Favorite Valentine’s Day Episodes, Pt. 4

13 02 2010

WEDNESDAY: Beverly Hills 90210

THURSDAY: Dawson’s Creek


TODAY: One Tree Hill

Problem: One Tree Hill doesn’t abide by the real-world calendar. When it’s February for us, it’s not February for them. As such, they’ve never had a Valentine’s Day episode or even a strictly love-focused episode around that time of year.

If you’re wondering what episodes, then, SoapNet plans on showing during their Beverly Hills 90210/One Tree Hill Valentine’s Day marathon on Sunday, it’ll be the last two episodes of season 3 (3.21, Over The Hills and Far Away and 3.22, The Show Must Go On). The first focuses around Naley’s “rehearsal dinner” and the latter is their wedding. Sure, there’s some great romance in each–and I do love those episodes–but there’s great romance in plenty of episodes. That doesn’t mean they qualify for a Valentine’s Day marathon. So you have to wonder (or at least I do) what a show with no Valentine’s Day mentions is doing in a V-Day marathon! It’s awfully strange, considering they could’ve gone with The O.C., since it has 3 4 V-Day episodes to choose from (though not all of them are high-quality, as I discussed yesterday).

And so we continue and finish tomorrow with Gossip Girl and 90210.

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