Spoiler: You Ask, I Answer 90210 Edition

15 07 2009


If you have any idea what happens on “90210,” please report it on your fabulous blog asap. I’m dying here without scoop on crazy Annie & co. -Lee Oh, crazy Annie is in for a tough time. Dark days are on their way for Miss Wilson… which I’m assuming is a turn the writers decided to take in response to everyone’s annoyance over her bubbly enthusiasm last season. Anyhoo, not only does the entire school think Annie sucks, but her own brother will be avoiding her come fall. And just when you think things can’t get any worse for the chick, Naomi will unleash the scandal of the season on her. Let’s just say Silver and Dixon’s sex video will be old news in no time.

“90210” spoilers! Now! Are Dixon and Silver done or what? -Caroline Done and done. I mean, I think they might still be together when the season first starts, but it won’t last long. Dixon’s going to start dating an older woman, a D.J. in her 20s who’s obsessed with sports. Oh, and p.s., Dixon is going to give surfing the old Brandon Walsh college try… except D will take to it quite naturally.

I have to know what’s up with Naomi and Liam next season. Does she know that Jen is the one who seduced him? -D She knows nothing of the sort. Not yet, anyway. Jen will continue to manipulate the situation, even paying Liam’s mom a visit, telling her that Liam caused Naomi undue stress and that she’d prefer that he keeps his distance.

Is Ryan Matthews staying on “90210” or is he joining the new “Melrose Place”? -Derrick Yeah, those “Melrose” rumors keep swirling, but as of now, he’s staying in BH and will continue to fall deeper in love with that Devil-woman, Jen. You’d think a guy like Ryan would be able to see past her b.s., but I guess not.

Hey Korbi, Can you tell me if Adrianna and Navid will stay together even though they’re not getting married anymore? -Mandy
Yep. They’re still together. For the forseeable future, anyway. Seems Navid’s super jealous of the new, tennis prodigy guy, Teddy…

Spoiler: You Ask, I Answer

1 04 2009


So I watched “90210” last night, I thought it was alright. When will Dustin Milligan’s last episode be? -Erin
Dustin will at least stick around till the show breaks for summer. When I spoke with him on set a couple weeks ago, he was filming the second to last hour of the season (prom night, he was all monkey-suited up). He told me that next Tuesday’s episode — which Jason Priestley directed — picks up right where last night left off with Ethan and Annie breaking up on that make out cliff or whatever you want to call it. Apparently it’s going to be a crazy dramatic hour that takes place after dark as Silver continues to melt down and everyone goes in search of her. Oh, and p.s., Jackie Taylor (Ann Gillespie) is back.

Hey Korbi, is it true that Ethan starts to fall for Silver by the season finale? -Anonymous

That’s what I’m hearing. I guess he’s going to develop quite a thing for her before he goes and his feelings are not lost on Dixon.

Spoiler: You Ask, I Answer

24 03 2009


 Korbi, Did you know that Adrianna on “90210” broke up with the guy who plays Ty and is now dating Jesse from “Breaking Bad“? -Wendy
I did, yes. Seems Adam Gregory and Jessica Lowndes are over, but she’s already rebounded with “Bad”‘s Aaron Paul, also known as Sarah’s fiance Scott on “Big Love“!

And on the subject of “90210” break ups, you should be aware that one of the show’s longest running couples is heading for a split. They’ve had rocky times before, but will be legitimately done by season two. Any guesses?

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