News Roundup: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210 and More

26 02 2009
  • Entertainment Weekly and Zap2it have detailed lists of the air dates for all the major upcoming teen drama guest stars, like Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina, Gossip Girl), Tori Spelling (Donna, 90210) and Nick Lachey (One Tree Hill).
  • Trachtenberg says Georgina will be “reformed” when she returns to GG.  The article is followed by several GG promo clips.
  • readers said Leyton (OTH), as well as Ethan & Annie (90210), are among the “worst TV couples.”  The site included Dawson & Joey (Dawson’s Creek), as well as Ryan & Marissa (The O.C.) and Vanessa & Nate (GG), on their own list.
  • Lindsay Price (Janet, Beverly Hills 90210) will have a job even if Lipstick Jungle doesn’t get renewed.  She’s been cast in an ABC pilot.
  • Joshua Jackson (Pacey, Dawson’s Creek) says he repeatedly goes through crises in his life.
  • Eddie Mills (Ty, Dawson’s Creek) talks to the Winston-Salem Journal about getting to go the Oscars.

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