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24 03 2010


Will Annie finally get revenge on Naomi on 90210? — Kate
MICKEY: Well, I wouldn’t call it revenge (yet). But while Naomi is off making a grievous error of judgment involving the new faculty advisor of The Blaze, Annie and Liam will have a moment. We won’t see the results of Naomi and Liam’s actions for a few weeks, but rest assured, they’ll be disastrous.

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The advisor will be played by Hal Ozsan (Todd, Dawson’s Creek).

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7 07 2009


Amy in Pittsburgh: So excited Gossip Girl is back in production! What can you tell us?!
Sorry, Hilary Duff haters, but Duff joins the Gossip Girl cast as movie star Olivia, and she’ll be getting her movie-star cooties on the entire cast, not just Vanessa and Dan. Also on Gossip Girl this season, Chuck and Blair are totally getting married and having a million babies. (OK, not that, but they are staying tight. Yay!) And believe it or not, the show really is trending away from “Dan and Serena are the one true pairing of Gossip Girl.” Certainly, that arc might turn back sometime in the future, but for now the show is trying to establish their separate identities, apart from their on-again, off-again shenanigans. Is that great news or the worst thing you’ve ever heard? Post in the comments!

Gervase in Montreal, Quebec: Thanks for the interview with Blake Lively about Papa van der Woodsen. Are we actually going to see Serena’s dad this season on Gossip Girl?
TV Diva’s Magic 8-ball says: It is decidedly so. We will finally meet Serena’s dad this season on Gossip Girl.

Cristina in Teaneck, N.J.: Will Adrianna and Naomi reconcile with Annie on 90210?
As far as Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord), Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) and Annie (Shenae Grimes) being best buds in the second season (something some of you would like to see), AnnaLynne says, “Never. Not going to happen. I’m sorry. I wish.”

Marianne in Toluca Lake, Calif.: Any scoop on 90210? I’m in for the long haul.
Michael Steger
tells us, “They’re talking about renovating the Blaze newsroom, so it’s going to be where everything happens and everybody meets up. They’re going to make it very loungey, very comfortable.” (The Blaze newsroom is where we’ll meet Rumer Willis‘ character when she guests in a season-two episode.)

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