Spoiler: Ask Ausiello

1 04 2010


Question: It’s time for some 90210 scoop. Make it something good. —Sarah
Jen returns with big news that may or may not involve a valuable (and iconic) piece of real estate.

Question: Some scoop please on the upcoming Gossip Girl indecent proposal storyline. You called it first, now please give us more. Pretty please! —Jordan
The promo for next week’s episode gives away pretty much everything… except the big twist.

Question: Okay, I’ll bite: What happens immediately after the scene with Chuck at the top of the Empire State Building in the Gossip Girl finale? —Larissa
Something really bad and potentially irreparable.

Question: I have to have some One Tree Hill scoop — preferably on the season finale and the show’s renewal status. —Nick
I have a very strong hunch The CW will give the show a 13-episode pickup, although we’ll probably have to wait until May for an official announcement. Don’t know too much about the finale, except that it ends with an outta-nowhere cliffhanger.

Question: Is Life Unexpected coming back for a second season? I fall deeper in love with it each week. —Jill
If the ratings hold steady, I think we’re looking at a 13-episode thingamajig here as well. On the scoop front, Baze finally confesses his feelings for Cate in next Monday’s road trip-themed episode. Unfortunately, the person he comes clean to is Lux.

Credit: EW.com


Just remember the so-called “indecent proposal” storyline was done on Beverly Hills 90210 in season 6, with Valerie, David and Ginger. I also mentioned this in February when Ausiello first hinted this storyline was coming up.

This is the clearest sign we’ve gotten yet about One Tree Hill–but don’t pop the champagne bottles yet (or bash in your TV, whatever your opinion).

Life Unexpected stars Kerr Smith (Jack, Dawson’s Creek).



5 responses

1 04 2010

From what I read on the casting sides, Jen comes back and she is pregnant with Ryan’s baby. She also becomes the new owner of the Bevely Hills Beach Club which makes the lifes of the kids a living hell!

I am really hoping that Leyton returns within that 13 episodes which I am pretty sure they will get and it will be really awesome if they returned for the finale so everyone can be together and Dan of course.

These GG spoilers are really getting me excited to keep tuning in every week because I have to admit that they have been losing my interest until the last two episodes.

1 04 2010

I had heard about the baby thing but I don’t think I knew the BHBC thing.

While I would love for Leyton to return at some point, based on things now, I would say it’s not happening. But never say never. Who knows what could change months down the line?

1 04 2010

Here is the link to the 90210 casting sides if you want to see for yourself 🙂

Yeah you’re right about that. I just hope that they can make a comeback because it won’t be a true OTH finale if they weren’t there. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed haha!

1 04 2010

Thanks for the link.

IMO, we already got our true OTH finale last year. I’m not expecting another one and I’m not sure I need one. But keep those fingers and toes crossed!

1 04 2010

You’re welcome 😀

Yeah i do feel that the season 6 finale was perfect. I wonder how they are going to switch things up this time around. Don’t worry I’m keeping them crossed lol

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