt us or held us back a little bit but we got through it and we got everything done, got everything we needed. Mark Schwahn got us to do some really good days. It was a great experience.

TDW: What have you heard about a season 8?

Lafferty: I’ve tried not to pay too much attention to it because there’s so much speculation. There’s hundreds of questions and no answers. It’s really hard. If you listen to everything that’s out there, and if you really invest in everything that’s said, it can be emotionally taxing. We’re talking about our lives here. I think for me, I’m trying to sit back and just wait. I’ve heard a couple of different things here and there but for me, it still seems to be a coin toss. I think the fan support really does help. So if you’re a fan of the show, continue to voice your support.

TDW: If this is the last season of the show, what would you want the show’s legacy to be?

Lafferty: Well, I think the show’s legacy is already defined. I think the way that you put it at the beginning of this interview, of you ranking us up there with 90210 and Dawson’s Creek, that’s really our show’s legacy. I think we’re going to go down as one of those great teen dramas that hopefully a generation identified with. That’s really what I hope for. That people look back on the show and say “That was a sign of the times.”

TDW: What message would you want to give to the fans?

Lafferty: I’m a sucker for happy endings. I would like to leave the fans with a happy ending. I think we go to the movies, we watch our TVs so we can be told stories and I would love for our story to be one that ends positively.

Come back tomorrow night at 8pm eastern for my live-blog of One Tree Hill 7.19, Every Picture Tells A Story.

Be sure to also come back next Sunday for another exclusive interview.

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