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10 08 2009

I don’t recall what made me start thinking about this but One Tree Hill’s Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) has had the fewest relationships of any long-time teen drama character.

She has only had sex with one guy, Nathan (James Lafferty)–but to be fair, Donna (Tori Spelling, Beverly Hills 90210) and Joey (Katie Holmes, Dawson’s Creek) are close behind with just 3 sexual partners.

Donna and Joey, however, also had several relationships.  Haley had just one with Nathan and, as far as we know, kissed a bit with Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton).

Other than that, she hasn’t been romantically or sexually linked to anyone else.  Nathan, by contrast, can be linked to–whether he likes it or not– Peyton, Taylor, Brooke  and Nanny Carrie.  The other long-time characters in Tree Hill and on the other shows have had several relationships as well.

Haley is pretty unique, no?  Then again, she did get married and have a baby by the time she graduated high school…



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10 08 2009
The Games That Play Us

Maybe Mark wanted to create a character that stood out from other teen drama characters, in regards to sexual relationships. Which is what I like about her. She is different then most characters in teen dramas.

10 08 2009

I love Haley. She is one of if not the most genuinely loyal teen drama character. She konws what she wants and she stays true to it.

10 08 2009

TGTPU, interesting point about Mark. I think it’s also possible that that wasn’t actually his original intent, but after the fan response to Haley/Naley, he chose to go in this direction.

Alyssa, I think that’s a great description of her. I’d add 90210’s Donna to that list, though. As Andrea once told her (I’m paraphrasing), she’s the closest thing to a saint we know!

1 09 2009

This is interesting I never really thought of that. However I think we can safely say Joey had 4 sexual partners. Remember Christopher – her New York boyfriend from the series finale who was planning to propose. I think it’s pretty evident that we’re supposed to infer that they have slept together.

2 09 2009

Wow, good call, Heather! So it’s four for Joey, three for Donna and one for Haley.

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