News Roundup: 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and More

5 03 2010
  • Have you taken the TDW Survey yet?
  • The Hollywood Reporter has a very interesting interview with CW head Dawn Ostroff, where she discusses 90210 and Gossip Girl, in addition to One Tree Hill.
  • and Digital Spy have spoiler-filled interviews with Michael Steger (Navid, 90210). I’ll be posting my own interview with Steger on Sunday.
  • Amber Wallace (Glenda, One Tree Hill) will be reprising her role as Lila on 90210. Zap2it has some spoilish details and I’ll have some, too, in my Steger interview.
  • There’s some evidence that this newly-made Twitter account (and the linked Facebook page) is actually Shannen Doherty (Brenda, Beverly Hills 90210), particularly because verified accounts for Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano are communicating with it. But her reps insist to me it’s not. Interpret as you wish.
  • Also found a listing on Amazon for Doherty’s upcoming book, Bad Ass. Have to say I’m kind of surprised…
  • Rebecca Gayheart (Toni, Beverly Hills 90210) and hubby Eric Dane welcomed a baby girl earlier this week.
  • Last night’s Jimmy Fallon featured a super-awesome reunion of the super-awesome California Dreams cast, which included Heidi Lenhart (Ellen, Beverly Hills 90210).
  • NYU Livewire has a very interesting article with suggestions on how to improve Gossip Girl.
  • One Tree Hill co-producer Kelly Tenney has another SoGoPro blog post about filming in Utah.
  • MTV has a video interview with James Van Der Beek (Dawson, Dawson’s Creek), where he says he and Michelle Williams (Jen, Dawson’s Creek) would be interested in some sort of “reunion show.” Don’t get that at all since A) Van Der Beek said last month he wasn’t interested in one, B) creator Kevin Williamson said during November’s Paley Panel he wasn’t interested in one, C) The series finale took place 5 years in the future, D) Jen died in the finale and E) Williams didn’t even participate in the Paley Panel.
  • Jeri Ryan (Charlotte, The O.C.) has been cast in Body of Evidence, an ABC pilot.



10 responses

5 03 2010

I really hope that it is the real Shannen because this is HUGE if it is!!

5 03 2010

I also agree with that article on improving GG but I love Vanessa and think she should stay

5 03 2010

I love Jimmy Fallon. and his show. and that reunion was super-awesome. and michael cade is still fantastically ripped. and i’ve had that theme song stuck in my head all day.

5 03 2010

I also agree with that gossip girl article. It’s very interesting how they bring up The O.C and how they also had a lot “short stints of annoying characters” because Josh Schwartz is the person behind both shows. Apparently he didn’t learn from his mistakes.

6 03 2010

Wes, I am thinking it is real and the reps are mistaken (it happens). I’ve added her to the Twitter Directory.

Lexy, I agree that he didn’t learn from his mistakes. A major criticism of The O.C.–and why some people think it went from a big success to a big joke really fast and ended so soon–is that it burned through plot way too quickly. Even he admitted that they did so many storylines in season 1 and they could’ve held off until later with some of them and the show would’ve been better for it. Consequently, by having so many storylines not only going on at the same time but also going on quickly and adding several new characters who won’t be around when the storylines are over, those storylines/the show suffer in quality and what comes later also suffers in quality. And I think this is happening with Gossip Girl, too.

6 03 2010

It definitely is Shannen. The account was tweeting too/with Perez Hilton while Shannen was out at dinner with him.

6 03 2010

Margaux, yes, I think it’s clear that it’s real but it is still my responsibility as a journalist to A) check with her people and B) let you know what her people said.

6 03 2010

That’s weird that it would be Shannon’s because I thought her and Alyssa Milano didn’t get along, so why would they communicate on Twitter?

6 03 2010

Alyssa, that made me go “Hmmm” as well. I also saw she’s following, like, 8 people and two of them are Rose McGowan–her Charmed “replacement”–and Jennie Garth–her “frenemy,” who hasn’t tweeted since November.

7 03 2010

I’m fairly certain it’s Shannen. Did you see her conversations with Holly?? They were bringing up memories that NO one could impersonate. Also, Alyssa Milano’s account has been verified 20 times over through the blue check, interviews, and more. I seriously doubt she would fabricate the fact of Shannen being on twitter.

I agree about some of Shannen’s followings seem fishy. About Alyssa, since I have studies this in great detail lol, I’m pretty sure that Alyssa was being nice. That’s who she is. They may not be friends, but the last time they actually argued was what, 2001? That’s 9 years ago! Same thing goes for Jennie-I feel like they’ve put aside their differences. Another thing that’s odd-I didn’t see Shannen following Tori. And Tori actually tweets! Then again, from what she’s tweeted, it doesn’t seem like Shannen’s style AT ALL. As much as I love Tori, I can’t say that as a teenage girl(aka not a mother) I find them very interesting. So I can see why Shannen wouldn’t follow her, but it still makes me wonder…

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