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10 10 2009

SaneN85 submitted the following:

While commenting on the news of Greg Vaughn being let go from GH, I made a comment about the connection between him, BAG, and Jonathon Jackson. This had me thinking about the many connections that you can find to the main teen dramas. I’d think it be fun to have like a weekly post naming one celebrity and challenging the readers to find how they connect to the shows, some actors would have multiple connections. For instance, let’s say Angelina Jolie…..

Angeline Jolie starred in Gia with Elizabeth Mitchell, who starred on Lost with Matthew Fox. Matthew Fox starred on Party of Five with Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Neve Campbell starred in Scream with Rose McGowan, Jennifer Love Hewitt starred in I Know What You Did Last Summer with Sarah Michelle Gellar. Rose McGowan replaced Shannon Doherty on Charmed, and Sarah Michelle Gellar starred on Buffy with Michelle Trachtenberg (Gossip Girl). This doesn’t even mention that Rose McGowan starred in Jawbreaker with Rebecca Gayheart (who played Dylan’s wife on 90210). There are at least 2 more ways I can connect Angelina to our favorite dramas. I work at Blockbuster part-time and have an overwhelmingly silly amount of knowledge regarding actor’s careers. I just thought this would be like a fun weekly quiz.

I think Sane’s idea is great and we’ll start doing it under the name Six Degrees of Teen Dramas.  Starting today, each Saturday I’ll post a new person.  From there, it’s your job to connect that person to at least one of the teen dramas.  Here’s the first one:

Will Smith

Ready, set, go!

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