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14 07 2009

Re-watched the One Tree Hill pilot today on SoapNet and several things struck me.

1. It’s interesting to see where Nathan and Peyton started.  You see them now, it’s hard to believe they were ever together.  Then again, in almost every teen drama pilot, the characters start off way different from where they end up.

2. Same goes with how they look.  They’ve grown up so much. And same can be said for all teen drama actors.

3. James Lafferty in particular is so baby-faced.  Probably because he was only 17 at the time! And Nathan has a nipple piercing–what ever happened to that?!

4. Peyton’s room was set up quite differently, with her closet being used for her computer area.

5. Great Dawson’s Creek shout-out when Haley says to Lucas: Not that I was looking for something specifically, which implies some hideous sort of “Joey loves Dawson ” scenario and completely creep me out.

6. Brooke (Sophia Bush) isn’t even in the pilot.  Similar to Luke Perry (Dylan) not appearing in the first few episodes of Beverly Hills 90210.

7. Interesting to recall that Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) was on Dawson’s Creek before this.  Doesn’t even seem like the same actor–I guess because the characters are so different.

8. Wish I had time to write up comments on each show now that the series is on from the beginning again.  Of course I’ve already seen all the episodes multiple times, but it’s interesting to watch them again after just watching season six.



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14 07 2009

I watched parts of that episode today and had the same reaction you did. It was especially weird because I thought that there were a few more days left before Soapnet would air the pilot and I turned the channel expecting to see them in all their fifth season glory. What always shocks me about the pilot is how dark and broody all the characters are. I think that is why they brought in Brooke to balance all of the drama.

p.s. thanks for the tip about SoapNet airing the O.C. specials. I thought they were part of the extras from the DVD sets but the “day in the life” special was something that I had never watched before.

14 07 2009

SoapNet ended season 5 on Friday/Monday. Was hoping they’d show season 6 but apparently not. I think they (have to?) wait something like a year after the season airs before they can repeat it.

Those O.C. specials originally aired on Fox between seasons 1 and 2, just like SoapNet did now. They may be on the DVDs as well, I’m not sure. I wish they’d air all the 90210 specials! There were several over the years, but I think they only do The Final Goodbye.

15 07 2009
Thing 3

i watched the 1st season and it got me thinking as well, there were so many changes looks-wise from season 1 to 2.

Haley went from “Girl who didnt really care about her looks” to “Local hot girl” i mean she was wearing skirts and doing her hair and all that.

Lucas went from always wearing bootz adn jackets to wearing preppy clothes and flip flops lol.

I just wish that Nathan and Peyton would have lasted a little bit longer in season 1, then broke up, i would have loved to see more of that couple

15 07 2009

Good points, Thing 3! Definitely would’ve been interesting to know more about/see more of Peyton and Nathan.

15 07 2009
Thing 3

IDk if i can write this here but,

Since were kinda on the Topic of OTH, I love the show, but after the 5 season i kinda lost touch, Im sad that Lucas and Peyton are gone…But do you think that Haley, Nathan and Brooke can hold a show? I read that they are bringing in 3 new characters and that Rachel might have a plot but does anybody thing that this is the beggining of the end of OTH?
I think OTH will end at season 8:(

15 07 2009

First off, you can write anything anywhere! Second, I have the same concerns as you. You can read about it here: https://teendramawhore.com/2009/05/21/random-thought-3/

15 07 2009
Thing 3

ok ima post my response there

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