Weekly Poll

3 02 2010

In the last Weekly Poll, 40 percent of voters said they prefer Quinn to Taylor but 24 percent said the opposite. Still, another 14 percent want them both gone and 23 percent would like both to stay. The second poll had a three-way tie with 26 percent each saying the Blair and Chuck spoiler has them crying, excited or bored. Twenty-three percent said they were just curious. It was extremely close in the last poll as well, where 36 percent said 90210 doesn’t need more parents and 31 percent disagreed and were looking forward to meeting Teddy and Liam’s dads but 33 percent said they were indifferent.



2 responses

4 02 2010

a cross over?….. as in Vampires moving on up to the upper east side! haha. NO WAY! I think it would kind of ruin the effect/illusion of both shows. But there have been rumors that Leighton might guest star on VD and Nina might guest star on GG, but i think that was just some joking around. Though I wouldn’t mind THAT! and I might be one of the only ones who likes Jen, well like….likes to hate her. shes a good biatch! 🙂

4 02 2010

While I can’t see it actually happening or happening well, it wasn’t a rumor. The idea came from Kristin at E! Online during a conversation with Bob Levy, who is a former Gossip Girl executive producer and a current executive producer for The Vampire Diaries. Levy said he loved the idea and wanted to make it happen. I linked to the article last week: https://teendramawhore.com/2010/01/26/news-roundup-one-tree-hill-90210-gossip-girl-and-more-5/

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